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Peter Rhodes: Listen to the heroes of Raqqa

RAF Tornados have bombed a group of IS fighters in northern Iraq, the MoD said

PETER RHODES on the bombing dilemma, Xmas overkill and a new name for fishermen.

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"Listen to the heroes of Raqqa"

What a tosspot you are, Rhodes.


"One thing I am certain of, sitting back and doing nothing is not an option."

Strange, it was ,and still is, an option in South Sudan.


The headquarters of IS is in Syria and I can see no prospect of stopping these murderers without taking out their leadership. I cannot understand how these objectors to the "war" expect them to be pre...

Rickie Lambert: I won’t be spitting out the dummy

SOCCER - Barclays Premier League - West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion

Rickie Lambert is eager to earn a bigger role for Albion but insists he will never throw a tantrum over his lack of playing time.

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Why do we persist in playing Olsson in the team when his passing is crap & Chester who cost us £8m cannot get a game at C/H of which he is supposed to be good at.

I have never been a fan of O...



Lambert will only do well as long as we play with width. He will be awful if we font cause he can only really play well inside the penalty area


Evening Danish

First and foremost I hope your well as its been a long time since we spoke as such. I'm pretty sure shhh has already gone in January that's why he ain't getting a game. I quite rate ...

Darren Fletcher: Top pro Rickie Lambert is a team player

Rickie Lambert's goal helped West Brom claim a point

Captain Darren Fletcher reckons Rickie Lambert’s reputation as ‘the ultimate pro’ has earned him respect in the Albion dressing room.

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capehille , I know your right , I love dawson but he is a central defender ! will be great for years to come . we need a decent full back ,its that bloody simple , He is the week link without doubt a...


This guy is a fantastic acquisition, a top pro. Give him ball to bang and head in from the wings , him and Rondon will do it all day, Wing play, how the hell is Dawson as a CB expected to play as RB, ...


If any chance anyone is interested, we spent £3,342,217 on agents fees, which put us 17th out of 20. Villa were 11th -£4,986,058. Manure was top with - £13,881,814. That is all.

Jon Whitney delighted with smart Walsall players


Coach Jon Whitney hailed the “in game management” of Walsall’s players after they began the post Dean Smith era by beating rivals Shrewsbury.

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A great win, and great performance. This team seem so easy to manage, it doesn't matter who gets the job. When Bradshaw doesn't score, 2-4 other players do, it makes me confident we could cope if we s...