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Report and pics of Spurs 0 West Brom 1

SOCCER : Barclays Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion

A second-half header from James Morrison gave boss Alan Irvine a much-needed first win as West Brom boss.


Our resident troll unfortunately never goes to any live games . He pretends he does by stating he is " off to catch coaches " etc. But you look on Wolves site he never makes any salient points about a...

Poll: Is £8 a fair minimum wage?


After Ed Miliband kick-started Labour's final conference before the general election with a pledge to hike the minimum wage to at least £8, we want to know what you think. The party leader said the rise over the next parliament - from the £6.


I agree with your last point, middley. There is a minimum staffing level in non nursing care homes, I think it is 1 per 9 residents, which with eight hour shifts becomes 3 staff per 9 residents a day....


Markie, the patient to resident ratio is only nursing, not regular care homes, and if you only have £15 per resident for food per week and this is a Bupa home, surely it must be making money. I know ...


We don't.

Wolves not worried over Nouha Dicko injury

Soccer-Sky Bet Championship Wolverhampton Wanderers v Bolton Wanderers

Boss Kenny Jackett today stressed there is no panic over Nouha Dicko, despite the striker picking up a hamstring injury.


I wouldn't want Fletcher back at the club and I cant see it happening anyway. I didn't like the way in which he left the club and more importantly, one of the main reasons he cant get into the Sunderl...

Ritchie Wolves

Let's see if Christmas comes on September 29th, I have feeling jacket has the cards mar mate??

Jackett the Hat

Sorry comrade but Doyle couldn't lace Fletchers boots. If you cast your mind back you'l remember the season we avoided relegation when Doyle got injured and Muppet had to play Fletch for the seasons r...

Jonas Olsson reassured despite Albion axe

SOCCER : Barclays Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion

Alan Irvine insists Jonas Olsson remains a key player for West Brom after dropping the Swede for his first win as Baggies boss.



maybe I'm being a little picky....but when a "big club" changes the side around a bit it's called squad rotation.....when AL / we do it it's called "the AXE" far as I can see we've got...


I'm not sure Varela will be involved because I just noticed he has scored for the under 21's tonight against Brighton but i'm sure Olsson and G'mac will be involved and I have a feeling Davidson and G...

The View From Baggy Bottom


I'm a great fan of irony and you can substitute the F word with anything, so long as its understood what is really meant.

You could sing; Good Luck Wanderers, and it would drive them mad. Can't s...

Squirrel goes nuts on Molineux pitch

2014-09-21 11_22_12-The Molineux Squirrel Pitch Invasion - YouTube

Wolves may be in search for a ‘fox in the box’ to boost their striking options but it was another animal on the prowl at Molineux that raised a few eyebrows.


Why are Wolves still blaming Jez M

chris h

Emma, I am going over old ground that I have worn to death on here, in truth. But a chief executive in my opinion must take responsibility for poor signings, especially if there is evidence ( and with...


Hi Chris

Why do I support jez well its because of his accountancy we are still a football club. its not him that bought all the rubbish from M.M era but he supported mick with the people he wanted to...

Hauliers warned to step up security over illegal immigrant risk

Haulage companies across the West Midlands are being advised to step up the security of their vehicles because of increasing numbers of illegal immigrants trying to get into the UK.


In short wireless:-

1.In my day it was easy, but these days not so, all benefit and pension claims take so long now, when with computers it should be quicker. True most illegals seem to be able to fi...


Thanks for that markie, It's good to get an informed opinion. I don't dispute there are farmers who offer better deals and fly right but, and I'm not just on about agriculture as construction, caterin...


sorry pressed wrong key, these groups are.:-

1. the genuine unemployed trying hard to find work.

2. the genuine unemployed who are in reality unemployable.

3. the genuinly unemployed who do not wan...

Smokers cost Wolverhampton £70m each year

There are nearly 43,000 smokers in Wolverhampton, at a cost of around £70 million a year to the city economy, it has been revealed.


70 million to the city economy, Can we have some figures to see how much immigrants put on the economy of wolverhampton, Social care, Translaters, Health service, Housing, which they are treated to, ...


You are right, steve, the smoking ban was quite unecessary and has killed many businesses. Sadly so many traditional pubs have closed. In addition so many females feel insecure walking past city centr...


Totally agree with you Margaret, when I ran my own business I would not employ smokers because I did not want to be working under pressure while they were outside committing slow suicide.

Social workers to be recruited from London in bid to help struggling Black Country services

Sandwell Council House in Oldbury

A struggling children's service is turning to London to recruit social workers in a bid to help turn around its fortunes.


The failings in social work in Birmingham over recent years reinforce my view that problems in society increase in line with the number of social workers.

Longer 999 journeys fear for patients

Ambulance staff will be sent on customer service courses

Ambulances will take up to 18 minutes to transfer patients who need emergency treatment from Cannock to Wolverhampton's New Cross Hospital, it has emerged.

grateful lady

As this will be where my husband will be taken should he have another heart attack, we have timed the 10 mile journey from our house a few times. 20 minutes is possible by car, without blue lights, at...


Sadly lives will be lost in this hell almighty rush to start transporting patients over the West Midlands and North Staffs. How long before blame is laid at Health Authorities for the loss of someone...

More Questions Than Answers

So the fact that Cannock Minor Injuries will be closing at 7pm each night is a further risk to the people of the Cannock area?

Any minor injury after this time will involve a trek to either Staffo...

Scotland's had its say. Now what about us?

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond campaigns in Parliament Square, Edinburgh

The fate of the United Kingdom rested this week in the hands of a population smaller than that of the West Midlands.


Newspapers don't tell me what to do!

There was a time when newspapers used to report the news, now they manufacture the news then report it. (I'm talking about Nationals here)


Kelly is lovely, and shes been in my house.

Margaret Hamilton

Like anythings going to happen at all! Business tells Governments what to do, newspapers tell the citizens what to do. Your vote means nothing.