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Nick Hammond: Big summer for West Brom

Nick Hammond 900x600

New technical director Nick Hammond has admitted a big summer awaits Albion as they look to challenge higher up the Premier League next season.

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love you long time baggies

its all s--t at the moment. who shall we bring in. players who have been relegated ? is that are future.......vile/new. thats the bottem of the barrel.

Hands off our Wolves badge! Club's anger at BrewDog's new Lone Wolf logo


Bitter Wolves could launch legal action after beer company BrewDog produced a new logo which bears a striking resemblance to the club’s famous badge.

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Nothing like the Wolves badge in my opinion but just a stylised Wolf's head used for long time before Wolves adopted it.. Furthermore, this 'bad taste' is no where near that of Wolves latest money len...

Olly the cat

Clueless, companies copyright variations on their logos in case another company tries to use a similar, but not identical design. Just because Wolverhampton Wanderers have not used this logo, it doesn...


Not a very well-researched article unfortunately. It's trademark law rather than copyright that applies to logos such as this.

I'm sure Wokves have registered the wolf logo as a trademark. However...

West Midlands cannabis possession arrests rise by 40 per cent

The number of people caught red-handed with cannabis has shot up by more than 40 per cent during the past 12 months, new figures have revealed.

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inity and beyond

What are you talking about? I think you'll find cannabis is more of a lifesaver rather than a destroyer of life and it certainly doesn't cause your brain to disintigrate.

This country is backward and...


We need to send a message to young people that the only drug they should get high on is alcohol. Yes it's arguably the most harmful drug in the world, with an estimated 3 million deaths worldwide each...


Good news.

All of these sad people die young due to their brains disintegrating. It won't bother most because their lives are so sad in the first place, that is why they turn to drugs

How Dudley mum lost eight stone and set up fashion firm

At her heaviest, Kate Turner was size 24 and weighed 19 stone. By her wedding day, right, Kate had slimmed down by eight stone.

A Dudley mother-of-two who lost eight stone after life-threatening health concerns has now set up her own clothing company.

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Osborne's Gloves

Following her weight lossthe former lecturer has decided to turn fashionista by launching her new clothing company called 'Love The Size Your In'.

Don't you mean 'Love The Size You're In'.

James Henry: Wolves had an 'average' season

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Nottingham Forest v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Winger James Henry has summed up Wolves' season as ‘average’ – but backed the team to improve next season.

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Fan power apparently stopped Steve Bruce (a Wolves fan himself) getting the Wolves job in February 2012 when we were just touching the relegation zone with 13 games to play in the PL.

He's proved ...


Just watched Hull City take the third promotion place in the play off final. We are a million miles away from them and the stark reality is that we are chasing the 6th place play off spot as if it wou...