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Wolves cut their losses on Jamie O'Hara


Wolves outcast Jamie O’Hara has finally left Molineux after the cancellation of his contract by mutual consent.

Jack the Hat


Not one of those players cost Albion a transfer fee, pal. The outlay for all those players wouldn't cost anywhere near £5m as they were loan or free transfers and they were with us for on...

Farmer Ted

I was finished with this sorry episode but I have to praise BreretonWolf for his level headed and accurate summary of JOH's demise. I cannot understand why BCW, (so often such a sensible poster) and o...

Jack the Hat

Second time of posting this letter.

Why has this message come up again when I was logged in > You need to be logged in to comment <. I was logged in and did post this letter because the Leave a...

Walsall player delivered by taxi to Albion!

Ben Foster has signed a new deal with West Brom

A wannabe Walsall player was left with egg on his face – after turning up at Albion’s training ground by mistake.

CantelloRocket 78


having seen all yer 'predictions' about the Baggies last season, all the times you desperately tried to convince us we were heading for disaster, and all the times you fell flat on yer face, ...

The Real Bully Hoo.

Perhaps they should change the name to the Bum Squad.

The Real Bully Hoo.


That's one of them that's like the little kids picking up the hosepipe in the garden on you've been framed, you know you shouldn't laugh but you just can't help it.

I wonder if that's bee...

Alan Irvine after one more West Brom signing

SOCCER : Capital One Cup - West Bromwich Albion v Oxford United

West Brom boss Alan Irvine hopes he can avoid a deadline-day scramble by landing his final summer signing before Monday.

CantelloRocket 78


I can't really see it being Commons to be honest, but he's possibly available, and it's claimed we have a 'shortlist', so he may have his name scratched on it somewhere.

Now I'm off to take ...

The View From Baggy Bottom


Hi mate, I've seen the news stories but I'd be a little disappointed if our last signing was Commons. He's 30 now, never played in the Prem and Celtic are no better than Championship. Is he a...

The Real Bully Hoo.


Whoever we get it will just be another nonentity joining our skinny squad in the inevitable relegation battle according to the pundits.

Speed cameras could return to action, says crime chief David Jamieson

Speed cameras could be turned back on in the Black Country as the new police and crime commissioner today pledged to work on cutting down the number of people killed and injured on the roads.


Gosh - ISN'T this a surprise - not.

Of course, they have a revenue-raising exercise in mind first and foremost.

Having said that, I do agree that speed cameras in the right places have an import...


In 5 minutes and the old Labour junk that damaged our country so well, slips straight off the lip with a cheesy smile

Lets TAX the motorist

One of local businesses top priorities will be moving...


Speed cameras are supposed to be located where there have been serious accidents, but they must think we are fools to expect us to beleive that. Almost all speed cameras are located where they are mos...

Craig Dawson likely to stay at West Brom

Soccer : Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion

Boss Alan Irvine claims West Brom are unlikely to sell players before Monday’s transfer deadline - after hinting Craig Dawson has changed his mind over wanting to leave.

John B

Would still let Dawson go if the right offer comes in. He will not be a regular again this season.



In my view it's time on the pitch that Dawson needed and he's showing signs of improving....I know that with Lescott, Gmac and Olson we've got 4 centre backs competing for 2/3 positions so g...

Captain Mardon International

Well with only Olsson currently being the only fit and able central defender it makes sense to keep him. He's playing regular football now, so can only improve with match time, plus he has an eye for...

Wolves linked to wanted striker Andy Delort

Andy Delort

Wolves were today linked to French forward Andy Delort as the answer to their summer-long striker search.

never boo and never leave early

The clip highlights his movement, touch, pace, awareness, strength and finishing. The finishing is explosive and very accurate Having just watched a short clip on you tube he also does his fair share ...


Pardonnez moi, je voulaise dire...

Ligue 1!!

Chillo Wolf

that assessment based on a two minute you tube video

You should be on the payroll mate

Poll: Do you support NHS workers’ decision to strike?

Nine out of 10 family doctors felt pressure from patients to hand out antibiotics

NHS workers will today deliver a giant envelope to the Health Department to mark the start of a ballot for strikes in a bitter row over pay.


No, spoken like a person with common sense.


These people have a secure job, which is fairly paid. It is wrong because of the importance of their jobs they can put the life and comfort of sick people after their own selfish greed to be treated b...

Three out for West Brom's trip to Swansea

West Brom's Joleon Lescott

Head coach Alan Irvine today ruled three new-boys out of West Brom’s trip to Swansea on Saturday - as he insisted his side won't suffer from their Capital One Cup marathon.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Like you I'm a fully paid up member of the Mozza fan club I could never see the 'too lightweight' jibes he got and he also has the ability to take a pass when marked up that so many British pla...


I think Saturday is going to be a bad day for WBA .. Swansea are on a roll but i hope to god i'm wrong.

Dying for the Constitution


Blogger of the year PETER RHODES on US gun law, the ultimate gizmo for the Nanny State and another useful Welsh word.


Don't get exited, ladies. It was probably a small pianist!

Wolves working on more 'Group Three' exits


Wolves were today working to set up more ‘Group Three’ exits after Jamie O’Hara’s Molineux stay was finally ended.

chris h

I suspect that Steve Morgan has finally relented and agreed the club will fund negotiated deals to pay at least some of them off. Makes sense and I am sure if given a free hand Jez Moxey would have ...