Honour killing – a stain on our nation

Another first for British justice, writes Peter Rhodes.

Another first for British justice, writes Peter Rhodes.

A court has ordered the adoption of an illegitimate child to prevent mass murder.

The Appeal Court in London heard that  the baby's Muslim grandfather still knew nothing about the pregnancy.

If he ever  learned that his daughter had given birth out of wedlock, he would feel "honour-bound" to kill the baby, the mother, the grandmother and the grandmother's other children.

Surprised? We shouldn't be.

A BBC poll in 2006 found that one in 10 young Asians could condone the killing of someone who dishonoured their family.

This is not an Islamic issue. The belief that women are the property  of males, and that men must kill those who bring shame on the family, is a tribal custom which was around long before Islam came along.

The wonder, with all our border controls, is that we still let people into this country who hold such beliefs.

One fairly pointless question from the UK citizenship test is: "In which year did married women get the right to divorce their husband?"

How about replacing it with: "Under what circumstances, if any, would you kill a female member of your family?"

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Comments for: "Honour killing – a stain on our nation"

Sir Lupi

When will some people realise we live in the 21st Century and not in dark, uneducated, medieval times.

I thought premeditated or threat of murder was illegal, is the law going to arrest or even caution the Grandfather or will it be brushed under our two tier carpet once again??

By Adopting the child, the parents and the legal system has bowed to this medieval, nonsensical pressure.

Now thats progress!


"Medieval" & "dark" like crusades with kights called "sir ...." conquering countries & imposing laws under "threat of murder" in the name of honour, theres "two tier" for you. Without sense of "honour" you cannot make sense of "honour-killings".


The Crusades were in the 11th century. What the Christians did was wrong and the previous Pope apologised for that on numerous occasions. The west has moved on while the Muslims are still in the 11th century. "Making sense of honour killings?" To kill someone is a criminal offfence, excuses/reasons are irrelevant. I thought the Koran preached forgiveness? Not if you are female, obviously.

Religion as a tool of the state

'The west has moved on' hilarious. Have you noticed Iraq, Afghanistan, the way the USA backs the one of the most extreme Muslim regimes in Saudi? There are interpretations of Christianity and Islam that allow bad treatment of women, neither religion is superior - we'd be better off without either.


Mainstream Islam is medieval. There are countries where it is acceptable to behead, detonate yourself to kill on the basis of being a martyr, stoning women who have been raped, not allowing women out unaccompanied, not allowing women to drive cars, not educating girls. And all this in the 21st century with so-called British citizens who think this is acceptable. Isn't multiculturalism wonderful.


Please never ever look at a Muslim to understand Islam,All Women are held and honoured upmost,hence the reason why so many are now wanting to understand Islam and implement it without devoid of any cultural manmade habits that have nothing to do with Islam.


So one murder is worse than another based on WHY you commit it??


Sir Lupi ans AP, it appears we have misunderstood Islam as being a peaceful and forgiving religion which treats women with the utmost respect. Muslims love women so much they have several as wives to share it about.

In typing such untruths I should have my hands cut off. Oops, where have I got that thought from?


I just love reading Peter's columns because the right-wing agenda of a bitter old man is exactly what I want from my local paper.

These pieces have now become so beautifully ignorant I am starting to wonder whether this is purely satire directed at the state of print media in the modern world and I am just not in on the joke.

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