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Peterborough 1 Albion 1 - West Brom win 4-3 on penalties - Report and pictures

SOCCER - Emirates FA Cup  - Peterborough United vs West Bromwich Albion

Albion scraped through to the fifth round of the FA Cup tonight, beating League One Peterborough on penalties.

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The Real Bully Hoo.

B*****y hell Max. I'm going to start calling you Pollyanna after that post.

CantelloRocket 78

Emma Roid,

you lot obviously know nothing about 'having yer heads in the clouds', constantly shouting that wolves are world famous because they once beat Hoover, or Honved, or whatever, just after ...

Jez Moxey: Wolves could spend big with new owner

moxey and morgan

Jez Moxey believes Wolves have the right foundations for big success if the ideal new owner is found.

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Ye Olde South Bank

Personally, I prefer the late, great Roy Orbison's take on things:

"It's too bad that all these things,

Can only happen in my dreams,

Only in dreams...

In beautiful dreams".

You summed it u...


Jez you've obviously lost all respect of the fans, do the honourable thing and fall on your sword. I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem asking for a £10 donation for that.

Wolves: Benik Afobe didn't want to play for us


Wolves’ recruitment chief Kevin Thelwell claims Benik Afobe ‘was no longer trying to play for us’ and ‘undermined’ the club.

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Farmer Ted

Whether you consider it right or wrong for Thelwell to make those comments it seems things were far from well under Afobe's peg in the dressing room. I don't go along with thus lone striker stuff; man...


Spot on, the club let him down. Thelwell needs to look at him self as he and Kenny are both clueless.

Afobe has the ability to becoming one of the best forwards & represent England.

The fans hav...


The timing of this PR offensive is insulting. Early bird around the corner. We have tried to buy players,we did not want to sell Afobe. Remember we are WWFC fans we have had the mushroom treatment fo...

Francois Moubandje and Nicolai Boilesen turned Wolves down in window

2016-02-11 01_27_52-18585309

Wolves agreed deals to buy two international left-backs in January – but both players were unwilling to move to the Championship.

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These guys are just muppets, instead of looking at players who want to come to the club, they waste all their time on players that have a low chance of wanting to move to Wolverhampton. They are compa...


Bale, Suarez, RVP . . . . . . . . Graham.



TFW, your long term medical prognosis for Sigardurson is impressive although I hope inaccurate. I know you are not a fan of his and don't believe he is a Wolves player. You may well be right but the l...

WATCH: Tony Pulis dragging Albion players into training

SOCCER - Barclays Premier League  - Newcastle United vs West Bromwich Albion

Albion boss Tony Pulis is dragging his players into the training ground tomorrow after they scraped through their FA Cup fourth round replay against League One Peterborough on penalties.

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Medway Baggie


I was thinking about those headlines whilst I wrote my comment. Like most people I can't remember what those stories were about, I don't even think I read them, but it illustrates what I was...


Medway - you are correct - its a bit like the old Sunday Star (was it ?) who came up with headlines like 'London bus found on dark side of the moon' & Freedie Starr ate my hamster' - and I bet som...

Medway Baggie


Whilst trying not to defend the paper, but they are trying to drum up interest, increase hits and therefore revenue from advertising. They use eye catching headlines like the one on this story...

Jez Moxey talks TV and tickets amid Boro boycott


Jez Moxey says fans being inconvenienced by games being moved for TV coverage is a big problem – and that Wolves would use Premier League money to help keep ticket prices down.

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I commend the Liverpool fans for voting with their feet and getting the board to think again. Since when have the fat cats at Wolves cared about what us fans think on any issue concerning our club? It...


You could always go a step further and not attend the football match yourself, Mr Moxey. That would send a bigger message then any drivel you release on here. you are out of touch with the fans and e...


"If we were in the Premier League, with all that money, we would be supporting the idea of making it as affordable as possible."

Rather than making up a scenario, why not address the issue in front o...

'Tenner for Sir Jack': Wolves launch £250,000 fundraising campaign for Molineux statue

Jack Hayward

Wolves today launched a £250,000 campaign to erect a statue of Sir Jack Hayward outside Molineux.

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Poem Master

Certain knuckle dragging sections of our "support" don't see it like that. They see fit to use Sir Jack as a stick to beat Morgan/Moxey with. That is a disgrace and those "fans" should be banned from ...

Tamworth Wolves

DISGRACE!!! Is Morgan going to use the money to fund the 1000 houses he has planning permission for at Tamworth golf course?

Poem Master

Hear hear!! Absolutely. The vitriol you read in this comment section perfectly exemplifies the embarrassing attitudes endemic within the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, stella-drinking, gerrimoutin...

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson joins fight against homes 'blighting' Great Barr Hall

Great Barr Hall

The deputy leader of the Labour Party has criticised developers who want to bring Great Barr Hall back into use after lying empty for decades and build homes in its grounds.

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Unbelievable, the Labour leader uses 6 questions in PM questions about the shortages of houses and then we get the deputy leader of the party complaining because a "developer" wants to restore a derel...


"A frustrated Mr Watson, MP for West Bromwich East, said he had 'never seen anything like it'"

To be fair, he would have to have fantastic eye-sight to see anything up these parts from his home i...


Sorry I can't see what this has got to do with Tommy baby who represents (snigger) West bromwich East and nothing to do with sadwell, at least Vaz represents (snigger again) Walsall !

Wolverhampton's Central Youth theatre awarded £384k grant


Central Youth Theatre in Wolverhampton has landed a £384,000 grant to help fund its new home in the heart of the city, it was announced today.

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Mrs Ivy Trellis

Not exactly an 'Inspiring

Design!' - Reminiscent of yet another 'Here Today Gone Tomorrow' Operation! Media Forge comes to mind!

Not a penny! Cash-strapped Black Country councils miss out on £300m Government grant


Local government will receive £300million to ease funding cuts to central government grants - but cash-strapped local authorities in the Black Country won't get a penny.

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inity and beyond

I agree with you on the bloated pay packets of management and the rest of it but the same happens with Tory led councils too.

What you're not seeing/stating is this, the lack of funding is a punish...


As frustrating as this may be, why should the government hand over more tax payers money to local authorities who cannot get their houses in order? What we see from Sandwell for example is bloated ma...