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Celebrating a student art exhibition at Walsall Gallery


It was brilliant. I’ve just had a fantastic day!  A get together with students from The University of Wolverhampton,Walsall Campus, their friends and family, writes education blogger Zoe Renilson of Walsall  Art Gallery.

Learning to read or learning to enjoy reading?


There continues to be an enormous push on raising the levels of phonic awareness amongst children in Key Stage 1, but how is this impacting on our children and on their enjoyment of reading? writes education blogger Mat Smith.

Languages can open doors to students


There has been a lot in the press recently about the place of vocational education and how it relates to academic education, writes education blogger Kit Field.

Blog - How do we encourage creativity in schools?

Blog - How do we encourage creativity in schools?

Over the past couple of weeks I have attended several events which have focussed on creativity in education, writes education blogger Kit Field. In some cases this has related to senior management teams and in others to pupils’ learning in the classroom.

Do teachers really 'under perform'?

On Friday, I was interviewed by BBC WM radio about Michael Gove’s proposals to make it easier to dismiss under-performing teachers, writes education blogger Kit Field.

ICT or not ICT? That is the question . . .


The government are making sweeping changes to the way ICT and computing are taught in UK schools, by ‘scrapping’ the ICT National Curriculum and replacing it with computer science lessons, writes education blogger Gavin Rhoades.

Blog: Where have all the Heads gone?


Last week the National Association of Head Teachers  (NAHT) predicted that there will be many schools without Heads in the next five years, writes education blogger Kit Field.

Are your children safe online?


Education blog: Rob Heath discusses the safety of children on the Internet and what parents can do to minimise the risks.

Does education policy matter?

secondary science flickr

Education blog: Angela Gault of the University of Wolverhampton says that we need education that will take us forwards to give children the opportunities they deserve.