Blog: Sorry Peter, you've tarnished your West Brom legacy

It was supposed to be an Albion-free weekend to look forward to, no PMT (pre-match tension) or (post-match trauma), writes West Brom blogger Warren Stephens.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Fulham v West Bromwich Albion - Craven Cottage

No potential grumpiness around loved ones, avoidance of Match of the Day or refusal to look at the league table for days after the game. As it turned out, hopes for a weekend of serenity vanished quicker than a Villa Wembley flag after the emergence of Odem-gate.

Peter Odemwingie’s transfer request, personal plea to be sold and subsequent Twitter meltdown left fans feeling blue and Albion with a potential dilemma ahead of Thursday’s transfer deadline.

It’s fairly clear that Odemwingie wants to leave the club. QPR have evidently been in some sort of dialogue with him and his agent and it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to predict that with Tony Fernandes’ disproportionate financial backing, their wage offer will trounce anything Albion can offer.

In some respects I don’t particularly begrudge Odemwingie being tempted by this. He’s 31, he’s just become a father and in a year or two he’ll be left without a career and with many years to support his family. He may well earn more in a week than the majority of us will in a year but if we’re all honest with ourselves, many of us would have our head turned in the same situation.

However there are multiple aspects to this saga that will leave many Albion supporters disappointed and many others angry.

In the aftermath of a rejected transfer request, Odemwingie released a statement claiming he was ‘offended by the lack of reciprocal common respect from the management of West Bromwich Albion’. Less than 18 months ago Odemwingie signed a new contract with the club, arguably the offer of long-term security on an improved contract is Albion giving reciprocal respect for his standing as a player.

To my mind the concept of a player dictating when he does and doesn’t honour a contract is a plague on the modern game that only serves to further detach it as a commodity from the very people who make it what it is - the supporters.

Perhaps more controversially, Odemwingie later took to Twitter to further justify his discontent, seemingly pointing the finger at the attitudes of some supporters towards him.

I’ve seen myself some of the abuse Odemwingie has received on Twitter after games and do believe that in broad terms- the booing of Chris Brunt and Markus Rosenberg, the general apathy and distorted expectation at recent games- that some of our supporters have done a good job of alienating our players recently.

However for Odemwingie to cite this as a reason for wanting to leave is bad form. The small number of dissenting voices Odemwingie hears are a gross misrepresentation of Albion’s overall support. There are many, myself included, who have defended and supported him throughout his time here.

He’s a well-paid footballer, a profession where minor criticism is inevitable from time-to-time and suitably compensated. While Odemwingie often comes across as a sensitive character - something that questions the wisdom of him using Twitter to begin with- I personally believe he’s intelligent enough not to generalise an entire set of supporters and find it difficult to believe this - and not money - is the overriding reason for his intended departure.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of Odemwingie’s Twitter rant was his admission that he drinks Guinness. Now who would have predicted that?

So where now? He clearly doesn’t want to be here and keeping him here may upset what otherwise seems to be a united dressing room. It appears to be a case of over to you Jeremy Peace as Albion try and extract the maximum amount of money out of QPR.

Unfortunately that’s probably not going to be a huge amount of money for a 31-year-old, the suggestion seems to be around £4m.

Whatever we now think of Odemwingie as a person, as a player he was an asset, or certainly when he wanted to be. Over the last two years I’ve heard a few supporters talk of ‘driving him there’ whenever he was speculatively linked with other clubs, perhaps more comically I remember a few suggesting we ‘swap him for Zamora’ a few months ago, presumably without consulting Zamora’s goal record beforehand!

Albion’s conundrum will be to replace a once £11m player, who has 55 international caps, Champions League experience and has scored 30 goals and offered countless assists in two-and-half seasons with the club, with somewhere in the region of £4m. Answers on a postcard, or good luck Richard Garlick and his team.

Whatever happens going forward, the whole episode has been a sorry affair for Peter Odemwingie and a sorry affair for West Bromwich Albion.

Thanks for the goals Peter, they will be remembered. Unfortunately your legacy has been stained.

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Comments for: "Blog: Sorry Peter, you've tarnished your West Brom legacy"

Inside Man

Well put. As a player an asset, I agree i wouldnt begrudge him the move. However, as you rightly say since the transfer request was rejected his public meltdown has soured what could have been a lasting legacy. He went about engineering a move in the wrong way keep quiet and do it in house and I think the majority may have understood. Now he will be 1 player a lot of fans will hurl abuse at either as a former player or as a player at WBA sitting in the reserves. Summer transfer window will be very interesting

Baggie Big T

It is quite obvious that either Odo himself, his Agent or an Advisor has got him to do what he did on Twitter over the Weekend, to create this situation (which is obviously now Irretreavable) there is no point at all us paying him £40,000 a week to train with the reserves, on top of that his value will decrease because of it.

I would love us to 'Take A Stand' but he will never be accepted by the fans again (nomatter what P.R. Job he and the club pull)

So Come On J.P. get your Dealing Hat On and screw Harry & Tony for all you can. They have unsettled our squad duiring January, so let them pay for it.

If we don 't get a replacement this window so what, we are only going to manage 7th to 12th anyway this season, so Cash-In and lets start thinking about next season.

It dosen't appaer that Rossenburg will make tne grade, so we need another Top Striker, if we get enough cash, maybe we can even Buy Rom, because if they would rather have Drogba Back than take him back and play him, I can't see he has a future there foir some time.

So maybe we can get him on the cheap and after all he loves it here.

Bye Bye Peter, thanks for the Good Times, just a shame you Soilled Our Memories Of You.


You mention that Rosenberg won't make the grade and as such that we need a top striker. In Rosenberg's defence he's played 20 minutes as a striker since we've signed him. A lot of supporters seem to be judging him as a winger, which by his own admission he isn't. Can you imagine if we'd played Kevin Phillips or Bob Taylor on the wing?? I think the bloke needs to be given a bit more of a chance.

Robin Brittain

You're right Warren he needs an extended run in the team in his true position which will determine whether or not he is suited to the Premier.

10 minutes here and there is achieving nothing. The interest from overseas shows that some people believe in him and it would be folly to let him go without a fair opportunity.


There's no way he could win the fans back after this. If we could get the right price and get a replacement before thursday lets do it, otherwise let him rot in the reserves til the end of the season, he'd really throw one of his hissy fits then!


I have recently reflected on whether the club could afford to let him go considering we may not have a replacement, however several things have changed this opinion since. The twitter rant will make it nearly impossible for him to put on a West Brom shirt again, with fans inevitably being unhappy with him and the question mark over "would he give 100%", with the answer almost certainly being no. Kepping him now would be like losing a member of the squad anyway with his lack of comitment so why not cash in on him?? Secondly in terms of a replacement, a lot has been made of the no-show of El Ghanassy this season, maybe Odem departing would give him a better chance of breaking onto the scene ? Who knows but I think we should still back the club on any decision they make.

Nick Cyprus

I don't think that my club has acted in anyway inappropriately. Mr. Odemwinge on the other hand has acted just like he plays football, immaturely littered with bad decisions and the finger of blame pointing at everybody else other than himself. This, a "professional" (used very loosely) aged 31, a father and a supposed "man". If this was the behavior of a 19 or 20 year old, I could have accepted it and put it down to immaturity...sorry, i just don't but it!

My solution, and I truly hope that Messrs Peace, Ashworth and Garlick are on the same page as me, is to let this "professional footballer" ROT in the reserves until his contract expires, and them pat him on his back and wish him good luck as he looks for a pay day at Rochdale, Port Vale or any other club unfortunate enough to attract his interest.


Unreliable, Ungrateful, Uninterested at times, and after all his tantrums UNWANTED BY ALBION FANS! Thanks for what you've done in the past, but NO THANKS to you stopping with Albion!


Cracking Blog, I couldnt have put any better ! You have pretty much summed the weekends events up ! Shame Pete had to take the approach he has, I think the more sensible minded Albion fans would understand why he would leave at his age for a nice end of career pay-off, but unfortunately all he has left for the less understanding is a nasty taste !


So if Reading come in for him with a longer contract than QPR .Will he go there ? Of course not, he's going for ££££ pure and simple. Every goal he has scored for us is becoming a distant memory and i have no need to thank him for any of them as he has been payed for every one of them and for every day he has been at our club.


He may once have been an 11 million pound player but I think we signed him for around the 2 million mark in 2010. A strange character is our Peter who has had numerous run ins and bust ups with his old clubs, national team coaches and indeed with Roy Hodgson when he was here.Now if it was any of the top six who had come in for him well then he may have a little understanding from people and fans alike but QPR!!!!!

Wants to work with a respected manager? well who was at the helm when Portsmoth splashed the cash,Southampton went into administration just after he left as well, not to mention his dodgy dealings and court appeareances!!

Oddy,you want to leave for one reason - money, so come out and admit it.

Get 4 million and send him packing and just pray they get relegated with the Vile and justice will be done.

I do have a worry though Warren, with Gera out for the season, Jara on loan for the season,Dawson on loan and if Oddy goes we will be thin on the ground with no one coming in.

Still not as bad as Jan 2006 when Horsefield and Earnshaw were sold for a combined 4.2 million on deadline day,Kanu at the African games and nobody coming in when we were 3 points above the relegation zone. Yes I do have along memory which reminds me that Jeremy isnt totally perfect.

A bit worried Warren, had a quick bite to eat at the Hamstead on Saturday night and didnt see Dirty Dave from the paper shop. Hope he is alright!!!!!


Wall Heath Baggie

You will incur the wrath of the 'Cartel' with comments like ' Peace is not perfect'.

One of their number compared Redknapp to Satan last week !!!.

Do not worry though Pal they are quite harmless but totally bonkers.

You may get accused of being a ' Dingle' but ignore it and you will be just fine.

Toodle Pip old bean.

Kev in Mallorca


It really is about time you cast out your demons.


CantelloRocket 78

Alright, Max?

I've been down London, but I was told you'd 'retired', I was waiting for me missus to sort out me tech. mail to contact people.

I'm not sure who you mean about 'comparing Redknapp with Satan' last week, but I did say yesterday that 'if the Devil offered me a deal, I'd get JP to negotiate for me', because he's a shrewd businessman-

personally, I don't think 'Arry's quite that bad, and surely Jaime ain't the 'Son of Satan', is he?

Unless you've seen an Omen?

Chin up.

Wall Heath Baggie


I am fine thanks mate. The satan remark was not aimed at your

good self. Yes i stopped posting for a week and was hoping not to

blog on here again but Odemwingies outburst set me off.

I will now try to stop again , its like kicking drugs.

I appear to have some ' demons' to admonish.


CantelloRocket 78


it's a bit like some marriages on here-

you can't live with, and you can't live without-

you feel committed to be loyal and supportive-

and yet there's times it gets stressful, so you say 'not now, I've got a headache.....'

Also, you have a blazin' row, you calm down.....

then start another one.........;)

"To my mind the concept of a player dictating when he does and doesn’t honour a contract is a plague on the modern game that only serves to further detach it as a commodity from the very people who make it what it is - the supporters." I don't see how it is any different to Albion selling Chris Wood for 1.5 million before his contract expired. As far as I see it, the only problem is QPR are not willing to pay us the amount we value Peter at. If they did that sraight up, then there would be no issue. Anything remotely near 4 million and I'd be telling them, if they want to pay for Becciho they should go talk to Leeds.

I did love his twitter rants, they were very funny, but gIven how skinny Pete is, he obviously doen't drink enough Guinness!


I think that when a club sells a player mid-contract then it's usually a case of having their contract transferred or more likely, improved. With a signing-on fee it's very rare that the player will lose out. It's also usually done for the benefit of the selling club, which is surely in the best interests of the game as a whole than pandering to an individual?

If Odemwingie was uncertain as to whether he could fulfill his contract, why didn't he insist on some sort of clause when the contract was drawn up?

Re: Dave- Have been in there on a couple of Saturday's myself and not seen him, from memory he was more of a midweek man though I think. I do find it amusing that he and his mates still sit in the same seats at the same table that they sat in 13 years ago when I worked there. It's always worth the beer money to see the look of disgust should anybody else dare to sit there first!!

Ant Lowe

Its all about the £££££££

Odemwingie is one of a string of gems our scouting staff have brought to the club for chicken feed, lets just hope another one is out there to replace him


Great blog Warren and many of your thoughts echo my own.

What leaves a bad taste in the mouth is the fact that his outburst is an attempt to orchenstrate the move to QPR and selling him is pretty much all thats left to us. That means he gets his own way, and that makes me twitch with an anger that is unhealthy.

The only thing left to us is to get the best price for him, hope QPR go down, and make sure we re-invest in the squad in THIS TRANSFER WINDOW.

With Gera (injured), Wood (sold), and Whingie on his way, and Dawson (on loan) the squad desperately needs some freshening up for the final push in the league.

Peter you gave us some wonderful moments as a player, shame you have not had the intelligence or the right guidance to act with the respect we expect from players wearing our shirt.

USA Baggie

Great blog!!

Its such a strange scenario with footballers because you feel part of the club, you pay your money week in week out and for that 90 minutes your part of the structure that holds the team together.

Money or football that is the question.

As a father of two if another company offered me a job today with a pay rise in the same percentage i would jump at the chance and all my mates would be over the moon for me but if my mates had been paying my wage for the last two years expecting a return then maybe not as that how it feels!!

PO is a great player when he wants to be and has been a great servant to our club but now its time to say goodbye and thanks and if that's now or at the end of the season is irrelevant as he will never play for the first team again!!

This season no problem as we have Lukaku and Long but next season we need to fill his shoes.

Boing Boing


One final thought, is there anybody at QPR that we might take in exchange?


Hello mate,

Who realistically could they offer? Junior Hoilett?? Might be one to consider. Jamie Mackie is probably not on the same level and is a worker which Redknapp would like. Any other suggestions??


I should add I'd expect that any player coming to us from QPR may be looking at- and not liking- a wage cut.

Robin Brittain

Rescued from racial torment in Russia , welcomed as a hero at The Hawthorns , given an improved contract at the club and this is the way he repays us.

Get rid as soon as we can but not to QPR . Abroad would be far better as far away as possible.

CantelloRocket 78

Warren, ok mate?

As you say, it could've been a quite weekend, but maybe it's a bit naive for Albion fans to think we'd glide through the rest of the season without any major developments, good or bad, over the next few months?

Like yourself, I've tried to support ALL the players once the squad's been announced, and in P.O.'s case, I've wanted to focus on the natural skills he possesses, and judge him by the TV interviews he's given, when he's come across as a friendly, relaxed, and intelligent Human Being.Funnily enough, Steve Madeley saw him the same way as myself after several meetings with the player, and couldn't understand his 'rants' on Twitter, calling them 'bizarre'.

I've said elsewhere that P.O. does seem to have two 'extremes' to his character, so maybe it's not hard to unsettle him if someone pushes the right buttons at the right time, although if this IS the case, maybe someone, somewhere along the line misjudged the outcome of events?

Anyway, the picture should become clearer over the next 3 to 4 days, maybe we can then get on with securing our status, and planning the future of West Bromwich Albion Football Club-

yes, a CLUB, not one V.I.P. and a bunch of lesser individuals........

Kev in Mallorca

Thank you O Wise One!


CantelloRocket 78



If I was 'wise', I wouldn't be bangin' me 'ead on here everyday tryin' to be positive and supportive, whilst fending off attacks from some other Albion 'fans' who seem to want to do to The Hawthorns what they did to the Berlin Wall,


Brunt`s left peg

I think Peter is doing his best to turn the whole club against him! blaming the fans now shows why lokomotiv fans were happy to see the back of him and maybe it had nothing to do with a racism issue!more likely a crazy stance like the one he`s now doing to us.

CantelloRocket 78

Bitter, Lame & Pitiful-

I see you suggested the Baggies should try for Michael Kightly-

I think your lot at Molineux need him more than us, especially as wolves are selling SEB, their ONLY goalscorer, the others over there play more like Kiera Knightley!!!

An Elvis song- 'it keeps right on a hurtin'.......'

Ha ha ha ha ha........

Potto Baggie

I was hugely disappointed when Zoltan left us for Fulham but as I recall he made it plain that it was purely for financial reasons and to support his family. I dont begrudge any footballer doing so in such circumstances if the clubs involved are happy, more especially when they are coming to the end of thir careers. I hope the reaction from Peter is more to do with an unhealthy influence from an agent. If it isnt then he has let himself down badly and only a sparkling second half of the season from him would offer any sort of apology. I only hope he will prove hmself to be a man, honour his contract (how happy do you think he was not so long ago when he was awarded £35K a week?!) look us all in the eyes and say sorry. Letting him rot in the stiffs or selling him for £4/5m is not the answer. It gives the club little or nothing in return and will merely deflate his price in the Summer. He is too valuable for us as a player (whilst we might be angry he is a top class EPL player who scores goals) and the Board is right to maintain their very dignified position. What isnt dignified is players being overtly greedy, putting out lame and dishonest reasons for a move, dishonouring decent employers and being tapped up and having their heads turned by promises of huge pay deals. To be honest why on earth do we all put up with this absolute nonsense? Answer - because its in the blood and your Dad takes you up the Albion from the age of 5 and buys you a bag of pear drops on Brasshouse Lane on the way and then you do the same to your own kids - perhaps something that the modern footballer is too remote from? COYB.

Steve Clarke.

Warren. Peter has finally got fed up with being berated by the "regular poster's" on these pages in the same way as I am.

You start off as he did and you are the best thing since sliced bread ( a hat trick against Wolves etc etc) then the goals dry up

or in my case (the earlier start of the season 4th in the premier ) then dropping point's like it is raining cat's and dogs and you get pilloried. He now states he has had enough, can you blame him.

We Only Need One Half!

Steve, its funny, but I cant think of any "regular" posters who have berated him? I can recall a few wulfies making up stupid one off names thinking we wouldn't see through them trying to stir it, but no, not "regulars", if you would care to point out to which "regulars" you refer, I would be interested to have a look.

Same argument for yourself Steve, I assure you, the vast majority of "regulars" are still behind you. Any posts you may come across slating you, take it from me 9 times out of 10 are just jealous little wulfies.

Steve Clarke.

As Victor Meldrew used to say " I don't believe you"

Jack ♣ Hat.

Steve Clarke,

Your prerogative Dog-Head.


We Only Need One Half!

Steve C, you don't believe me, fair enough, show us then?


Get the cash in for him now plus the Chris Wood money add about 4 mill that we've surely got and bid for Tom Ince.

Do Lallytap

Are you lot all thick ??

You are playing EXACTLY into Odemwhingies hands.

He knows that Albion WILL NOT transfer him for anything under £5-6m UNLESS he has the fans against him.

In other words, all avenues have been shut because QPR's valuation far far short of the Baggies so he is trying to use the wrath of Albions fans as more leverage.

How would Fergie deal with him ....I know what he would do, shove him with the kids in the 3rd team, see out his contract and let him go when he is nearly 33 when no one will want him unless they are desperate, like Wolves and then watch him trudge off, name dirtied, laze and old with an attitude reputation.

I have said it till I am blue in the face, whoever let Woods go should be sacked straight away....he scored AGAIN on Saturday.

"I LOVE THIS CLUB WITH ALL MY HEART"....This was the utter GUFF he came out with after the Villa game, it's as bad a Robinson kissing the badge when he was here.

No going back now Odem....time to build an ark for you and Noah, theres one hell of a storm coming !

We Only Need One Half!

Do lally, interesting you bring up Sir Alex, true, he can be petty, vindictive, spiteful and two faced, but, he has the financial muscle backing him to allow him to act this way.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) we don't, and you cant compare us with Man Utd in this instance, it likes the Wulfies who still seem to think they are on a par with the Albion, nice to believe, but in reality we all know the truth.

On the subject of Fergie, who was calling for the money Man City were spending to be capped at the start of the season because it was giving them an unfair advantage (youve gotta love the cheek of this guy) given that the TV companies have shown every Man Utd F.A. Cup fixture since 2005, and ergo Man Utd have benefited from the subsequent extra money that goes with having a televised game, in the interest of fairness I have been waiting for him to suggest all TV money from such competitions should be pooled and then equally divided, or, better still, given to lower league clubs, such as Luton, who rely on the Cups as a lifeline.

It hasn't happened yet, and I am not holding my breath.


Calling people names isn't going to enhance your post, it just makes you sound more angry.

Your suggestion that we let him rot in the reserves might work for Fergie- Manchester United are arguably the biggest football institution in the World and have a turnover that supports that- but if Albion do that then it will cost the club nearly £3m between now and the summer of 2014. Then I'm sure it'll be people like yourself asking 'Where's the money gone?' when we're not spending a fortune on his replacement.

As for Wood (not Woods), he's scored goals in the Championship, didn't Lee Hughes, Simon Cox, Michael Chopra, David Nugent, Sylvain Ebanks-Blake etc etc??

Did you ever actually watch him? To me, and I could be wrong here, he was a nuisance with the touch and technique of a JCB digger.

Neither Roberto Di Matteo, Roy Hodgson or Steve Clarke considered Wood a Premiership footballer. Birmingham supporters weren't raving about him despite his goals and from what I've seen at reserve and pre-season games Saido Berahino is a far greater prospect. I'm willing to bet anybody Berahino ends up in a far better place eventually.

It seems to me that people are looking for an excuse to complain and at the moment Wood is that, despite that he was nowhere near our first-team.

Do you honestly think you're constant complaining is welcomed at the club or amongst fellow supporters?

Supporter- noun- a person or thing that supports. Remember, this is different from an audience.


....... he was a nuisance with the touch and technique of a JCB digger.

You have just described Derek Kevan.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Do Lallytap,

I've already said he has been hand led on how to try and force a move. Read my post further down'


Do Lallytap

Sorry Jack, I put my post a good 3 hours before you put yours....I know I am good but I ain't that good, I aye no Psychic Sally !

Jack ♣ Hat.

Do Lallytap,


Sorry, I should have said "On an earlier string".


Jack ♣ Hat.

Do Lallytap,

Managed to find the post and have pasted part of it below,, again Sorry.

January 27, 2013 9:32 am


Lets cut to the chase and be truthful, who wrote your detrimental response to West Bromwich Albion after they in their right, turned down your transfer request?. You must agree from where you came from before being "Rescued", the words "Reciprocal, common, respect." would not be in your vocabulary, now would they?.


Jimmy Wolves 1 Albion 5

Good points, although I'll say this that if he isn't set up for life on what he has earned and is earning then he's got bigger issues on the horizon soon. I don't want him here but I do have an issue with letting him get what he wants now. We have a club prided on and successful largely because we don't recruit and tolerate trouble makers. To let him get what he wants after his behavior and our statements he's not for sale I fear would have the same effect as the well behaved children in a family who notice that its the disruptive one who always get their way! Koumas got his move, but on our terms and not when he was being an idiot. Granted this is a different situation to that, age of player etc, but I'm not sure just banking the money especially if we don't urgently need it and aren't going to reinvest it now is necessarily the right course in these circumstances.


As a season ticket holder this issue is getting to wide. Odemwingie has said too much and would boo him if he ever put on the Albion shirt again! Brunt is looking tired and as for Rosenberg - Chocolate Fireguard!

Kev in Mallorca


I ain't guna argue with that boo but I think a reaction that would have a more dramatic effect is if he did play and happened to score for it to be met by absolute stony silence from everybody in the crowd.



Hi warren another spot on blog I may say. Agree totally with what you say. The only thing about it in my opinion is perhaps we should leave him to train with the kids and the reason being if we just sell him it gives the other players an idea off how to get away from the club we love and cherish. On the other hand can we afford to pay a player what ever amount he earns to play with the reserves cause if we can I would let him rot as a warning to anyone else who wants to spit there dummy out and try and force a move away. I wrote on here months ago to jack hat that I didn't agree with loan signings as I thought it makes there players better and ours worse. We mr odemmoneys has said that not playing is half the problem. Hope this ain't catching cause the last time Shane long was substituted you could clearly see him mouthing obscenitys about going off I know no player likes going off. Perhaps this is the time to let them know the club is bigger than them. On another note have you any idea why people's comments don't seem to be put on here I wrote loads lately and they not been put on anyway take care

Kev in Mallorca

Brierley, the propa Dingle have taken over at the Wolverhampton asylum but in saying that they did let me tek the --ip a little bit yesterday.



K I m

I really ripped into them but none off my posts have been getting through not even on here not really said any thing really bad either

Warren .....

..... Supporters who hurl abuse at players via twitter are faceless people unaware of what damage they may be doing.

Google > Booing > Wikipedia

How do supporters show their disenchantment (first half Villa game) ?

Quote ''the booing of Chris Brunt and Markus Rosenberg, the general apathy and distorted expectation at recent games''. Warren, again you are about to drop the hammer, and then you decline.

No accolades here toward Odemwingie, in public, he as proved to be of unstable mind, post him on.

Has the booing, plus Odemwingies outburst, unsettled other individuals, watch this space.


Kev in Mallorca

The above ain't me!


'The Class of 68'

The Nameless Post Above Twas Me

Teletext; Sunderland in for Graham, Swansea £5.5 mil > QPR in for Oddun £3.25 mil

I will never understand transfer dealing's, but you will proably tell me it is the 'age factor'.

Jack ♣ Hat.


I believe Odemwingie has been poorly advised and helped with his twitter remarks to extract full venom from all that is West Bromwich Albion by people who require his services, also to eccelerate his transfer to their club. Take for instance "Offended by the lack of reciprocal common respect", does anyone really think those are the words of Odemwingie?, bearing in mind where he originated from. Then comes the "I dislike a few supporters that boo" bit (*Not exact wording), The "*I drink Guinness" bit and so on. Yes, with this evidence I believe he has been "Hand led". Now, as regards money, £60,000,000 + can be secured by QPR through Odemwingie's goals. Even for half a season £10m outlay would be a "Snip". Albion hold all the ♥♠♦♣es and it matters not one jot to us whether Rangers pay up or not. That is how I view it mate.



Left REAL WBA fans bewildered and alienated the rest if his team mates. We need to stop the rot and offload him.

A quick thought for replacement is Danny Graham at Swansea... You guys have any thoughts on this suggestion?

We Only Need One Half!

Danny Graham, er, yes, yes and yes!

Baggie Jono

Can't really disagree with all the comments. It's the way the modern player thinks, no great loyalty nowadays I recall going to testimonials for a few Baggie players in the past, but not very often a "modern" player gets a testimonial. If Odemwingie goes, it will leave us light upfront, Rosenberg is not that good, Fortune is not as good as last season, which leaves us with Long, who can just about cope with 70 mins and Lukaku, who's still learning the trade. Personally I would try and get £4 mill for Odemwingie while he's still worth it. For sure QPR will go down, and no doubt Harry the twitch will be sacked, and Odemwingie will disappear into the ether. Did we sell Woods too early?

We Only Need One Half!

Good blog mate. I still believe he could redeem himself, it is not impossible, but it would take an effort of epic proportions.

Besides the obvious apology owed to the club and the fans (a plea of temporary insanity wouldn't be that short of what's required) he would have to go on a run of goal scoring to surpass anything he has done up until now. As much has the Baggie faithful are disgruntled with him (and rightly so) I doubt very much they would be able to stand in silence if he scored 15 or so between now and the end of the season (hat trick at ours, last game of the season, against Man Utd, you really would be able to resist cheering?)

Is it unlikely? most defiantly, is it impossible? no. Its a monumental task Odem, but one you have set yourself, and you really don't have anyone else to blame, for once.

You may think your some sort of Eric Cantona with your “Bananas in Russia are the same bananas here,”

Prove it!


As much as Odemwingie's comments have soured his relationship with just about everyone associated with Albion, I can't help but feel that to try to teach him a lesson by running his contract down would be a step too far for WBA. If the guy has 18 months left on his contract, the club will have to fork out £3.12 million on wages (based on £40k p/week) Add to that the £2.5m to £3m we would get from QPR, we would stand to lose around £6million. I hate the way footballers dictate things situations like this, but the sad facts are that unless we are prepared to accept that the law’s an ass and allow PO to get his own way, we would stand to lose £6 million which could otherwise be wisely invested in our club. Keeping him in the reserves would be very expensive childcare indeed!!!

Letting the player stagnate in the reserves is maybe what some fans would like to see happen, but I’m sure JP’s will realise how £6 million spent elsewhere would be of far greater benefit for WBAFC.

I think we will try to push the asking price up and let him go for £3m to £3.5m.

If he does go to QPR, we won't be playing them this season again and it's conceivable that we won't be facing him next season either!

We Only Need One Half!

JimmyC, that is the pragmatic view to take regarding what we would have to fork out to make our point, I myself am a pragmatist, but, what price blackmail?

If the club don't make a stand now its just going to be the green light for any future player who wants to spit his dummy.

Pragmatism v Morality, I'm glad I don't have to make the decision in this instance, because which ever path is taken, you can almost hear the critics of both views already sharpening their pencils. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't comes to mind.

supporter from B21

Agree Warren's comment; spot-on in many ways. Club/team has raised the bar. League position speaks for itself; some terrific performances early on. Of course would be nice to be entertained like that all the time - but in real life do get dips in form etc and nobody perfect. Expectations disappointed/frustrated or not, booing not right and staggeringly distasteful when a player (who may yet come good) comes on the pitch! Maybe it comes with territory but sure everyone (even JP) likes to be appreciated not criticised. Peter I feel has been key part of raising bar; as attractive exciting player on his game any in recent decades and should realise there is appreciation of his contributions and such a thing as a silent majority. In any career/profession it is understandable to want to better onself - but QPR? I for one would have been looking to give him an extended contract, if Ryan Giggs can play on why not Peter? But now, oh dear. I am sure club is up to dealing with venting and myself would like to still see his skills at Hawthorns. I tend to think Harry R is as much to blame as anyone, for talking these things up in media.

Kev in Mallorca

Warren are you some kind of computer wizard cause it seems there has been skulduggery perpetrated here? Your blog is an exact copy of the one I compiled yesterday but before I could send it I had call that that Dingle scout was sniffin' round by me donkey's agen.

Anyway I thought you may have posted a sarcastic message about your cousin's (twice removed} recent form but it's as I told you, now he is carry out his threat.



Do you like my new delivery that Warren pinched? "Some supporters have done a good job of alienating our players recently"



Some very good points there Warren. I'm on the fence for this one as IMO he has made a difference for us, and has elevated us somewhat. Maybe he's been overtaken a little as late by other players? which may explain why he wants a new challenge?

We as supporters always forget the business side of football, we were brought up loving our club and so naturally want the very best in every aspect. Sadly the players can't live like that as it is a job to them.

My only criticism of Pete is doing it via Twitter, Fakebook etc... These networking sites are a minefield for any public face to comunicate as there will be 100's of different opinions to go against you. Do it quietly kidda.

Anyway another user suggested "a pre summer deal which see's us keep him until then, and see what he says when he plays in teh championship". Anyway if we get £3m for him then we have doubled our initial outlay plus 3-4 seasons in the premiership from him. Not bad business that.

Wall Heath Baggie

I hope it is a big fence .



Steve Poole Baggie

Morning all. I think the whole thing is very sad. Someone I rate as a player who I hold in high regard almost seemingly wishing to fall out with all of those who have adored him. Equally worse is seeing some of the comments being made by supporters against Peter. The whole thing is very sad and perhaps a sign of society and modern day football. It is true that we have taken Peter from the unpleasant time he had in Russia and have paid him well for the goals and performances that he had given us. That is the life of a footballer.

I think that Pete is making a big mistake but can understand anyone who leaves a place of work to double his wages/ There is not one blogger who would not do the same. The problem is that Pete should have done it in a more mature manner and considered the feelings of all of those who have supported him in his time here.

Points above have mentioned the moaning at Peter, Brunty and Rosenberg. Perhaps these have played a part in all of this, perhaps it is just money, perhaps it is the combination of these and other issues. Supporters are entitled to their supporters but if this is what the end result in maybe we should think before we criticise. I always felt that Pete gave his all despite some opnions to the contrary.

I feel that it would be difficult for Pete to stay as too much would appear to be have been said. It is important that we get a replacement though as we do seem as though we could be low on numbers but that will be a difficult job with just a couple of days left in the window.

I would like to thank Pete for his time here. I will hold back with best wishes going forward as this has all left a bad taste in the mouth and I would not be sad to money bags QPR being relegated but I just wish the ending of Pete's Albion career was befitting with this time here. Sad.

Come on you baggies.

Wall Heath Baggie

I wonder if we could take Jamie Mackie in the deal , i am somewhat surprised Harry has made him surplus to requirements and he can play in a number of different positions. I would love us to make a move for Danny Graham but cannot see it happening.

Is anyone else concerned about the number of players leaving . I know some players are returning ( i think Congo got knocked out of the Africa Cup last night) but there is nothing to say we will not get more injuries between now and the end of the season and the squad looks thin to me.

I see a lot of Supporters seem to think that we will be in the Prem next season no matter what , i would suggest that thought is very premature. We are not in good form and the fixture list to the end of the season a'int easy.


Who to replace him with? Easy.....Tom Ince. Plays that attacking right sided role so a perfect replacement.

Use the 3/4million we'll get for Odem, add 2/3million, in the bag!

Perth Baggies

Sorry to say I told you so, but I did.

The dressing room as not been right for weeks now and Pete is a big part of that.

Shame but true.

The club have to sell him and sell him now.

Good on his day. but no Laurie Cunningham or Willie Johnson

Wall Heath Baggie


The Football world is now in hysteria as the Window closes and here is a funny story i read the other week. When Zinedine Zidane was at Bordeaux , Kenny Dalglish wanted to sign him for Blackburn , Jack Walker said to Kenny ' why do we need him when we have got Tim Sherwood ???' it made me loff anyway .


Yeah my mate's a Rovers fan and always talks about that!! Amazingly even a year or two afterwards Sherwood moved to Newcastle for £15m I think (might even have been a record at the time) and Zidane joined Juve for £3m......


Cheers for all the comments.

I did say this earlier on the thread but I'm not sure Peace would sanction coughing up nearly £3m, and losing out on potentially £4m in fees (a net difference of £7m) just to let Odemwingie's contract run down until next summer whilst he rots in the reserves.

Re: Rosenberg- he's not been great and he's not helped himself but the bloke's played 20 minutes in his favourite position. Isn't it about time we backed the Berg instead of barracking him??

I'll still take this bet with anybody but IMO Berahino will be better than Wood- who I don't think will ever play regular Premiership football. Arguably keeping Wood would have stunted Berahino's growth. Watch this space.

Kev in Mallorca

Back the Berg? I've said it before but wind and urine mar mate, wind and urine!



Agreed, agreed, agreed. We can always rely on you to talk some sense, Warren.


Cheers pal, I think we might be in the minority with Chris Wood though!!

Armchair Fan

I agree re: Chris Wood, I think he's proven to be a good championship goal scorer, but those in the highest level of coaching have obviously decided it's unlikely to be more than that... He may still prove the minority wrong as we know that good players can develop into very good players at different stages of their careers re: McAuley, Ricky Lambert & Grant Holt (given the opportunity), but I have a Brummie pal who watched him a lot and was not impressed with his touch and movement, despite the goals. Hopefully he won't be another ex-player that returns to smack them in the net against us....

Re: Peter, with significant input from Dorrans and Thomas, I thought Peter changed the game for us in the 2nd half against villa... He took the bull by the horns which is so often what you need to change a game like that... I think we're gonna really miss that, as obviously the best solution for WBA now is for him to go.... Bad apples need removing from the bunch.

Davo from Dudley

Mr O should be shown the door regardless of what fee is given. If I "slagged" my company of in the press or wherever, a brown envelope containing a P45 would soon appear. As for disrespect from the fans??? Who pays his wages? Surely we are entitled to an opinion.

Chris Wood was never going to be a premier player, yes scoring for fun in the championship but the step up to the premiership is one too far me finks. As forother replacements for Odemwhingie, I don't think that will happen this season, and who knows what the targets are for next.

Noting one of the comments above, I doubt whether Odemwingie wrote the speel about disrespect etc that surely came from his his advisors or agent. These are the people we need to banish from the game, and then perhaps contracts signed would mean contract honoured.

carly g

Whats with all this booing talk? If the guy plays, scores & helps us to three ponits why are you going to boo him.. he's only doing what he's paid for!!! I Think some of us need to grow up! we are going into the part of the season where the "TEAM" need us behind them big style!!!

CantelloRocket 78

Carly G.,

putting your other comments to one side for a minute, I like your style, you may be a woman, but yer twice the man some of the recent moaners and whingers on here appear to be.

I'd happily follow you through any battlefield-

any chance you could lead the way through Bilston next time I go to the Robin 2 music club.........?

carly g

Oi Cantello..i'm a bloke!


I'm still struggling with the word Legacy??

We're talkjng about the most frustrating player I've ever seen in an Albion shirt. Amazing 1 minute, awful the next. He's no Bob Taylor, Andy Hunt or Kevin Phillips.

Yes his ability will be missed, but we can move on and replace him. Anybody remember Curtis Davies, Joe Kamara, Jason Koumas, Paul McShane? All thought they were bigger than the club and look at them now...

He who laughs last.....

Milk that QPR cash cow JP!!

Do Lallytap

Would I boo him.....YES OF COURSE I WILL...I have every intention to boo him until he leaves my club.

All of you fools who say "don't boo him" are brainwashed.

Odem lost all respect with what he has done....He had no problem saying what he thought so why should I ?

The only difference between me and him is that it takes me 2 years to earn what he earns in a WEEK !!

If you have been reading my posts the past few weeks you will see that I said something isn't right up the Albion, well now it's come to fruition and I would imagine the dressing room atmosphere could be cut with a knife.

I just hope to god he is still at the Albion after the transfer deadline day and his little plan didn't work and he comes grovelling back to the supporters to "Try" and gain respect....My guess is he will wear a T-Shirt under his baggies top with the words "SORRY" printed on it....It won't was with TRUE supporters.

We Only Need One Half!

The only difference between me and him is that it takes me 2 years to earn what he earns in a WEEK

.........and possibly the fact he can actually play football to a certain level! you want to get with the other delusional's down the road!

Do Lallytap

And he can Tweet at a certain level.

What's the betting he will blame someone else, the drink, his mind.

What he put on Twitter was a car crash career wise, Harry Rednose won't want him now, he is trouble, a liability, no wonder the last fans were over the moon to get rid.

Now we are stuck with him !


sell him now .the last thing the baggies need is a unhappy dressing room . when you trace back over odemthingies career it seems the clubs hes played for cant wait to offload him after a couple of seasons .the mans a bad un .1 bad apple will rot the rest .hes only in it for the money and the quicker hes on his bike the better .