Baggies bow out as Jarrod takes his bow

I hate tearful endings, no not the words I uttered as we stumbled out of the League Cup, but words I actually mean today, writes West Brom blogger Jarrod Hill.


I have decided it is time for me to hang up my keyboard and hand over the role of Albion blogger to another.

I wanted to be closing out my five year tenure on a winning note, but that wasn’t to be as we slipped out of the League Cup against Liverpool. I am going to somewhat gloss over the game, but one thing I will say is that a number of fringe players did very little to stake a claim for a first team chance.

So without the distraction of cup football we do have the opportunity to concentrate on the league, so cliché, oh well it’s my last blog who cares?

Reading last Saturday was a case of job done rather than a feast of entertainment. The Royals came for a draw and breaking their defences down became a bit laboured as we consistently failed to find the right final ball or shot. Romelu Lukaku popped up with the winner just as he looked to be tiring, but the minute it went in you could feel a collective sigh ring out around the Hawthorns.

Our defence was again rock solid, and our home form is looking really good. But this weekend it is our away performances that come under the microscope.

Villa is our one and only derby opponent this season and the hope is that we can continue our recent domination of local derbies. Last season our near neighbours gave us three wins and one draw and after an excellent start in the league expectations are higher than I can remember for a trip to Villa Park.

OK the midweek League Cup games has brought both respective fans closer in terms of expectation, with Villa beating Manchester City and ourselves losing out to Liverpool’s reserves, so the game feels nicely poised.

I just hope injuries don’t derail our super start, many of us have waxed lyrical about our squads strength and now is the time to test that theory.

Time will tell, but with us sitting fourth in the Premier League it all feels like a million miles from where we were when I wrote my first blog. We had been relegated from the Premier League and looking at a long hard season in the Championship. The last five years have certainly been interesting.

So there you have it, my last blog, I decided not to drag it out, as you can tell.

I have truly loved being the Albion blogger for the Express & Star, I really have. But it feels like the right time to be handing it over to another. Over the past few years my free time has dwindled and this blog needs to have someone who can give it the time it deserves. I won’t spoil the surprise of who is taking over but I will say this, I believe he will be an improvement and if you guys afford him the good grace you have afforded me the blog will go from strength to strength.

I would like to thank the Express & Star for allowing me to have a voice for the last five years and I would like to thank you guys for listening. Thank you for reading, and for those of you who have posted over the years, thank you for making the blog what it is. Without you the blog is just another fans view, but your posts have made it a real fans forum. I have had the privilege of meeting a number of you and many have become good friends.

Your posts over the years have had me crying with laughter, the banter at times is comedy gold, and your posts are the reason why people come back week after week, please don’t stop.

Your new blogger is in at the deep end next week but I reckon he wouldn’t have it any other way. I look forward to reading his views and of course I will be posting myself. The Express and Star has kindly offered me to post a guest blog once in a while, but I think you will have enough to gorge on with the new man in place.

Finally a simple thank you, especially to all the regular posters, you have been brilliant.

See you all soon, again thanks.

Just before I go one last time……….come on you Baggies!

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Comments for: "Baggies bow out as Jarrod takes his bow"

Tim Walters

Just wanted to be the first to say thank you to Jarrod for six years of brilliant blogging. In that time he really has become one of the most important voices at The Hawthorns and we at the E&S will really miss him.

All the best to you and Laura and the growing family and once again thank you for being our voice from the terraces for the last six years.


Thanks for the excellent blogs over the last 5 years Bomber, they really have been brilliant.


I'll keep it quick and simple a well Jarrod, thanks for the blogs. I don't post often but always read the blogs and comments for both entertainment and discussion on the one common love we have.

Onto Sunday and again simple. Form, history and recent scores go out the window. All that matters is the 90 minutes and getting a win against them down the road.

Come on you Baggies!

Phil Bateman

Enjoy the experience of just watching again without running all the moves and the 'noise' around the club through your head, everytime you approach a key board! The 'blogs' have been very good and I have enjoyed the wit and the banter around the articles.

Ian Heathcock

Jarrod, you'll be missed - Thanks for bringing a very considered and rounded view from the stand. Enough passion to make it real, but always with a sense of the bigger picture. Fully in agreement with your parting words of COYB.

CantelloRocket 78

Hi Jarrod,

it's a very sad day indeed.

Don't tell me you're off to the F.A. as well?

Seriously,I first started posting on here almost five years ago,and your blogs have been the centre point of activity on this site throughout that time,so it will indeed be a large hole to fill without you here leading the way.

Whoever takes over will find you a hard act to follow,but I'm sure everyone will support the new guy,and if he needs any help or advice then he can come to me-

and I'll try to direct him to someone who actually knows what he's talkin' about.......:)

I might be limited for time today (travellin'), but for now all the very best to you, Laura and Belle,and I hope to see you regularly on match days throughout the season.

Best wishes mate, and to follow your lead-

COYB !!!!!

Broseley Baggie

Jarrod, thank you for all the effort you have put into the blog over the years. As for the replacement... you seem to be hyping them up... it cant be? Can it?...

Sir Terry... surely not???

Kev in Mallorca

Does this mean you'll have more time to put into developing a song writing partnership with Hilltop?



I'd like to add my name to those thanking you for brightening up my Fridays!!

Great work!


Thanks for the blogs Jarrod they've made excellent reading over the years. All the best, UTB

hill top baggie

Jarrod,i guess we are all in debt to you. Ive found a fantastic mate, good enough to be my best man, i have an extended family and cant wait for the new arrival, and your blogs have been the centre point of our baggies life. All the banter, the ups and downs, my yang and your ying. Thankfully, i will still have my right ear bashed at the games, and with my new found love for a pint or two (chris still blames you ) ill still have the entertainment on match days. Many thanks for all that you have brought to my life, and good luck to xxxxxx when he starts blogging next week. On a final note, no danger sunday 2-1 to the baggies, you heard it here first

Jack ♣ Hat.

Well Jarrod the time has come for you to do a Dan Ashworth and go hunting for your successor. Thanks for your thought provoking blogs and all the best from here on in.



forgot to mention, you wont be slinging that computer so I am expecting you to post here and there. For the future! as they say in the Black Country "Av a gudun".



Morning Bomber, thanks for your blogs over the past few years. You've always had a wonderful knack of capturing the Albion mood fantastically well in my opinion and it's been a pleasure to read them. I hope you stick around and we'll still see you for a few drinks before a game soon. I'm not sure the new guy will be an improvement, he's got a tough enough job following you!!......and might have to start on the back of a defeat at Villa Park, could it get any worse??!

Kev in Mallorca

I hope Steve Clark doesn't use your last few words in his team talk,you ain't still smarting from JP not being involved yet am ya mar mate?


Kev in Mallorca

Obviously you realised I meant JT.



JP? You must have money on the mind Kev.

Well we did lack a bit of natural width on Wednesday, just think what JT would've done to their young full-back.......!!

B90 Baggie

Thanks for the time and effort taken to complete 5 years of blogs Jarrord. It's not an easy job but you did it really well.

Hopefully the next blogger continues the good work and this remains a thriving forum for fans of the best team in the Midlands!

On another point, Lukaku was obviously awesome in the cup but I was really impressed with Tamas as well. One of few plus points on the night.

Chris Leggett


Thanks for all your efforts over the past five years. You've not just supplied always readable blog entries. Your photos from the superheroes fancy dress day out at QPR will live long in the memory. Some of them for the right reasons.

I know your fellow Albion fans have always appreciated your words, even when they haven't agreed with them. From Mowbray, to Wembley, to RDM, to 1-5, to the new era, they have always clamoured to see what you had to say on the latest developments.

Good luck for the future.


That was a bit of a shock mate....but I wanted to add my thanks to you for some great stuff over the last 5 years - your bloggs have created a whole new "family" of avid Baggie readers - and even some dedicated dingle readers too it seems :-)

As someone who can't always attend matches I often rely on your insight into things Albion and have enjoyed your comments (even though I recall I started off with a bit of a moan...not like me i know !!)

So all the best to you and yours - and good luck to whoever is coming in !!


The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning Jarrod.

First of all good to hear from Tim Walters. Hope you're back in rude good health Tim.

I'm not sure how long I've been posting on here, some days it seems like two minutes and others more like a life sentence. Your blogs have been one of the constants, knowledgeable, fair, honest and humorous the humour isn't just about your sense of fun but that you always display a level of tolerance that is a lesson to myself and should be to others as well.

Your blogs have invariably provoked me to want to agree, add to or disagree with something which is the whole point, you hit that particular nail on the head time after time. The part of your final regular blog to do this was the paragraph about the humour (intentional or otherwise) on this site. I posted to Kev last night saying that I've been trying to take a back seat lately but you've made me think again as like you, people on here have had me in stitches over and over again.

The lesson your successor should learn from you is that he is the conductor of the orchestra and needs to make sure the flutes are heard as well as telling the trumpets to tone it down a bit. Hilltop would be excellent in this respect. Cyril sprang to mind as wel, he is a man who has a very personal view on the vagaries of life to go with his vast experience of it. I'm also a fan of Rocket due to his ability to begin a story and have everyone thinking, what the hell is all this about but to tie up all of the loose ends into a very cogent point (our very own Alistair Cooke.) This is getting like the guessing game of a new manager, throwing names in the hat left right and centre but for once I have inside knowledge. I have a contact whose cat uses the same vet as the dog of a reporter at the E&S and I can reveal that the new blogger is Max. He's got the job for his measured response to any setback, for his ability to keep the players onside by his unwillingness to judge them on one bad performance and of course the fact that he never falls out with anybody else on here. Well done Max, can't wait for the first blog. The King is dead, long live the Fuhrer.

Thanks for the blogs Jarrod and look forward to hearing from you as a civvie poster.

Bromham Baggie

Best wishes for the future. I've enjoyed reading your blogs.

The Hoff

It's been a while since I've posted & Sunday will be my first game of the season, but best wishes Bomber & thanks for the last 5 years. I'm sure we'll still see many of your glass half empty posts on here over the coming seasons. We need you to counterbalance those who get a little carried away when we win a few.

We got solbakken the club

I hope the next blogger ain't so anti-wolves. It's about time we all became brothers and showed some much needed love to each other in our close-knit, Black Country football communities. Anyway, I always found your stuff very well written Mr Hill so good luck in whatever you do and stay lucky.

Au revoir our kid...


Don't read West brom blogs then, simple!

Jack ♣ Hat.

So back in the Championship,

What on earth are you on about, Black Country communities!, there is only one in professional football, I'll give you a clue, their fans are called BAGGIES.



Evening all,

oh dear - it's not about being anti wolves - just pro albion mate, thats all. Just pro albion.

it is an albion blog after all.........



Brummie roader Ryan

Cheers for the blogs mate I have enjoyed reading them over the years.

Boing boing

gold and black


as a football fan and being from the black country i have enjoyed reading your blogs as so many have pointed out on here you are comical witty and always bring a fair reading on the game albeit i thought you were a bit unfair on us when we got hammered 1-5 lol but like most albion fans i know you stick behind your team in times of trouble unlike the fickle few down the rd i know i would just like to wish you the best from a fan in peace and hope your replacement is just as well rounded a football fan as you.

Cyril Randle

Jarrod, I am shocked, this was not on the horizon, though how you found time to blog, run a business and a family reminds me of what a boss said to me once at Walsall Tech. "If you want something done immediately, give it to a busy man". Then he loaded me up with a ton of problems.

So I'll just add a bit of advice from an old git. Me.

Always make time for those kids or they'll grow up and you'll miss it.

The very best of everything to you and yours. We'll all be a bit lost for a while.

Craig Birch

Thanks for everything Jarrod, this really is the end of an era! Take care of yourself...


Thanks for a great blog over the years.

As for the replacement? My money is on an unknown genius from abroad that nobody has ever heard of...



I have never been very good at this goodbye malarky, and find it difficult to express my feelings, but i will give it a bash here goes.

Frankly Bomber, i will be glad to see the back of you!!!!!!! you miserable bu****

You are the anti python..........always look on the dark side of life....dada dada d du dada dada.

I hope your replacement is more Frank Skinner than Adrian Chiles...........Max, DO NOT APPLY.

Good luck buddy, see ya soon.

Kev in Mallorca

I'm sure the successor to the throne has already been chosen but if not I'll have to counteract you derision by appointing myself as the chairman of the Make Max A Star campaign,I'm sure his imaginative ramblings would bring the missing poster back in their droves.




Max IS a star, but a Meldrewesque chief blogger would have us risk assessing our homes for sharp objects.

Cyril Randle

Max, to be Chief Blogger, you sharpen your pencil, not your chainsaw !


Sorry to see you go Bomber. Your veiws have been level headed and insiteful. You also know when it is the right time to heap praise on the Albion, call for patience with them and when needed, start asking questions. I always liked the blog because it seemed that you opinions were quite similar to my own with which I'm sure most posters will concur.

As for the Albion, a little dissapointed that they didn't see off the brats and I hope they are too so that they can try to rectify matters at Villa Park on Sunday. One of thier bloggers mentioned about 'teaching them (Albion) who the real bosses of the midlands are', I hope that adds to thier motivation.

Lukaku must play for me we also need Yacob and McAuley. I hope Reid is back to give Jones time to assess his last couple of matches and work on his game.

Boing Boing


I've only been posting on here for the past 2 years, but I have really enjoyed reading your blogs which IMO give an alternative point of view. It has given me food for thought and a slightly more optimistic but realistic outlook.

Take care Jarrod and once again thank you!


Haven't always agreed with you, but always saw you as a true Baggie through and through. Others have spoken of your abilities, so I'll just add my weight to their praise. You'll be missed ..... after a Bomber blogger let's not have a maX Factor, E&S!

Steve Poole Baggie

Sorry to see you go Jarrod. It's always been a pleasure reading your blogs. Big boots to fill!

Can't believe you decided to go before enjoying another victory of the Vile!!!

Come on you baggies!


Sorry to see you give up the blog. Your posts were always sensible and from the heart. Hope Max can keep up this tradition and standard.

Lone wolf

All the very best for the future Jarrod. Top bloke !

Ill even afford you a Boing boing.

I wont say i hope the Villa win....... In fact i hope you both lose. Lol.

Good wishes.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Sorry, no more post boxes available at this time.

Big Ron,

I'd have thought you would have been too long in the tooth to think the teams put out for the league cup would have any bearing on the ones that will be chosen for the Sunday local derby.

Les Ferdinand,

I couldn't give two monkeys what you think.




Best of luck mucker and bless ya for writing the blog


What a SHOCK!!

I will REALLY miss your Bloggs. Thank you for each and every one.

Family First. Every minute you spend with them is Gold. All the Very best for the future.

Cheshire Baggie

Aye up Jarrod. Well done for the last few years on the blog. I don't make that many comments, however I have found your blogs entertaining and though provoking. The next blogger has a hard act to follow. Lets hope we beat the seals on Sunday and keep the Baggies as the top team in the Midlands..


Kev in Mallorca


Correction, threatened to do.



All the best jarrod in your life without e&s blog , but your comment that we only have one derby game this season is echoe'd by sky sports saying the same .But how about the staffordshire derby with stoke ,have they been relocated in the north of england?. Iv thought all my 62 years that stoke city along with wolves walsall & portvale were our staffordshire neighbours ,maybe i got it wrong all thes years i dont know !! well good luck mate & all the best.


Good luck Jarrod & thanks, but what's this about only one derby this season has stoke city been relocated to another part of england surely its a local derby a staffordshire derby at least it was when i was a boy.Sky sports echoed the same .Dont people take heed of geography anymore ? maybe at 62 im just a silly old sod never mind .