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A Lone Voice

I suspect the idea of "broadcast tv" will surely die over the next few years as a convergence between tv and the internet gathers pace. Watching a television programe at a defined time already seems "old hat" to me and "on demand" is surely the way that viewing will go.........

Time shifting and streaming will be the way that future generations will watch tv.......if they bother to watch it at all !


In the few seconds that I could be bothered to be on this page I counted 20 or more adverts or links to adverts. Most of the links are the awful Taboola sponsored items ( adverts for rubbish but set up to look like "news") and the pages still load slowly even on my brand new mega-fast computer and broadband.

If the E&S's owners MNA think that this is modern digital marketing then their thinking is very flawed because it's a real turn off to be presented with clickbait junk from a slow, overcrowded website.

Saddler in Sweden...

You are dead right Lakeside!!

The website was almost unusable for me on mobile and home devices until I set up adblockers... Now I have no problems, but it's ironic that by trying to force more and more ads on me, they pushed me to act so now I see an ad free Express and Star and they get no advertising revenue from me at all!!


What adblocker are you using? I bet they don't allow the answer to stay visible for long..

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