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Wolves boss questions Boukari treatment


Kenny Jackett today questioned Wolves' treatment of injured Razak Boukari – as David Davis’ loan to Barnsley fell through.


Oh dear see that idiot from sadwell has popped over you'd think he wanted to change loyalties. Come on Jack say it you know want to say it I'm a wolves fan. UTW.

Chillo Wolf

then back KJ and stop this constant attack on the club

and whilst we are at it ... make a few positive comments here and there

chris h

Chillo, Just one other point, whilst I am at it. I come on here frequently, and I think I make it abundantly clear, that I want to see more ambition, I want us to sign better players, sign the manager...

West Brom closing in on two full-backs


West Brom today closed in on Costa Rica World Cup star Cristian Gamboa - as they also prepared to push ahead with their move for Aussie defender Jason Davidson.

The View From Baggy Bottom


thats brilliant!!! and well worth breaking a rule for.

Actually loffed out loud.

Back of the net, son.




We couldn`t be much further away. I`ll be in Everglades City. Playing golf dodging Gators and thunderstorms. Oh well the Vine it is.

The View From Baggy Bottom


I'll only whisper it, but no, you are not alone. But I'm sure it'll be o.k.


Cristian Gamboa has West Brom medical

Cristian Gamboa

West Brom hope to finalise a deal for Cristian Gamboa today after the Costa Rica full-back had a medical at the Hawthorns.

The View From Baggy Bottom


Well said sir.

I think you have inadvertantly become a gaming chip in the long running Kev and The Rocket wordplay game.

It's all meant in good fun though and any mention of you or any...


yes they do Cybil I cant sleep at nite it hurts so much please stop it else I wont post agen

Bosses had 'no choice' but to propose Wolverhampton council tax increase

Wolverhampton Civic Centre

Council bosses have said they had 'no choice' but to propose an 83 per cent rise in council tax payments in Wolverhampton.


They sleep very well mate. Just think of the first class salaries and gold plated pensions the executives are paying themselves , for running what is now a third world town.

Before anybody corrects ...


How much money would be saved if the old system, whereby councillors we're not paid attendance allowances, was reintroduced ?

How much money would be saved if the top brass in the council were all pa...

Ricky Tee

count me in!!

West Brom captain Chris Brunt nears return

Soccer :  West Bromwich Albion UCDavis Childrens HSoccer : Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion Pre-Season Tour & training camp in Sacramento California USA - DAY SEVEN SESSION ONE

West Brom captain Chris Brunt has targeted a quick return following a hernia operation.


Its an important and make or break season for Brunty with all that's evolving. Best wishes to him to rise to the occasion and deliver ( I bet his missus says the same thing) LOL



That makes perfect sense anywhere than the Custard Bowl is where everybody would want to be and especially at the vibrant Baggies

Jackett the Hat

Just had to walk out of Costa Coffee cos I couldn't get served.

A bloke reckons the staff were in West Brom having a medical.

1,000 council workers to remain on pay below living wage

More than 1,000 workers in Walsall will not be paid the living wage - as bosses say it would cost them more than £2 million a year to introduce.

spanish ray

Well said Jacko.Bird will not give anything,he is only interested in Bird.And all the "assistants" will look after themselves,wont take a drop, but will keep telling everyone how these measures are ne...


Any chance the chief exec and his assistants will have their salaries reduced in an effort to help matters ?

Hang on I didn't quite catch what the answer was , I only heard "".

83% Wolverhampton council tax rise approved for consultation

Council tax bills at more than 12,000 households on benefits could soar after controversial plans were approved for consultation.


I am sorry I am a carer as well, though my wife, who has alzheimers, doesn't sound to be as dependant as your dad. Do you realise that your dad may be entitled to attendance allowance, and you may als...

Margaret Hamilton

Those with a memory longer than an ant will remember that just a few short weeks ago the cuts that the council had to do because of a HUGE CUT IN FUNDING TO WOLVERHAMPTON BY THE TORY GOVERNMENT, for n...


Awaiting JBarnes' reply

How social engineering benefits the toffs' schools


Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on education reform, pilfering your pension and the problems of living without Hell.


Social engineering stinks. How will the education authorities know who is poor or "middle class"?

Poll: Is there a shortage of flexible childcare in the West Midlands?

Childcare costs

Low-income families are still struggling to find good quality, flexible childcare, according to a new report.


I agree with you David, in addition single parent families can usually not afford the child care fees. In families where both parents work it is more affordable.


There's no such thing as flexible child care!

If you don't have full time, you have care days - set in stone!

If you book a holiday - you still pay even if your child isn't there and they sell the...

£232,000 ambulance boss uses luxury hotels on expenses

The luxury Champney's spa where ambulance boss Anthony Marsh stayed this month

Beautiful parkland, a 'spectacular weir' and 'an opulent Georgian manor' - this is where the £232,000 a year boss of West Midlands Ambulance Service has been staying on expenses.

I too

SIB No one cares about spelling, punctuation or grammar these days, except those who wish to punish children for their lack of such skills.

txt does not need spell checking etc when people can re...


You win today's award for the most unintelligible sentence.

Seriously, I'm not sure even you know what it means.

"Why would they like to stay in places you mention because they are used to the f...

Eddie S

How is it a ' non-story'? It's part of the whole situation where a bloke ( who does very little actual work, it's his underlings on £25-50k that do the hard work), gets an obscene rise, on an already...