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COMMENT: Boris Johnson took us out so he should be one to finish Brexit job

Will Boris Johnson be the next Conservative Party leader?

Let's get one thing straight. Boris Johnson won the EU referendum for the Leave camp.

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We are not leaderless, Cameron is still our prime minister. I saw him address the European parliament, was it yesterday, so much has happened I've lost track, and I was impressed by his statesmanship....


Come on get real. You would have guidance and judgement and charge as necessary.

This already happens on a small scale. If a motorist causes injury to a pedestrian or cyclist he is held responsible f...


I'm all for charging for attendance at A&E and GP appointments if they are deemed to be unnecessary.

Eh? By your own words, if they are unnecessary then how can you charge.

A Gp or A+E never...

Jez Moxey plays down Wolves takeover rumours

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey has again reiterated the club won't comment on any speculation regarding the club's ownership situation.

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Be assured that Moxey will do all he can to veto any takeover of the club which does not include him maintaining his CEO status.


Sylvain our beloved Mr Moxey has made far too much money from our club to even consider joining the working class Labour Party ! LOL . Point taken though



if there is any truth in this rumour

theres no indication that the interested party/ies includes LI.

also the idea of any owner getting rid of jackett and installing a spanish manager

with no...

Report: New Wolves Chinese takeover and manager Julen Lopetegui link denied

SOCCER : Pre-Season Friendly - West Bromwich Albion v FC Porto

Widespread reports in Spain claiming that former Porto boss Julen Lopetegui has been offered the Wolves job - backed by a Chinese billionaire takeover - have been denied.

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Flying Winger, yes, you did promise us some important news. I admit I'm sceptical but out of respect to you, I will wait in hope. I also see that SBQ on the Moxey thread seems to be onto some potentia...

The Flying Winger

Yes West Park we can only hope, I did forget Hong Kong Pete sorry I know he will be excited too.

One thing for sure we cannot have another season like the last, don't know how all the events around...


I heard M.Mouse interested he's made his money in cheese

Should pupils be allowed to go on holiday in term? Sandwell Council considers rule change

Barnsley has become the first education authority in England to cut school summer holidays to five weeks

Council bosses will open talks with schools across Sandwell to debate children going on holiday during term time.

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Thank you, yes I was, still am. I have 3 other children but although I did not have favourites, Mark was my best friend as well, we got on so well. It took a lot of coping with, especially as his deat...

Mountain Wolf

I am so sorry to hear the sad story of your son. You must have been very proud of him.


My son left school and worked as a carpenter as that teacher gave him a love of working with wood.

Sadly Mark died of septicaemia after an appendix operation when he was 19, nearly 17 years ago, but ...

Wolves fan Martin Glenn to lead FA’s England manager hunt

Martin Glenn will seek advice from throughout the game before appointing Roy Hodgson's successor as England manager

The future of English football is in the hands of Wolves season ticket holder Martin Glenn.

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Stearmans overhead kick

Stefan Bilic. For me He showed pure passion and made an awful lot of sense when he was on the fooballing panel.

Olly the cat

I speak French and Russian, Jack. I am extremely articulate. How many languages do you speak?

Jack the Hat


Bet all those England youngsters reminded you of your own team last season.


Black Country's top five speeding hot spots revealed

The top five roads where motorists have been caught speeding in the Black Country have been revealed - with one road clocking up almost 1,000 offenders.

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If speed(safety) cameras worked they would generate zero revenue. As it happens they generate millions for the treasury, thus proving they are nothing but a cash cow, with little influence on road saf...


It's not that clear for motorists to understand exactly what the speed limit is! Are they not aware that it is indicated by the big black number on a white ground surrounded by a red ring? There are...

Urine Watch latest: Busy day as three caught out while caught short in Walsall


Three yobs have been snared in one day as the infamous Twitter account Urine Watch continues to shame public urinators in Walsall.

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Markie that's an excellent point you make, EP is something that blights the lives of many men as the years pass.

There are a number of ways one can approach the problem ie lifestyle changes and these...


I will say first, Olly, that I would not go there, best to go against a tree preferably on grass so that it soaks away rather than run everywhere. Before you make statements like that you should be aw...

Olly the cat

The problem isn't a lack of toilet facilities, it's a lack of morals and decency. People with a modicum of respect or morality do not urinate anywhere except a lavatory. I can't understand anyone maki...

West Brom to play French giants Paris Saint-Germain in pre-season friendly


West Brom have added a pre-season friendly against French champions Paris Saint-Germain to the end of their gruelling trip to Austria.

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The Real Bully Hoo.

The kids will be sold, we'll only be in the Premier League until we get relegated, they'll be rubbish players from abroad, why ain't we got friendlies against Barca and Bayern. Humbug!!!!!!!!

CantelloRocket 78


The only West Midlands football club in the Premier League, quality kids coming through the Academy, rumours of £16 and £18 million bids for top players abroad, pre-season games lined...


Excellent game! Well done West Brom :)

Walsall secure loan deal for West Ham youngster George Dobson

George Dobson

Walsall have snapped up promising midfielder George Dobson on a season long loan from West Ham.

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Sandy Saddler 1

Nice to get these young players in. I just feel we need to get some experienced players in, around them.

Currently not much left in the depleted squad.


It's good to see we are forming links premier league teams and they trust us with their players so a big thank you to Southampton and West Ham and well done Jon and best of luck to George and Jason.


COMMENT: West Brom Chinese ownership whispers gathering pace


Chinese whispers are growing louder in the Black Country.

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The Real Bully Hoo.

I think that when he arrived he said that he had no intention of staying longer than needed as he had little interest in being Chairman of a football club.

Boo The Bear

True, but Thompson would have stayed longer if not for the shenanigans of Mr Megson.


The Real Bully Hoo.

There's a rumour they're after the Wolves now as well, won't be able to afford a night out soon.