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Well written article but I think councillors and politicians of today are motivated by one policy or the money they are going to get it is abit like a footballer been offered one role then another club come in and steal them of them. Also with regards to national express the Tories simply haven't done anything to promote growth in the north of England! The fact remains fuel, utilities and rent are exponentially high when compared to the rest of Western Europe and a reason for that is LONDON. As some companies do move and built in Northern areas (eg bbc, Manchester) we are hearing more diverse people in the media but the fact remains London is dwarfing birminghams profits x10 every year that is the difference. It needs to become a well oiled profitable machine the whole of the West Midlands as that helps all the surrounding areas.


There's no politics at local level and there never will be, while whole families with tribal family loyalties are elected into the family business.

Here's another view


"Labour has an iron grip on the authority."

And it certainly shows.

Watson was "wrongly dragged in" - so he resigned?

Don't think so, take the blinkers off!

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Tony Benn died last week, and can be considered (a personal opinion) to have been a 'True Statesman!' Not, that the same thing can be said about Watson! - Buffoon! A 'Champagne Socialist' if ever there was one!

How's the 'Goulash' at the 'Gay Hussar' Tom? - Enough Paprika? - Or do you need another 'Bottle?' Perhaps, and indeed it looks as though you have "Lost your Bottle!"


I have just read in another article that Tom Watson does not trust pensioners with their pension pots which, from a "man of the people" is just about the most condescending comment I have ever heard. At least the wealthy public school boys in the political elite trust us.

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