Poll: Should Parliament be moved to Wolverhampton?

MPs catching the Midland Metro to work, the TV news interviewing ministers by the ‘man on the ‘oss’ – what if Parliament were based in Wolverhampton?

Prime Minister's Questions

That is what should happen according to Hollywood and Shakespearean actor Brian Cox – not to be mistaken for the floppy-haired TV physicist of the same name.

The long-serving Labour party supporter believes it would cut MPs’ living costs and would prevent a repeat of the expenses scandal.

City MPs Pat McFadden, Emma Reynolds and Paul Uppal know it has about as much chance of happening as Jeremy Clarkson becoming Prime Minister – but they can dare to dream.

And then there is the question of where would be suitable for a building to house 650 MPs, plus 836 members of the House of Lords and the thousands of members of staff, journalists and various hangers on that come with the seat of democracy.

It is not exactly as though they can just take over Wolverhampton’s Civic Centre. That’s still being used by the city council.

But its deputy leader Councillor Peter Bilson says he would love to see Parliament move to the city, even though it could only go somewhere like Wolverhampton Science Park.

Other possibilities, if the idea were even serious, would be Bilston Urban Village, although it would change long-awaited plans for hundreds of new homes.

Even so, it would mean a huge boost in terms of new business for companies and landlords catering for all those MPs, or, if they’re now in the Black Country, should that be MPays?

Mr Cox, who has been on the big screen as the baddie in X-Men 2 and played killer Hannibal Lecter before Anthony Hopkins, said: “The best thing that could happen to London would be if Parliament were to be moved to Wolverhampton.”

The 67-year-old, who has been in Shakespeare plays such as King Lear and The Taming Of The Shrew, added: “The Houses of Parliament could become nice Peabody Trust housing and be a really lovely place to live, for people who couldn’t otherwise afford London. That would be wonderful.”

The Scottish actor narrated Labour’s election broadcasts in 1997.

He believes the move would mean politicians claim less money from the public purse. “MPs living in London led to the expenses scandal,” he said.

“They were fiddling their expenses because prices are crazy and they couldn’t afford to live. Moving MPs to Wolverhampton would stop that.”

But what would a Parliament in Wolverhampton sound like? Is everyone going to start calling each other ‘the roight honourable mon and ‘roight honourable wench’?

Better send for Mr Spaker before this all gets out of hand. And instead of ‘order order’, he’ll have to shout: “Stop yer ivverin’ an’ ovverin’ an’ get on wi’it.”

Mr McFadden, Labour MP for Wolverhampton South East, said: “I think it’s a great idea. We have plenty of areas in need of regeneration and I am sure all the MPs would get a warm welcome.”

Wolverhampton North East MP Miss Reynolds added: “If there was a serious proposal on the table to move Parliament outside of London, I can think of no better place than Wolverhampton.

And Mr Uppal, Tory MP for Wolverhampton South West, added: “I think the idea of Parliament moving to Wolverhampton would be very welcome. It would make the whole place less London-centric and introduce more Black Country traditional values. I’ve always tried to bring Wolverhampton common sense into Westminster, if that could be reversed too by Westminster coming into Wolverhampton I think everyone would benefit.” The suggestion comes as Staffordshire Conservative MP Michael Fabricant says there should be an English Parliament based in his Lichfield constituency.

He says evolution of powers to the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has taken place ‘without regard’ for England.The former government whip wants an English Parliament to help rebalance the discrepancy caused by the transfer of powers such as Wales and Scotland having the ability to vary income tax, whilst still receiving block grants from England.

But Parliament in Wolverhampton?

We might end up calling MPs ‘yam-pees’ instead. They certainly would be yampy – a bit crazy – after a few years around here. But no more than they are now.

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Comments for: "Poll: Should Parliament be moved to Wolverhampton?"

What's the worst that can happen !

I am black country born and bred, but I believe that a major obstacle that we have to making the area be seriously is our accent.

It is the butt of jokes and always used for the 'thicko' in TV shows or more recently a TV commercial.

It does not help one bit and for the E&S to use 'oss', 'bostin' and 'Spaker' in this article, but just reinforces that fact that we are a joke and the E&S are jumping on the band wagon.


Be proud of it.

'Keep aht 'oss road' is a unique and fabulous farewell.

Don't let anyone stigmatise it.

It was good enough in the trenches and the beaches of Normandy and it is too bloody good for Eton shites.

Put 'em in Brussels where they belong.

PJW Holland

The oldest dialect of English and actually more correct than "Required Pronunciation".

This is the language of Chaucer.


Why would the good people of wolverhampton want 650 parasites. I have often wondered though why can't parliament build a huge complex in London with enough space to house all politicians of all parties. They could serve as publicly owned buildings for future MP's thus saving us in the long run plus it would help politicians from error's with expenses.

What's the worst that can happen !

Do you mean 'another' 650 parasites ?


We have enough riff raff here already !


Not really news!

Eddie S

As much as I am a serious Cheerleader for the area ('Greater' Wednesfield in particular),Brian Cox's( the actor, not Brian Cox the D:Ream douche) idea of moving Parliament to Wolvo is a non-starter;

However, a new purpose built 'Parliament City' near Twycross makes a lot of sense and would save billions/year after the initial investment; I have been advocating,for years, moving Government out of the hyper-expensive, easily to get distracted in, ' up it's own backside', 'Laaarrrddddaaann', as not only does it skew the economy (for every pound of Government spend here, five is spent there & that imbalance is the reason business' like the Greed City, it's got everything, paid for by the rest of England (yes only England), and as we know), it distorts perceptions of the 'Troffing Elite' of the rest of us; If you don't believe me, the Business Editor of the ST, wrote an article headed " London (pop 8.3m)is now bigger than the 14 next British cities"! Of course he didn't compare like for like ('Economists' eh!),as London is not a 'City' but a conurbation of villages,towns & two Cities, so he should have compared to :The West Midlands (2.9m inc Coventry); G.Manchester (2.3m),West Yorkshire (2.2m) & Merseyside (1.4m), so in fact London is smaller than the next four comparable conurbations! The fact London's economy is reliant on 75% of Public Funds directly & another 15% indirectly should be pointed out at every opportunity; ps we have our own local 'LONDON' btw, the big bully Birmingham, who unsatisfied of a mere 1.01m population,see the BlackCountry (1.4m odd) as ripe for colonization, & it also receive Public cash,threefold what we do(sic);

Congratulations to TATA @WEDNESFIELD Steelpark; Now their UK headquarters, and the biggest high tech plant of it's kind in Europe,making specialist panels for Motor/Aircraft/Defence Industries; A big deal in the specialist business magazines,if not the national press!


I bet the lousy traffic and chuggers would soon be sorted out. Can you seriously see MP's being happy to fight their way in along roads lined with semi - derelict buildings, walk streets where most shops are empty or try to find something other than Greggs, a bookie or a payday lender? Good joke article.


They should certainly be moved somewhere. May I suggest Newgate via Traitor's Gate..

PJW Holland

I have been advocating just such a move for years.

At a stroke you would see the problems with the local transport infrastructure addressed.

At a stroke you would see the traditional (pre Europe) roadsigns restored.

At a stroke you would see cross country rail routes enhanced and improved.

At a stroke you would see the cost of Government cut by 70% thus wiping out the deficit.

At a stroke you would see economic re-generation across the midlands and mid Wales.

At a stroke you would see London's infrastructure problems miraculously cured.

There are no downsides.

Unfortunately such a move would require common sense to prevail in Westminster... Dream on!