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Saido Berahino put United stars in shade says Craig Gardner

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United

Albion midfielder Craig Gardner today hailed Saido Berahino’s all-round improvement and claimed the young striker outshone Manchester United’s stars on Monday.

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CantelloRocket 78

Hi Andy,

good to see you back on here mate, and at a time things are goin' quite well at B71-

if your figures are correct, based on valuation, United should actually be around FIFTEEN times bett...

CantelloRocket 78

It must be quite a dilemma for Chairman Peace - picking up on his recent interview, he appears proud of the club he's supported for over 50 years, and having sanctioned a reported 10 million for Brown...



it's not just SB that put United in the shade - although he did make the most of his opportunity....the way he adjusted his body shape to score was very Henry(esque)....Dozza made the £30M ...

Wolves 2 Boro 0 - Report, pictures and video highlights

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Middlesbrough

It was a welcome return for the Bakary Sako and Nouha Dicko show as Wolves ended a wobble by returning to winning ways.

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top 4, few points off top.

we was laughing at you lot few weeks ago as you were in a crisis? sack the board you lot were saying, sack irvine and brunt is rubbish and all that, you lot panicked and ...


interesting then why did middlesborough and a host of other championship clubs offer him a contract then you pillock, we almost lost him for nothing.

Stearo is great so back off, if you dont like ...


great win, wasnt expecting it, but the players dug deep and defended well,

tommy rowe new left back, awesome player and ebanks landell starting to show his quality. but again seriously thats a qua...

Walsall tips to close two days a week in bid to save £100k

A pile of trouble; unwanted food on a rubbish tip

Tips in Walsall will be shut two days a week to save nearly £100,000, it has emerged.

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You are complaining now about Walsall cutting the opening time for the recycling centres by 2 days, in Wolverhampton the 2 day cut was made months ago and now they have reduced the opening hours. We a...


Jimbob, you couldn't be a Council 'Officer' by any chance ? Or are you just Mr.Perfect who sits in judgement on others ?


They should copy the Australia way bins on side of road like our's, one driver on his own, arms come out from side of lorry picks the bin up, empty's it drops it back where it was and he's away to the...

Alan Irvine backs super Saido for England call

SOCCER : Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United

West Brom boss Alan Irvine believes Saido Berahino’s sparkling form could earn him a senior England call-up next month.

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MCvits I got an epic coming, tonights, exchanges just fuel it more, tell the mentally ill one to stop, its making me laff. Abion one week , doghead the other, it makes no sense.????


wow, another stray lol.


Why would Jack change his name.He is man enough to stand by his statements and opinions regardless of whether people like you agree or not. You on the other hand revert to any number of names often ar...

Sako's injury blow after Wolves hit back

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Middlesborough

Wolves match-winner Bakary Sako has emerged as a doubt for Saturday’s trip to Leeds and Nouha Dicko has also picked up a knock to dampen last night’s return to winning ways.

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I first saw Kes in 1969 at the Clifton cinema at Sedgley ( at least I think it was called the Clifton). I thought it was outstanding then, and, having seen it as little as four years ago, I can say t...

Ritchie Wolves

Kez, I remember the Bobby Charlton bit very well old Chap, I was twenty and lieing in hospital recovering from an accident, I had twenty odd stitches in my gut and Kez came on television, I very nearl...

chris h

FT I remember that excellent film, 'Kes' and the PE teacher imagining he was Bobby Charlton.I think there was a lot of that about but I somehow admire a Villa fan making all the kids wear claret and ...

The Land Girls are finally remembered

The Womens Land Army statue at National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas.

They were called up to help boost food production and fell trees in wartime Britain.

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My Mother was a Land Army girl in WWII it is nice to see their contribution to the war effort recognised.

Jobs to go in £86m Walsall Council cuts

Walsall Council offices

Hundreds of jobs will be lost, libraries and children's centres will close and millions of pounds will be slashed from youth services in Walsall.

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Macpedigree, so mass immigration wasn't the cause you lost your job or stops you getting another ? And saying 'FACT' does not neceessarily make it one. It's YOUR opinion with which I happen to disagre...


What I do understand is that as a point what Niknak said, start sourcing equipment and all the other stuff with other suppliers like private companies have to, and don't keep wasting money on more ine...

The cinemas are private developments, that's not council money paying for those.

If two private companies want to build cinemas right next to each other it's mostly up to them.

Same with the shops -...

Wolverhampton motorists driven mad: Drivers sent on one-mile diversion around city centre by wrong road signs

Sign 3 JS20

Drivers were mistakenly sent on a one-mile diversion around Wolverhampton city centre after road signs saying a major route was closed were mistakenly left on display.

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PJW Holland

Because this is the only section running along the roadway... and one of Wolverhampton's busiest roads too. It is the only full width full height route between East and West Wolverhampton.



“We realise this work is causing some diversions and delays. This work has to be done because otherwise the Metro track will deteriorate..." Why is it apparently only The Wolverhampton section of Th...


Scrap the trams and scrap these utterly ridiculous and stupid roadworks.

This council is hellbent on killing Wolverhampton.

Dismay as Wolverhampton health and library hub shelved after talks

Plans for a new community and health centre and library in Wolverhampton have been scrapped after council bosses deemed them 'not to be viable'.

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Blue Boy

Wolverhampton Council's "REGENERATION" chief (Ha Ha Ha) Councillor Elias Mattu - when are you going to start doing what your job title states you should be doing, regenerating and stop the city's plu...


Warstones library was going to be re-located into the hub.


What they moaning about? There is another library a few hundred yards away.

New Dudley Council chief executive announced

Dudley Council has announced Sarah Norman as its new chief executive, who will take over the £165,000 a year role in January.

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Local Authority chief executive pay used to equate roughly to Grade 7 pay in HM civil service. Grade 7 is the highest executive pay in the civil service and is currently about £60k. This is why the g...


£165,000 - incredible, and the taxpayers of Dudley won't even notice if she's at work or not. Reassuring to see that she's "delighted to have been offered this exciting new challenge" and to be fair,...


All cut from the same cloth...waste of my money. I hope Ms Norman is more accessable. It is about time these freeloaders realised thay are being paid by us and are accountable to us..