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West Brom face snag on Cristian Gamboa

Cristian Gamboa

West Brom face an anxious wait over the £2m signing of Cristian Gamboa after being told the Costa Rica defender must go to a work permit hearing.


West Bromwich Albion have established one of the best youth acadamies in the country to nurture young British talent. Unfortunately two of the outstanding talents we have produced have been enticed aw...


Through the red mist of apoplectic anger, it is encouraging to read that the club remain confident of a positive conclusion.

If I am understanding this report correctly, this initial refusal lies a...

CantelloRocket 78

As I've said elsewhere, it seems crazy that Gamboa can play all five recent International games, plus already be living and playing in a nearby European country, yet not be allowed to switch to an Eng...

Brown Ideye soon to arrive at West Brom


Record £10million West Brom signing Brown Ideye hopes to finalise his work visa this week.

CantelloRocket 78

Morning mate,

now the story's been updated, it's claimed Albion have been told to attend a formal meeting, so it would appear you're correct in saying the permit's already been refused.

No doubt...

The Real Netherton Baggie

On the subject of work permits, I seem to remember the same problem some years back when we were signing Artim Sakiri.

If my memory serves me correctly, Dr John Evans and Gary Me...


Hi View.

If we are appealing, which appears to be the case. Then we are appealing because Gamboa`s permit HAS been refused.

My understanding is these work permits are under the governance of the F...

Poll: Should police be allowed to seize all mobile phones from drivers in crashes?

Many admit using phone at the wheel

Every driver in a crash will have their mobile seized in a bid to cut deaths caused by phoning and texting at the wheel.

Annie Bro

Anyone supporting this madcap idea, clearly hasn't thought it through?

"Anyone whose been in an accident"? So you haven't used your phone, but it will be confiscated, trawled through ( pictures, co...


The expert who"feared drivers could lose their phone over a minor car park shunt" should, if he is really an expert, know that the police only attend serious accidents normally where someone is injure...


By the way, I keep a cheap pay as you go at home with all my contact numbers copied in to it. It's in case of loss, theft or damage to my main phone. Now I can add police seizure to my list of reasons...

Kenny Jackett praises Wolves debutants

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly -  Oxord United v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Kenny Jackett led the praise for his two Wolves debutants Dominic Iorfa and Eusebio Bancessi after they maintained their unbeaten record in pre-season.

The Flying Winger

Looks like Doumbia is on his way, just a few more to go!!!

Good opportunity for some of the youngsters and another goal for Clarke.

A well managed pre season which should have motivated some of ...

Jackett the Hat

A good workout last night, a few who stood out for me were Clarke, who I thought was a class above the others, David Davis was strong, all over the pitch and played like he doesn't want to leave and F...

Kenny Jackett: Wolves strike role available

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly -  Bohemians v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett today admitted his striker role is still up for grabs ahead of the big kick off.

Think its a no brainier that if Sako is fit Dicko should start. Start where we left off and see if the partnership still works against championship opponents. I think the pace, the skill and the under...


This won't be popular, but if Clarke's scoring then his form should give him the nod over Dicko. I'm more concerned about our defence than attack. If Ikeme, Batth and Stears can be as effective this s...


Jackett has a nice problem to solve. Both Clarke and Dicko can lay claim to be in the starting line-up as the main striker.

I rather doubt that both will be picked to play from the start of games. ...

Vital support service for Wolverhampton elderly is under threat

A "vital" support service that helps Wolverhampton pensioners and disabled people stay independent was today facing an uncertain future.


I read this with interest because we are part of this "old" population, albeit not as old as the lady mentioned in the article. My wife was in hospital and rehab for a number of weeks and when she ret...


One minute the governments/councils don't want people putting into care homes because of the cost and you get the "We will provide you support" then when it cut's up rough it's your on your own, and p...


Who votes for these Labour losers , slash and burn to make a sick political point just how low can Labour get

I wonder if they've booked the tickets for the next trade visit ,whoops I mean pizza ?

Wolves sit tight as Harry Maguire moves on

Soccer - FA Cup - Sixth Round - Sheffield United v Charlton Athletic - Bramall Lane

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett today insisted he is happy with his defensive options as target Harry Maguire joined Hull City and Kortney Hause departed on loan.


I hope my name shows now, I don't like being the unknown poster. lol maybe someone else can take that name..

The Real Bully Hoo.

Can I stick my nose in here as a neutral?

In my view FT is right in that it's great with hindsight, very much the same over on our side, everybody knows what we should have done.

Forget about John...

old age pensioner

Just heared tongo doumbia has been sold to rc lens fc for the fee wanted by WWfc,

Merry Hill bus changes spell upheaval for users

Bus passengers are facing upheaval after changes to around a dozen services including routes to a hospital and Merry Hill shopping centre.

Old Bill

The more cynical amongst us could think

its because Merry Hill have been

very naughty and still have free parking

More than 47,000 new homes needed to help first-time buyers

Emma Reynolds

More than 47,000 new homes need to be built in the West Midlands to bridge the ever-rising demand gap, the shadow housing minister has said.

Old Bill

Is this MP having a laugh or does she suffer with selective amnesia

HER Labour party were demolishing houses all over the country worried about a price collapse

while Gordon was allowing migrati...

Hundreds of council workers to be paid living wage after U-turn by bosses

Walsall Council House

Hundreds of council workers are poised to be paid the living wage after a U-turn by bosses - in a move that will cost about £330,000 in extra wages.


Agree with you ivor. Small businesses, especially catering, public houses and retail struggle to pay the minimum wage, then along comes a large public body who can just charge the motorist more to fo...


On the July 25th edition of the Express & Star Council leader Mike Bird was quoted as saying:

'If we paid the internal staff the living wage then we would HAVE to extend that to staff with cont...


My daughters work in care for 6.36 a hour the cleaner who tidy's the rooms and hoovers gets 6.63 a hour