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Thomas sings for fees

Tom 3 PM 22

It was music to the ears of Thomas Winfield when he heard he had won a place at one of the country’s best drama schools.

Your pages from the past: Saturday, December 19, 1964

top page 1964

Here's the Express & Star's front page from Saturday, December 19, 1864 - the Saturday before MPs were to vote on abolishing the death penalty for murder. MPs were widely expected to vote in favour of abolition, and did so on December 21, 1964.

Your pages from the past: Thursday, August 30, 2001

top page 2001

Here's the Express & Star's front page from Thursday, August 30, 2001 - the day a four-year-old boy from the West Midlands drowned in a Worcestershire marina whilst on a boating holiday with his parents.

Family cooking is not on menu


More than a quarter of parents never cook with their children, a new survey has found. And one in eight families don’t prepare any meals in the oven.