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The West Midlands Mayor salary has been revealed - what do you think?


The West Midlands Metro Mayor is expected to be paid an annual salary of around £79,000, it can be revealed.

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More pointless dead wood, get rid of the position all together and spend the money sorting potholes in the road!


He is having a private jet apparently



Does that mean we loose mayors in the local areas then? One mayor covers all..

Could be a cost saving would only need 1 mayor car etc then...... but we know it wont happen

Beggars banned from Wolverhampton city centre


Persistent beggars have been banned from entering Wolverhampton city centre by judge as a "last resort".

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The only reason they are there is because people actually give them money.

As for the ones with addresses , I am no doubt already donating to these people by paying extra council tax due to their non...


And look at all those people with "migrant" names......

Perhaps this might dispel a few right wing prejudices.

One in five Sandwell school applications are from outside borough

A fifth of parents who have applied for their children to go to secondary schools in Sandwell from September are from outside the borough.

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Too many people having too many kids.

Calls for Sikh temple bosses to quit after legal battle with disabled worshippers

Dee Kaur, Iqbal Kaur, Harbajan Singh and Malkit Singh behind a screen at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in 2015

A former city mayor has called for a Sikh temple’s ruling committee to resign in the wake of a legal battle over the rights of elderly and disabled worshippers.

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None of what I've read here provides any response to the simple question: why are Sikh temples segregating people on the grounds of disability? And why should there be any bartering, compromise or dea...