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Mrs Ivy Trellis

I was in the Rotunda when the bombs went off on 21 November 1974. I will never forget it! I had to walk home from there to Carters Green, West Bromwich. The traffic was stationary all of the way! - No Busses nor Trains! - Masses of people walking over the Hockley Flyover! Nothing could move. It still takes my breath away when I think about it! - Especially running down the Fire Escape, in the Rotunda!

I have worked in Belfast, Beirut, Baghdad, and Mindanao (With Drama) during my career, but 21 November 1974 is still one of the most poignant experiences of my life!

Stearmans overhead kick

A couple of mates and myself were in the Tavern in the town two night previous and lost a dear friend in the bombings that we went to engineering college with. A retired policeman who was at the scene who I met at a family wedding years ago described to me what he saw,Believe me you don't want to know.


Ivy, trying to get down Stevenson Street to get to my car was hard and I must have driven past you on the Flyover, we headed for the Farriers, but went home instead, never forget it, sad sad