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Here's what's getting people talking on right now.

Saido Berahino put United stars in shade says Craig Gardner

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United

Albion midfielder Craig Gardner today hailed Saido Berahino’s all-round improvement and claimed the young striker outshone Manchester United’s stars on Monday.

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The Real Bully Hoo.


I've heard quite a few ex-players say how much they wish they'd played on for as long as possible because nothing compensates for it. With the money they get now they don't need to work again...


It's Catch 22 capey. The money secures the future in a career that can end with one assassin's tackle. But once enough has been put away, the basic need is job satisfaction. In a very minor way, been ...


Bully your post reference the two mancs etc, it got me thinking, dangerous I know, but I believe Mansoor city, must harbour the most expensive 2nd squad in the world, it must be a huge waste of talent...

Ben Foster fitness boost for Baggies ahead of Crystal Palace clash

Ben Foster of West Bromwich Albion

Goalkeeper Ben Foster has handed West Brom a fitness boost by returning to training ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash with Crystal Palace.

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Gene,your post wasn't there a minute a go, refreshed the page and there it was, I was trying to say what u said, but mine was long boing boing


Cyril,I've always said it,that AI is a brilliant man manager. I think half of the battle in keeping the dressing room, is having the people skills. A time to be autocratic, and knowing when to be demo...

gene o pittsburgh

I agree about AI.As important as tactics are I am of the opinion man management is the equal

I want to see Ben back soon, insists Myhill

SOCCER : Pre-Season Friendly - West Bromwich Albion v FC Porto

Albion keeper Boaz Myhill wants Ben Foster fit for Saturday’s Premier League clash with Crystal Palace – even though it would cost him his place.

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Back to the seventies I think,beards are the rage.can't think of many baggies players who actually played with beards,my god what trivia! Now look what you've done Right, I'll start with Dav...


I don't like beards, never have, but in all honesty I couldn't grow one anyway. I can use a Gillette for maybe 2 months just 'shaving' if I dare to use the word. One flash of the blade, the whiskers s...


I was suspicious from the beginning about 681 so I did what I always do, fire a few broadsides to draw them out. He will be ignored from now on.

We’ll rival the best in Premier League: Exclusive interview with Wolves chairman, Steve Morgan

Soccer - Wolverhampton Wanderers End of Season Dinner

Steve Morgan is a man on a mission.

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chris h

FT To be fair, Auckland is a bit of a long commute.

The Grassy Knoll

Wise up.

Morgan is indulging in a multi-millionaires' vanity project.

Compared to the Greed League clubs, his investment is puny.

Wait till he grows tired of his plaything...

chris h

edmund, I have said before on here many times, we could have faired far worse in having another owner instead of Steve Morgan. The double glazing man who owned Stockport County was on the short list ...

EU referendum 'inevitable' but needs leadership, says Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant

A referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union is 'inevitable' but cannot be led by a Tory', a former Conservative vice chairman has said.

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Would add that the cost of full membership is over £10 billion plus each year, if we were out this could fund the NHS and also help pay off some of the deficit. The politicians keep dismissing UKIP a...


EFTA which the UK helped to form as an alternative to full EU membership was a far better idea for many countries. In the UK we are talking about devolving power to the regions because one size does n...


Having read the article I am no nearer knowing whether he wants a Referendum or not. Typical of MP speak where many words are used to confuse the issue resulting in the status quo.

Wolves will give me a heart attack! Exclusive interview with Wolves' Steve Morgan

Football - Pre-Season Friendly - Barnsley V Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves chairman Steve Morgan has hailed manager Kenny Jackett as a ‘class act’ – as he revealed the team are putting him through the wringer this season.

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The Real Bully Hoo.

Good post Chris. Shanks famously said, 'football's more important than life or death,' and at ten to five on a Saturday it does seem like that but it's not. Like you lot we've been through some horr...

chris h

Ritchie, I went to London today and saw one million poppies in the moat of the Tower of London. Supporting a football club is nothing in terms of presure and pain compared to what those million heroes...

Irvine: Best is yet to come from the Baggies

SOCCER : Barclays Premier League - Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion

Boss Alan Irvine insists Albion will carry on improving as he begins preparing for a potentially crucial fortnight for his side.

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The Voice

Following the advise of the some of the more regular posters on here I have decided to ignore the annoying little troll who posts stupid comments at the end of everyone's posts.

I'm also gonna igno...


Hey kev,how's it gooin. Don't wind up Bully and shrops, or our rocket, I think your efforts have not been in vain,I think the worm has turned.Come on you boing boing.


Bully, I hadn't thought of it like that mate. They SEEM happy enough. I'll try some chocolate-coated fish food tomorrow. And play some nice jingles while they eat. That'll do it.

£8m scheme to save Dudley Hippodrome

The former Dudley Hippodrome building in Castle Hill, Dudley, which campaigners would like to see restored

A businessman has unveiled his £8 million plan to reopen Dudley Hippodrome, claiming he would create an entertainment complex better than rival venues in Birmingham and Manchester.

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This is a fantastic proposal that is backed up by Global success from a Local Business man who has a family link to the building.It is being considered, another word for stalling lets hope Mr Kendrick...


Can only ever be a Theatre or Playhouse on the site that is the Conevant on the land, ever wondered why the Plaza was knocked down & not built on?


Still think a McDonalds and KFC drive through would be more beneficial to the youth of Dudley, after all, that's what they are use to.

Wolverhampton traffic wardens targeting buses

7239857 (1)

Traffic wardens in Wolverhampton have been dishing out tickets to bus drivers - for stopping at a bus stop.

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This may seem irrelevant or even irreverent, but it seems that the council are following the old army adage of "if it moves, salute it, if it stands still paint it," or in their case ticket it.


If national express want to use it as a place to swap drivers or to take a rest for a few minutes then they quite fairly risk ticketing.

The sensible thing to do would be to do all that at the bus...


Are all the traffic Wardens & bus drivers now obeying their own orders & all the necessary procedures with CCTV & was the CCTV on the bus checked at all or investigated by the police offic...

New Dudley Council chief executive announced

Dudley Council has announced Sarah Norman as its new chief executive, who will take over the £165,000 a year role in January.

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Grade 7 is the highest executive grade, above that is what is called the adminstrative civil service. Grade 7 is the starting point of the administrative grades as well as being the the top rank of th...


Sorry Markie but I'd check your figures, grade 7 is not the highest executive grade, as grade 2 is, and a grade 7 is on way more than 60k, on all other points I agree. :-)