Six little words that would have avoided a crisis: "Better keep your top on, love"

Peter Rhodes asks: Why was Kate topless in the first place?

Royal tour of the Far East and South Pacific - Day Seven

There cannot be a young man in this whole world more aware of the threat from paparazzi with long lenses than Prince William, son of the late and much-snapped Princess Diana.

As a military officer, too, William should have been aware of the lie of the land around the villa, and the fact that it could be overlooked. If there is a great view out, there is also a great view in.

What a lot of bother he could have avoided by advising his wife: “Better keep your top on, love.”

Instead, we are now faced with the prospect of a French court being urged by William and Kate to jail those responsible for the photographs and to prevent French citizens buying copies of a French magazine.

I cannot imagine anything more likely to irritate a proud republic than a couple of royals making strident demands on its legal system.

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Comments for: "Six little words that would have avoided a crisis: "Better keep your top on, love""

paul jewell

Completely agree .

Have the "Royals" not heard of behind closed doors ?

Almost makes one think it's an act with purpose .

Take the heat off Harry ?

Sam Emery

I don't know what all the fuss is about She is hardly built like Jordan, They know all too well the risk of telescopic lenses etc they should think on all the more before they decide to do such things.

I would have thought that they security side should be more of an issue what if it had been telescopic sights on a rifle?

Maybe if they want such private lives they should walk away from all the trappings and luxury of royal life, then she can join the rest of us topless bathing in Benidorm.


is that why they call them the pap arazzi

Patrick Hadley

Please. Not in front of the servants.

Since the Royal Couple will have been accompanied at all times by detectives, advisers, flunkies, maids and butlers surely she should not have kept her top on.

Could you imagine Lady Mary taking her top off at Downton Abbey with all the servants around? Actually that is quite a pleasant thought.


Well from the road that the picture was taken that creep that took the picture must have had a lens on his camera 3 ft long.

The vila was barely seen. He must really needed the money.

Bevan (Australia)

Spot On! I rather think it was a publicity stunt


I'm thinking that Pippa's bum will be furious that her sis is stealing the limelight.


Because as an adult she can choose to do what she wants. But as a society of declining standards, some media publications think that the world should see a Princesses boobs. Now I think that is very sad. I'm a red blooded male and I appreciate the female form but using high powered camera lenses at approximately 1km away to view a person in a state of undress without their consent is voyeurism (see Sexual offences Act 2003 Sec 67). There are similar laws in France regarding voyuerism.

She is British Royalty for gods sake and they work a damn sight harder than most of us, so let them have privacy to relax. Or shall we go down the unfortunate route of Lady Diana again.

ken wolf

Matt she is not royalty , and if the lens was attached to a rifle what then ?

So what was their security doing during this time ?

They should behave in the manner expected of them , or maybe they are .


Without wishing to condone the actions of the photographer or the French magazine, I think it is rather naive for the Duchess to assume that it's safe to take her top off anywhere in the outdoors, anywhere in the world, and not be photographed.

In this day and age there are people with digital camera's, high powered binnoculars, telescopes, telephoto lens camera's, CCTV, etc, all capable of capturing glimpses or images of anybody whether they be royal or not. Like or not, this is reality in the 21st century.

The royals are now embarking on what can only be described as a firefighting excercise to limit the damage. With two more magazines in Sweden and Denmark publishing the photo's I think it's already far too late. The legal action will keep it in the news for weeks, if not months to come. Meanwhile the photo's will continue to spread and create interest around the world.


.......when they stood next to the pool, admired the view across the rolling French landscape and lost all sense of reality!

Naivety bordering on reckless abandon. Thank God it was a camera and not an HVR

Cyril Randle

I'm a bloke. An old one to boot, but like most blokes, seeing or trying to see as much of a lady's bosom as possible is going to happen whether I try or not. I don't even know I'm doing it. But there is a time and place for all things. If you are on a nudist beach, you're showing the lot. You know you are. No good moaning if someone ogles you. Same here. Flash it, get it looked at. Simples, squeak !

PS: Privacy is a redundant word for Royalty and Celebrities.

PPS: Of course, if we didn't have 'Rules For What Is Naughty' it wouldn't matter.