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Kenny Jackett happy to play tinker at Wolves


Kenny Jackett today admitted he will again be tinkerman to keep Wolves’ promotion fires burning at Cardiff tomorrow.

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The Flying Winger

Yes I did, personally I would prefer to see Henry & Jacobs.

What made him come back into the reckoning, he couldn't get a club although we tried hard and his loan didn't work out and he doesn't...

old golds worth more

TFW, did you read what KJ said?

Quote 1 - "Jackett admits the availability of Kevin Doyle has helped him keep a 4-4-2 formation on the pitch for the last two games.

Quote 2 - "“To expect Nouh...

Old Wulfrunian

Ritchie, old chap (I can say that as you are a sexagenarian) do you like Marmite, mar mate?

On a much more serious note, do you think that recent match stats where we have had less possession in m...

Classic Match - Walsall 4 West Brom 1 Division One August 9 2003

SOCCER Wallsall 6

In the third of our Classic Match features, we take a trip down memory lane to a memorable Division 1 derby clash in 2003 between Walsall and West Brom at the Bescot Stadium.

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Oh what lovely memories, I went with two friends both hardened Albion fans.... boy did I have fun that day..


I guess they lacked spell check back in the day?

Great game, one of mersons better jobs at Walsall.

Walsall Baggie

According to Merson's autobiography he was all lined up to join Albion when he left villa - everything was agreed...... then someone asked Gary Megson if he wanted him - the rest is history but he wou...

Wolverhampton student wrongly claimed more than £4k benefits

justice hammer

An apprentice wrongly claimed over £4,000 in benefits while receiving payment from a college he was studying at.

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Seeking asylum???

This offence should help in the decision making process.

His defence says It" wasn't income as such, it was for travel and lunch"

What was he doing??

Hiring a stretch lim...


"currently seeking asylum"

Sounds like he's getting the hang of it.

Budget cuts put patient care at risk, says Dudley's Russells Hospital boss

Chief 1 PM 01

A hospital boss has warned budget cuts will put patient care at risk and places plans for a new urgent care centre in danger.

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Stearmans overhead kick

Shame ,Because My wife and I have been out patience there quite a few times over the past few years, And the Nurses,,Treatment, Staff, and the cleanliness of the Hospital as been first class. Somethi...


When a choice between money and patient care and safety has to be made Money is the winner every time . What are a few preventable deaths or cases of unsatisfactory care weighed against all of those ...

Kevin McDonald goes forward for Wolves

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Brentford

‘Ten-up’ Kevin McDonald is happy to be one of Wolves’ forward raiders to help the Championship promotion push.

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Farmer Ted

I remember when we took Macca from Sheff United one of their fans (bitter at that time) posted that he rarely scored and you have to admit his return at Wolves is poor. I have to say for a player who ...

80 new nurses for Walsall Manor Hospital

A multi-million pound investment to take on more than 80 new nurses at Walsall Manor Hospital has been backed by health bosses.

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No it will just get us back to where we were a year ago. IN A MESS

inity and beyond

Does this mean the urgent appointments folk are waiting for will be met at long last?

Tories select candidate


The Conservative Party has chosen their candidate to stand in Wolverhampton South East.

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Wolverhampton and Bilston can thrive???????

Not under the Tories who have decimated this area in the last 5 years.

Not that any other party is any better.

I am waiting for the Salvation Army to d...

Poll: Are school uniforms too costly?

pupils stock

Parents are shelling out hundreds of pounds on school uniform, with many poor families ending up in debt or forced to cut back on basic essentials just to pay for items, according to research.

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Agree with you to a point, but some sweatshirts and polo shirts carry the school emblem and these items are not available in the supermarkets and can only be purchased from specialist school uniform s...


Maybe you should stop shopping at Marks and Spencer and Topshop etc and try Asda, the whole uniform for under 20 quid, Uniforms are NOT expensive unless you are a sheep and need to follow a leader and...

Jan R


Don't kids have to have coats anyway? And a bag? Surely you can find a bag for under a fiver if you look about?

£800k upgrade set after care home transfer complete

New Bradley Hall care home

Around £800,000 will be spent upgrading a former council-run care home after a successful campaign to keep it open, its new operators have announced.

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Private healthcare whatever will Unite and Unison say. Even Red Ed and Ed somebody or other will shudder at the thought. Very surprised that a Socialist Council have accepted that private enterprise c...

24,000 tickets sold so far for Saddlers' cup final at Wembley

A happy Dean Smith

Hundreds more Wembley tickets for Saddlers' cup final have been sold, taking the total up to 24,000.

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25.000 for Wembley

3000 for home games

What's that all about?


Very impressive I hope they see a good game. Perhaps this will encourage some of them to go through the turnstiles on a match day and generate more revenue for the club.