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Crystal Palace 0 Albion 2 - Report and pictures

SOCCER - Barclays Premier League - Crystal Palace v West Bromwich Albion

A fabulous goal from Craig Gardner capped a priceless win for West Brom as they moved a huge step closer to Premier League safety with victory at Selhurst Park.

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The Real Bully Hoo.

Regarding your first sentence Pete, we beat a non firing Southampton, we beat an off form Swansea, we beat a poor Stoke, we beat an off colour West Ham. Do you see where I'm coming from? It would b...

The Real Bully Hoo.

Add to that Andy that he's never caused a bit of bother since he came, never tried for a move in the bad times. Great loyalty that has been regularly stuffed back down his throat, same with Brunty.

Wolves 1 Ipswich Town 1 - Report and pictures

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Ipswich Town

Wolves’ play-off ambitions are hanging by a thread after they failed to beat Ipswich Town at a sunny Molineux today.

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Wolves made great strides this year. Maybe another year of consolidation and winning more than they lose will not be so bad after all.

They have to convince Sako that staying an playing is better tha...


The stadium doesn't matter, INVEST in the team. how does it feel Jez and morgs? so close??? Wonder why?????

Ye Olde South Bank

I don't rate RVP, either, if I'm honest - which is why I was slightly deflated to see him start. He still might come good, just never know.

'Evil cult of Islam' row: Nigel Farage 'never heard of' UKIP candidate


A UKIP candidate who referred to Islam as an ‘evil cult’ on his Facebook page has never been heard of by Nigel Farage, the party leader claimed.

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old age pensioner

Yes he did, he said the nhs and our local council services were under extra pressure because of immigration. And why are s forage asking miliband to apologise for anything. He (farage, is an ex conser...

old age pensioner

At last someone who has the intelligence to know what they are commenting about

old age pensioner

Forget the bbc for a second...." No minority ever in the uk have won power.....what makes you think that ukip(edl,bnp,nf,brown shirts) ever will?.........

By the way good luck for May 7th 2015.

'Evil cult of Islam' row: I’ve no idea who he is, says Farage. Errrr..!

UKIP candidate Steve Latham with Nigel Farage

After claiming he had ‘never heard’ of the UKIP candidate who branded Islam an ‘evil cult’, here is Nigel Farage standing side by side with Steve Latham.

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Are you saying that the certain Austro-Germanic person was right? Seems like it has rattled your cage somewhat?

Truth hurts so they say........

By the way it is Fascist or did you mean faceist or ...


NOSNP, it is complete idiots like you and your kind that this country should really fear. Left Wing Facist Scum.

C omplete U tter N umpties T alking S hi*e.

PJW Holland

Well the BBC has been forced to eat its words. It was forced to publish the details and Nigel was right AGAIN!

As to the picture... There must be thousands and thousands of people who have had the...

Poll: Is enough done to reduce violence in football?


Groups of football fans are responsible for thuggish behaviour on trains on a weekly basis, a senior police officer has said.

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Money is the root of all evil!

There is too much money in football, any damage to trains etc should be the responsibility of the clubs with them all having to pay into a fund to pay for damage. If th...


For whatever reason, the sport itself seems to be at the root cause of the problem. I don't see violent conduct taking place at other sporting events. Paul Crowther is quite right; it's a cultural iss...

Two jailed after attacking and stealing from Stafford car wash owner

Stafford's Asda

A car wash owner was attacked by a man while another took advantage of the situation to sneak into his office and steal some of his takings, a court heard.

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you get more for none payment of council tax .....after this government cap you so you cannot pay it

council owned courts that they have turned into council and government money factory's .


Sorry that should be 4 months and 6 weeks and they will be out


Don't forget the scum will only serve 3 and 4 months. Then they will pick another victim and repeat the crime

CCTV reveals horror as rare birds tortured to death

birds 5

Dumped on the floor and being cruelly abused - these shocking images capture members of a gang who stole and tormented hundreds of rare birds.

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Well said Sharmwolf, these thugs where the rot has set in, should be shipped out of harms way, as far away as possible, make way for human beings, send them to Mars for science research.


There is much credible research linking incidents of animal cruelty with domestic and child abuse.

I sincerely hope that Social Services are now involved with the families of these young men before...

Walsall Baggie

Sharmwolf has said everything I was going to say..........

Police called as tempers flare in Wolverhampton tip jams

Cars queue at the Shaw Road Recycling Centre, Bushbury

Police have been called to deal with spats between drivers as traffic jams build up at two tips in the Black Country.

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Stupid predictive text. *incompetence from

I couldn't comment on their impotence!


Just yet another example of short sightedness and impotence form the Labour Clowns in the Kremlin.

You soon have a choice Wolverhampton.


Molineux 10th best ground in The Championship

Wolves are hoping their skill on the pitch will see them finish sixth in the table and earn a place in the play-offs.

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Captain Mardon International

I have dined at your ground in hospitality as I have at the Hawthorns. The food at the molinew was to the standard of a Toby carvary. We were hearded in to a small room which was freezing, the food ...

old golds worth more

He's so full of it, that its probably him who caused the blockage in the first place.

Dean Smith: Walsall were well worth a point


Manager Dean Smith felt Walsall were worthy of their point after Tom Bradshaw’s heavily-deflected equaliser earned them a 1-1 draw at Crewe.

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Sorry deano must disagree, crewe were no better than crawley they were awful, im afraid we were no better and deserved nothin from the game, it was one of the worst performances ive witnessed, we will...