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UKIP councillor calls for schools to fly Union Jack and sing national anthem

UKIP councillor Paul Brothwood

Schools should be encouraged to fly the Union Jack and sing the national anthem in assemblies, according to a UKIP councillor.

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If I could understand your question I would give an answer.


There is still slavery,wake up to reality.

I did not say just England.

At least Scotland is not intent on cutting costs by taking money off poor people at the expense of rich including Her Majes...


Pity you loner........ what you reckon is not well reckoned unless you know all that many people. Which of course you do not.

Wolves' Ebanks-Landell faces months out

Soccer - Barclays Premier Leauge Under 21 - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Brighton & Hove Albion

Wolves defender Ethan Ebanks-Landell could be out for up to four months after suffering a stress fracture in his foot.

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old golds worth more - Jamie Tank, after we released him he signed for Leamington FC. That's where he was last season - don't know if he still is.

old golds worth more

Didn't we sign a Tank from Walsall, as a good up and coming CB a few seasons ago, so what happened to him then?

old golds worth more

Tom, its got to be Hause with Batth in the middle with Iorfa and Golbourne as the full backs, which leaves just Doherty as our sole defensive Sub. Hmm...didn't Rowe play left back for awhile, but then...

Brighton v Wolves now on New Year's Day

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Brighton & Hove Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves have been handed a New Year’s Day trip to Brighton after the Championship game was moved for Sky Sports coverage.

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Tw.t. Clearly, you are an armchair fan, or idle rich. Many of us 'true' fans do our best around family, jobs, illnesses, medication etc. You'll probably tell me otherwise, but you clearly have a flexi...

chris h

There is an inconvenience no doubt about it, but getting televised matches is extra money in the Bank, and the club certainly needs plenty of that.

The issue, the injustice, in my opinion is the mass...


Farmer Ted,sorry, you are right,I was wrong to blame Wolves. I was just miffed at losing three weekends away and the non-refundable £90.00 for the hotel in Sheffield. Like you say, what Sky says goes...

Ben Garner to join Albion coaching staff

ben garner

West Brom boss Tony Pulis has made an addition to his backroom staff in the shape of former Crystal Palace coach Ben Garner.

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Just suppose we now start to play entertaining football, (I can dream, can't I ?), whose fault will it be for the previous load of ssssugar lumps and how long will Francis last ? Just asking, not loo...

Danny Batth dreams of Wolves promotion

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Preston North End v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Captain Danny Batth is dreaming of promotion with Wolves – and admits he ran out of fingernails with frustration when out injured.

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Hatherton Beerwolf

I admit that I've only had a quick look at the rules.......but nowhere can I find that you have to stay in your own half for 90 minutes.

If you want me to print it off and post it to Tiny P##is, I'll...

Woodsetton wolf

Northern....just responding to your post that was on here fleetingly but seems to have disappeared ..... Ironic that you should mention Boro in the context of our centre back shortage. If you look at ...

Northern Wolf

DWW - good post and not taking the mickey, but did you write that before Ebanks-Landell was reported to be out for up to 4 months? Show me a team in the league that doesn't have 4 senior centre halves...

One in seven readmitted to Walsall Manor Hospital a month after being discharged

Walsall Manor, where Mrs Roberts rushed a patient

One in around seven patients were readmitted to Walsall Manor Hospital within a month of being discharged over the space of a year, a damning investigation by an independent watchdog has revealed.

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My son Mark made around 20 admissions from 2011-2013. At 24 years old, Walsall Manor Hospital terminated life support after we told the doctor 'you cant without our permission' he told us he can. Mark...

inity and beyond

I have a complaint to make too so make that 4,005

The politics of madness

Lady Mary took centre stage at the start of the new series

PETER RHODES on Britain's missing population policy, Lord Adonis's assault on English meadows and 70,000 claims of abuse.

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Can we please get away from the idea that the an overcrowded island. We have overcrowded conurbations in,say, 3 areas of the Country,in London.Birmingham.and Manchester,but the fact remains that...

W C Boggs

"The revolting gob-fest at Manchester is over".

I heard one female delegate was threatened with rape. Let's just hope that's not from "a reliable source".

W C Boggs

As PR is in Joke Mode, I thought I'd share this one I just came across:

"Research reveals that only 14% of Americans own a passport - which is good news for the rest of us".

PS - some unkind ...

Kenny Jackett: Future is bright for Wolves


Wolves boss Kenny Jackett believes the club’s future is bright – as he hailed the next batch of youngsters looking to make the grade.

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chris h

Old Wulfrunian, I saw the fag end of Peter Broadbent's career at Wolves. I wonder if you attended the Wolves v Villa game Boxing Day 1964. It was Peter's last game for the Wolves. Snow was on the grou...

Old Wulfrunian

With further reference to Peter Broadbent, isn't it strange how the description of the type of role he played has changed over the years? Back then, such a player was known as a 'schemer', then it was...

Old Wulfrunian

Woods. Refer to my response above to Ritchie with reference to Peter Knowles (who by the way went on to become a sales assistant at the Russell Tiles shop in Bilston when he finished at Wolves). I thi...

Blog: The mood has changed for Wolves

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Huddersfield Town

What a difference a week makes, writes Wolves blogger Tom Tracey.

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The mood change has nothing to do with Steve Morgan's bombshell. It would have happened anyway. The ironic thing is that if he had not rashly made that decision he would now be sitting pretty telling ...

Calls for cameras in Walsall town centre after pedestrian hit by car

Calls have been made to install traffic enforcement cameras near to Walsall's main town centre bus station in a bid to stop motorists flouting rules and putting pedestrians in danger.

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So whats new, cars are always going through the bus station nobody stops them like a lot of things in Walsall no one cares


Ah a camera. The solution to everything motoring. Assuming you want to identify someone after they hit someone else.

Or you could use a retractable bollard that lets buses through and stops cars....