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Wanda Group spark further speculation of West Brom takeover


Mega-rich Chinese conglomerate Wanda Group have sparked further speculation this morning they could be buying West Brom.

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I'd have added Hare Krishna, but he's apparently on Jorge Mendes books and we are expected to sign him soon. We could certainly do with him.


Shin - he's playing against Rotherham. He's well known for shinning every ball he tries to kick.

CantelloRocket 78


it needs refining a bit mate, because in true Pull McCarthorse style, the words flew straight off the top of me 'ead, cobbled together in fewer seconds than a 3 minute single.


Jez Moxey: My work at Wolves is done

SHI 11 TT 25.JPG

Outgoing chief executive Jez Moxey thinks he’s ‘done his bit’ for Wolves – and that it’s the right time to go out on a high.

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Hatherton Beerwolf

3 portugeezers havin medicals.... Costa, winger....pele, mfield and Silva, fullback


Christ. I have always come from a neutral corner when judging other people like Moxey, however, I always come up negative in his case.

We all know him for what he is. The ONLY person he cares about i...

chris h

Yep he did get us a sale. Comes to something though when you measure under achievement as success because someone thinks the assets of the business have under performed and have potential to do so muc...

Jorge Mendes will be key to Wolves signings


Super-agent Jorge Mendes will play a key role in bringing new players to Wolves, the club’s new owners have confirmed.

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Coady and Byrne up for sale QPR after Coady

Dubai Wolves

While I have never been a Moxey fan, isnt it strange that he is walking away now when he has the upper-hand to negotiate a big rise in salary as he knows the new owners are not in UK 75% of the time??...

'Wolves buyout is cold business choice - and that's good'

SHI 16 TT 25.JPG

For Wolverhampton Wanderers’ new owners, buying the club is a cold, hard business decision.

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Dances. You know the Baggies were one of the 15

Don't think Morgan would take the pay on approach. He likes to get his "Taffy hands on the money". Think he will Rue the day when he sees what he cou...


At least we have something to get excited about. It won't happen tomorrow but it Wil happen. Just a little time.


I remember 3 to 4 weeks ago a certain Mr Hat said of one of the E@S pieces no story here. Well it's all gone quite over the last week or more so perhaps that was the last comment we will here from him...

Welcome to Wolverhampton: Fosun set sights on firing Wolves to Premier League


Wolves’ new owners plan to lead a ‘renaissance’ of the club – and bankroll up to eight new signings to reach the Premier League ‘as soon as possible’.

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Black Country Wanderer

Im hearing Coady and Byrne transfer listed,start of a clear out?

Surprised with Coady if true,but players must be on the way

Black Country Wanderer

If you read/watch the Press conference JS said "we have our own resources and Kevin (Thelwell) has his,we will combine both lists and i am confident we will bring in players"

He also says "the list w...

Black Country Wanderer

Sorry no Year of the Wolf in China,but there is a Year of the Dog in 2018,just about right for our Prem return id say : )

West Midlands Police arrest 568 drink-drivers in summer blitz


West Midlands Police caught 568 drink-drivers during the summer months, figures have revealed.

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As with all statistics, these figures are totally misleading.

If I had been asked that question I would have admitting drink driving, but the last time I did that was about 40 years ago when it was n...


27% of drivers admit to drink driving, equating to more than 12 million (based on 46 million licensed drivers). For about 9,000 (less than 0.08%) to be prosecuted is less of a blitz then a gentle pro...

Three miles in 11 hours: Wolverhampton families' Dover 'nightmare'

Cross-Channel ferry French security checks

Families caught up in travel chaos at Dover today spoke of ‘nightmare’ starts to their holidays – as authorities warned the misery could go on for weeks.

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That is a silly statement. We had border controls before we entered the EU without these problems, and we've also continued to have border controls during the 40 plus years in the EU. These problems w...


What a laugh!

Brexiters have been going on ad nauseum about border controls. Someone ought to tell them that this is what it means.

They probably thought they could arrange restrictions to be li...


It's high time that Black Country families reverted to long standing tradition and took their holidays in Wales instead.

The Welsh voted for Brexit too. Their tourist industry deserves a post Brexi...

Walsall make progress on new signings


Walsall boss Jon Whitney insists progress is being made on bringing in two new faces ahead of the season opener against Wimbledon.

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Doom and Gloom, S&P.

We haven't kicked a ball in anger yet! Give it a few games before we resign ourselves to that fate!

I personally don't see relegation happening, but time will tell. IF we ...

Saddler and Proud

Hope you feel the same in April when relegation threatens.


I'd rather Jon take his time to get the right players in than panic buy.

We (he, the club) don't want footballers here who are just looking for a wage packet, they have to a good fit and subscribe to...

Peter Rhodes: Click and kill


PETER RHODES on internet weaponry, the cost of a new kitchen and the best place to stage the Olympics.

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I wholeheartedly agree about a permanent Olympics venue in Greece, where the historical games originated.

I suspect the Olympics Committee will not agree to this as it would put a stop to their une...

Notts County 2 Walsall 0 - LIVE

BRADWAL 17 TS 23 bring you live updates from Meadow Lane where Walsall are away to Notts County in a pre-season friendly.

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Saddler and Proud

Jackson sounds like another Dale Banton, remember him! 2-0 down against Notts County, JW the talking stops right here, right now, sign someone decent or were in deep, deep trouble. Could have paid Bra...