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Tony Pulis: I can't guarantee Saido Berahino won't be sold - Video

West Brom turned down a bid from Tottenham for Saido Berahino last week

West Brom Tony Pulis today has still not ruled out selling Saido Berahino after hitting out at players being treated like “lumps of meat”.

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The Real Bully Hoo.

I thought BHB was going to burst into a bit of Elmore James there Rocket.

The sun is shining

But it's raining in my heart


Just hearing that Jonny Evens is having a Medical at the moment , it seams the signing could be completed within the next few hours...


Ustop, there's a penetrating article in today's 'The Sun' about Levy and his money handling for Spurs. Read it mate and then re-write your post.

Jeremy Peace tells Saido he's staying put


West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace has ordered Saido Berahino to knuckle down after telling the want-away striker he will not be leaving the Hawthorns.

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Jordao , by the way, our resident Shadrack dingle, (Hathertonne) used to be Jackett the Hat, remember the 26 sone clown. Here's one of his posts, its fascinating, just look at what time he posted it, ...


Jordao, happy days with the recipe, mouths watering already, just like me mum makes. Now the chicken bit, personally Id roast the bird with its Dirty yella top on, at least it will be more realistic t...

Kenny Jackett: Don’t waste time with bids for Benik Afobe - Video

Soccer - Capital One Cup Round One - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Newport County AFC

Wolves boss Kenny Jacket has issued a firm ‘hands off’ warning to Norwich over Benik Afobe, saying: “They are wasting their time.”

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Agree Solent, Alex Neil is completely out of order to be talking openly about there 'being hope' of signing the player when he is contracted to another club & that club have stated on a number of ...


FW, Sako, of course, was a big loss & impossible to replace like for like for us. He became the player he was playing for us & didn't arrive the finished article remember, which was why a numb...


Finchy, the squad at the moment is stronger than it was last season, even with the loss of Sako. The worry for me is, & I've stated this before, that KJ seems to have less of an idea as to where t...

Kenny Jackett: Let’s go for it lads

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Hull City

Kenny Jackett wants Wolves to ‘go for it’ against Charlton.

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Sir Billy Quiet

Yeah - trouble is these bone heads don't have a sense of humour and my boxing skills ain't what they used to be.......

The Flying Winger

Leeds are trying for LA Parra who may have been told by the club he can leave.


SBQ, Why dont you take a few carrots for the bloke behind you tomorrow and give him one every time he makes a donkey noise

Video: Tony Pulis gears up for a Britannia welcome

SOCCER - Capital One Cup - West Bromwich Albion v Portvale FC

If Tony Pulis can emulate his Stoke achievements with Albion, he will no doubt be more than happy.

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The Real Bully Hoo.

Is it something to do with the ghost stories this morning but Steve Madeley looks like a vampire on that picture.


PS: Have you got a photo of someone else instead of The Brat ?

Soaring immigration under fire after 'no ifs, no buts' pledge

Record immigration figures have come under fire from West Midlands MPs after the 330,000 more people stayed in Britain over the past year.

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1. The welfare state - why can't we change our rules NOW so immigrants won't get benefits? We can't without their say-so.

2. Did you or I vote for Britain to join the EU's political Union? No.



2 points:

1. Dismantling the Welfare State and selling off the NHS has nothing to do with the EU, as does the vast majority of what the UK government does. You obviously believed Farage's lie about...


Typical Tories blaming everyone else as usual. You are the government at the moment, try accepting some responsibility. I say government at the moment because the immigrant crisis will see the end of ...

Revealed: Wolverhampton council loans to cost £270 million


Bank loans taken out by Wolverhampton council are going to cost taxpayers more than £270 million to repay - with interest at £4 million a year.

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I can comment on the comments made about the article. Some of which I agree with. I can also praise those comments Iagree with for being extraordinary in comparison to those made by other commentator...


What do you mean "the likes of" ? You are supposed to be commenting on the story above not slating people who comment on here which is their opinion, of which they are entitled to, the same as you are...


Thank goodness for the common sense comments of yourself and those above.

The likes of middley, lakeside etc will no doubt make non-sensicle comments.

My view of the taxpayers alliance are that ...

Video: Saddlers’ big top chance at circus


An unbeaten start, Chelsea in the next round of the cup and a trip to rock bottom Blackpool tomorrow, things look very rosy in the Walsall garden.

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Hope the pitch is up to scratch now it was appalling last season. It won't help us if it's poor.

Norwich consider fourth bid for Benik Afobe

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly - Doncaster Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Norwich City are weighing up whether to bid for a fourth time for Wolves star striker Benik Afobe.

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KNOWLSEY. 18 posts to date on here from the king of banter. lol. Is that a record from a TESCO? I honestly thought he had gone for good. No such luck tho'


Now then ice cream, though your grammar and language skills may be beyond reproach, your historical skills are somewhat rusty.

Go on to wikepedia and look up Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General ...


KNOWLSEY ....Can recall days when WWFC and WBA could banter ...Forget it now ....They join us next season .....AFOBE goes soon ...Yet again WOLVES aint goin nowhere ........Wolves fan 50 yrs ........

Dean Smith: Premier League mystery deal off


Walsall’s move for a mystery Premier League starlet has broken down, boss Dean Smith has confirmed.

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Sandy Saddler 1

It would be a good time to get a few other players in. The team is flying, at the moment which should attract a better player. A little disappointed we did not make contact with Huddersfield to get Jo...