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Cheering for Wolves

CHEER 18 SL 21

It may have been a dark and blustery night in the Black Country, but that wasn’t enough to dampen the all-American glitz, glamour and glitter of the NFL.

The kidnap that shocked Britain

Stephanie Slater

Kidnapped by a one-legged tool repairer while she was showing him around a house, the story of Stephanie Slater shocked the entire country.

If you go down to the Chase today...

Left, The 'black-eyed' girl said to haunt the area, and right, paranormal expert Lee Brickley.

It may be Britain's smallest official 'beauty spot' but it also has one of the country's biggest reputations – as a hotbed for paranormal happenings.

Sex for beginners

The war memorial at Dartmouth Park

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the origins of intercourse, the sweet new taste of lager and a long-forgotten controversy about remembrance