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E&S Comment: Disloyalty will not win Tories voters

As the dust settles on David Cameron’s reshuffle and the removal of Michael Gove as Education Secretary, there are cheers of jubilation from within the teaching unions and shock among large parts of middle England.

Deep damage of gambling addiction

Gambling can be as destructive and corrosive as an addiction to alcohol or drugs. While it may not ruin the liver, other organs or show its ravages on the skin, the damage it can do when it gets out of control runs deep.

Contest could help economy bloom

Stephen Sutton vigil

Faced with a choice between looking after vulnerable, elderly people or planting flowers around the city centre, most of us know what the correct use of public money would be.

Arts deserve vital funding

We are certainly not ones to look a pantomime gift horse in the mouth. A £10 million boost for museums, theatres and the arts across the Black Country is enormously welcome.