A handbag that averts at milk crisis? No thanks

Did I hear this correctly? Unless I am losing it, I swear someone on the radio said that within the next five years there could be a handbag so advanced it reminds you of the need to buy milk.


Except why would we want such a thing?

The feature then continued to explore predictions for even more out-of-this-world technology.

On one hand, this vision of global dominance and instant communication – maybe via a watch or belt buckle before too long – has a definite attraction.

And although many of us harp on about the iron grip of the technology, we all love gadgets, gimmicks and gizmos.

But do they love us? That’s what I want to know.

If they did, would they keep breaking down, running out, cocking a snook?

In our house over the past few weeks we’ve had three laptops (one a snazzy little netbook which fits in a handbag but doesn’t seem to order milk), two TVs, a Sky system and the internet all play up, often simultaneously.

Eventually we had to call an engineer to find out why neither TV was working – in the middle of the tennis season as well. As coincidence has it, there seems to be a fault with both TVs and not the Sky system at all.

I changed my mobile network to one which actually worked wherever I was, however, I then discovered that my netbook was playing up because the connection between the computer and power cable had started to melt. Wonder what happened there, mused the lady in the hi-tech shop. Better be careful with that one, she advised.

Meanwhile, neither of my cameras work properly and my iPhone, which takes more than acceptable pictures, keeps switching to video camera mode at the most inopportune moments.

I could add other gripes about technology just in and around our house but know I risk being accused of user error.

Yet do you know something? Not one of these new fangled pieces of equipment has yet worked out when we are out of milk!