Poll: Should sentences be harsher for drivers who cause death by dangerous driving?

Some 82% of motorists think sentences should be harsher for drivers who kill people on the roads, according to road safety charity Brake.

Latest government figures show only 62% of those convicted of killing someone through risky driving were jailed, and only 9% received sentences of five years or more in prison.

Bereaved relatives are backing a campaign calling on the Government to ensure motorists are not "let off" on lesser charges, which carry lower penalties.

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Comments for: "Poll: Should sentences be harsher for drivers who cause death by dangerous driving?"


A high percentage of serious accidents are caused by uninsured drivers. A lot of these accidents would be avoided if uninsured drivers were dealt with much more seriously as well.

I know nothimg will brimg a life back, but if a family loses a father the amount of compensation would be much less if the culprit in not insured

There should be a minimum of 2 years inside for any uninsured drivers and a minimum of 7 tears for causing death or life changing injuries by dangerous driving.