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Villa blog: Is the impossible possible?

A local derby seems the perfect opportunity to see if Aston Villa’s recent form is a sign of the future, or a fortunate blip on the way to relegation. Villa blogger Matt Turvey looks at the role of confidence in a potentially hot blooded derby match.

Villa blog: New era, new Villa?

Soccer - Aston Villa Press Conference - Villa Park

A new era begins, but how will the season go for Aston Villa? Matt Turvey says that the way forward involves less panic and more patience...writes Villa blogger Matt Turvey

Blog: Can Aston Villa turn things around?

Are Aston Villa a rudderless ship or can they pull out of the bottom three with a flash of strategic brilliance? Matthew Turvey ponders what’s next for the club.

Villa blog: Mixed Sherwood messages

tim sherwood

Limbo is in danger of swallowing up the club as Tim Sherwood fights to save his job and his career. Villa blogger Matt Turvey asks whether decisiveness is critical before Aston Villa fall into oblivion.

Blog: Can a derby win galvanize a Villa revolution?

Soccer - Capital One Cup - Third Round - Aston Villa v Birmingham City - Villa Park

Will a win against local rivals be the spur the pushes Aston Villa on? Or will frustration and upset be the theme of the day in a game against another team who aren’t playing to an expected standard. Blogger Matt Turvey offers his thoughts.