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Matt Doherty: Wolves have not come close this season


"We didn't really come close this season," was the honest assessment from Matt Doherty as he admitted Wolves have been short of confidence.

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Less than 350 signatures in four(?) days. I'm surprised at the dismal turn out given the comments on this and other blogs. The club could use this lack of support for the petition to indicate that the...

Hunwick Wolf

Nice to here some honestly instead of the same blah blah blah, Kenny your supposed to install confidence in the playing staff. The whole season has been a joke on so may measures. I admit loosing pl...


"We’re not creating a lot. I just think we lack a bit of creativity at times"

Which is exactly what posters have been saying here for weeks and weeks. Its easy to blame the forwards but if you don...

James Morrison's future to be decided at end-of-season meeting

SOCCER - Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion vs Arsenal

James Morrison's future will be decided at an end-of-season meeting with West Brom, as rumours circulate that he's keen to return to former club Middlesbrough.

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CantelloRocket 78

Tony Pulis has said in the past that he leaves all the transfer dealings to JP and RG, so that's simply the way it is. I personally believe he wants to keep both players - Sess is a regular, and Jimmy...

CantelloRocket 78


interesting that the Brum Mail originally told us JP wanted a new Technical Director to strengthen the infrastructure and help TP out, whilst the E&D say it's because JP wants to 'wrest...

The Real Bully Hoo.

For some strange reason there's no comment section on the, 'new Sporting Director,' thread. I should imagine Mozza will now be left to Mr Hammond to sort out. As Warren said the other day, this is a...

May 2016 PCC elections: Four in the frame to lead West Midlands Police

pcc lead

Four candidates are set to go to the polls next week in a bid to become the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.

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How anyone can vote Tory I do not know

We have Cameron destroying all things British who introduced this "political " post on EU orders , we have Osborne (AKA Rasputin) lying his way finance and col...


I have absolutely no intention of bothering as its a £100,000 waste of money and more importantly makes the police political something that never used to be the case.

We don't need them it's little ...


Why do candidates for the position of a PCC and for local councillors "represent" political parties? The discharge of the duties and responsibilites should be, in both cases, independent of the polic...

Eric Black: 'Human cost' of relegation finally hit home

Eric Black file photo

Caretaker boss Eric Black believes the “human cost” of relegation has finally hit home to Villa’s players - as it emerged takeover talks could delay the club's appointment of a new manager.

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Come on E&S......Human Cost ? I believe the words were personal effect. Exaggeration or what ? Use terms like human cost where it means the human cost of terrorist bombings e...

Experienced West Brom pros are key off the pitch

SOCCER - Barclays Premier League - Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion

Boss Tony Pulis reckons Albion’s experienced professionals play a big role in maintaining dressing room spirit.

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Baggie 68

100% behind you there Tony the Baggies have got some great players like Jonas Olson who as well as their great performances on the pitch bring so much in experience and knowledge to helping new player...

The Real Bully Hoo.

re you the bloke that could start a fight in an empty room? Can't see what you're arguing with yourself about.

New forwards the key for Wolves - Kenny Jackett

Soccer -  Sky Bet Championship - Milton Keynes Dons v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Revamping Wolves' forward line will be the key to ensuring the team's current form doesn't continue into next season, Kenny Jackett believes.

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Ah yes, the future...

Tomorrow never comes.

Chris will give you a long list of the Wolves false dawns over the last 25 years and how many times the young and hungry failed to become the mature a...



we wont agree on this, but that fact is loaning Graham out has brought him on as a player and without it he could still be languishing in the reserves. It was the managers decision to lo...

Kenny Jackett: This one is for the Wolves fans

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Leeds United v Wolverhampton Wanderers

‘Let’s do it for the fans,’ is the message from Kenny Jackett and defender Matt Doherty as Wolves look to end their season on a high.

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Can't believe that there are still 2000 fans who are prepared to pay to watch this utter dross. No thanks got better things to spend my hard earned cash on rather than these clowns

Stearmans overhead kick

From Kenny Jacket,To smart Jacket,Then to donkey Jacket, And now straight Jacket.Tailor made twit who's team selection has had us in stiches all season, Just fooling himself hoping things will turn up...

chris h

Dek You are not telling me papers like the Sun and Mirror don't have contacts ( probably well paid contacts) that certainly result in some stories that are accurate.In any event other papers have had ...

Tom Watson vows Labour will stamp out anti-semitism


Labour's rules and procedures could be changed to ensure it has a "zero-tolerance" approach to anti-Semitism following the "vile" comments made by Ken Livingstone, deputy leader Tom Watson said.

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Certainly more muslims than Jews, so that explains the labour strategy.


But there are probably more practicing Muslims than Christians in this country.


Yes, charlie,bear, thats why Corbyn delayed taking action and wanted to suspend Mann as well.

Must have been a huge shock to Livingstone who must have thought he had licence for his racist ravings.