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Tony Pulis warns feisty West Brom winger James McClean to calm down

SOCCER - Premier League -  West Bromwich Albion Vs Watford

Tony Pulis has warned fiery Albion winger James McClean that he needs to start controlling himself on the pitch.

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AndyH're bang on the nail there. He'd run through a brick wall for us when we chant his name. He hears the chant, goes back and runs through it again just to make a point.

It's that spikey n...

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes Andy, you get the feeling he'd tackle a Tiger Tank if you asked him to.

Kev in Mallorca

Thanks for your contribution, which if my memory serves me right was also a criticism of the same player and yet not a word on us reaching 7th place.


Ian Austin MP tells Home Secretary Amber Rudd: Stop migrants taking British jobs

Ian Austin

The Government must clamp down on low skilled immigrants taking the jobs of unemployed British people, according to a Black Country MP.

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John Drake the answer to your first question is competition, by moving to Asia and Europe the Companies could make more for less.

Why did the Unions let MPs sell our factories, not sure the factories...

John Drake

Britain has been undergoing 40 years of economic sabotage and looking back everyone can now see our MPs were the saboteurs.

Whether by design or incompetence is for others to judge, but it must defin...


Lakeside you state that the immigrants are prepared to get off their backsides and work but you also state that the heavy industries were closed by the Thatcher government. This all started at the tim...

Paul Lambert: I want a squad of 23 at Wolves - there's more players here than in Ben Hur!

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Sheffield Wednesday

Paul Lambert says he needs an abacus to count his Wolves squad – and believes 23 is the ideal number.

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chris h

Wolvereeen, You been on the sherry as well. No donkeys in 1974 and no stallions now as in Ben Hur ie the point of the article, when we are stuck near the bottom of the second division. I suspect you ...


Ikeme Lonergan Flatt

Iorfa Batth Silvio Ebanks-Landell Hause Doherty (Williamson) (New Signing)

Costa Coady Saiss Prince Edwards Cavaleiro (Graham)

Dicko Mason Bodvarrson Enobakhare (New Sign...


so to recap, johnwolf49, browsing through your comments it appears that you believe that you are the one true wolves fan, in possession of the one true voice of wolves, and all others, who aren't sitt...

Horse drawn cart causes a stir among motorists on busy Black Country Route - WATCH


It's a slice of Black Country life with a horse and cart spotted on occasion on the roads.

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There is no such thing as 'road tax'


That would be the Road Tax perhaps.

Darren Fletcher: West Brom will give Chelsea a game

SOCCER - Premier League -  West Bromwich Albion V Burnley

Captain Darren Fletcher insists Albion will go toe-to-toe with high-flying Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

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Baggies can be very stubborn, just what Chelsea does not like. "I SMELL A POINT HERE"

CantelloRocket 78

It would be amazing if we DID pull off a win, because apparently that would give us the best sequence of successive results we've EVER had in the Premier League, it's just a pity we're facing the curr...


Their run's got to end sometime!!! (Unfortunately, so has ours!!)

Screwfix to deliver 700 new staffordshire jobs

Screwfix in Stafford

Screwfix is set to deliver hundreds of new jobs in Staffordshire after signing on the dotted line for a vast new £50 million distribution centre.

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Any chance of coming Dudley i'll take a job

Ben Foster: Now let’s keep West Brom clean sheets

SOCCER - pre-season - Torquay United V West Bromwich Albion

Goalkeeper Ben Foster wants the Baggies to put the final piece in their puzzle and start keeping clean sheets again.

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Kev in Mallorca

Lets hope Sunday's game starts the ball rolling.


Kevin McDonald: I loved my time at Wolves

AMA363441 (1)

There will be a familiar face in the Fulham line-up at Molineux tomorrow.

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Farmer Ted

Dances, how many times do you need to be told why McDonald left?

He's not the first to leave for the same reason and probably won't be the last.


...not referring to any players in particular, mind you. just 'for example' such rumours circulate


i think, similarly, it was off-the-field issues that led to Marsden's sale, if the stories added on threads like this by apparently in-the-know fans are to be believe.

Some players, allegedly enjoy t...