Top university allows segregation for men and women during lectures

A top university in the West Midlands is allowing religious groups to segregate men and women during lectures and debates.

Centre of controversy – Aston University
Centre of controversy – Aston University

Aston University said it only allows separate seating on a ‘voluntary’ basis during events organised by societies or external groups and sends a member of staff to check that no-one is forced to sit where they do not want to.

But a report published by the equality group Student Rights says there have been lectures advertised on Facebook with ‘segregated’ seating according to gender, with ‘ladies at the back, men at the front.’

Both Wolverhampton and Staffordshire universities have stressed they would not allow any gender segregation on their premises, even if the events were organised by societies or religious groups.

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But a report compiled by the equality group Student Rights claimed lectures at Aston University had been advertised events with gender segregation.

It claimed that in February this year a speech was given by Abu Salahudeen entitled From Gunman to Emaan: Malcolm X, with the Islamic Society writing that ‘segregation will be observed’.

It also said that in March 2012 an event entitled The Ultimate End was advertised on Facebook and declared ‘segregation is observed...ladies at the back, men at the front of the lecture theatre and dinner prayer arrangements in different rooms’.

Aston University said it had seen no evidence to back up the claims. But it said it would allow events to take place with segregation if it was ‘voluntary’ and there would ‘always be a member of staff on hand’ to make sure it was not compulsory.

Alex Earnshaw, spokesman for Aston University, said: “The only time any voluntary gender segregation may take place is if it is a student society event, so not a university organised event, particularly if the topic for discussion is a religious theme.

“The men and women may voluntarily decide to sit in separate areas in the same room if appropriate to the topic. We will send university staff along to make sure this does happen on a voluntary basis.”

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Comments for: "Top university allows segregation for men and women during lectures"

funny old world

It's that religion again, imagine the uproar if the students were separated because of colour.

funny old world

Amazing Christians arguing over gay marriage, yet Islam practising segregation.


My god, have we stooped so low in this country to think segregation is a good idea. Its starts with men and women, then what black and white catholic, protestant, muslim sikh.

These policy makers need to be removed, they are not fit to serve our communities. We have strived for so many years to get community cohesion, and here we are, a place of learning dismantling it in one foul swoop.

Aston university bow your heads in shame....

Mrs Ivy Trellis

This is just like UK Universities in the 1930's! - Awaken to the New World Order!

What the!

Equality has taken years to achieve. Don't throw it away to pander to extremists who would have us living in the dark ages. If I did this at work I would be hauled before the courts.

Sir Lupi

Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.

Aston University should be ashamed, they have insulted and demeaned every adult women in the UK by allowing this segregation.

Women are not second class citizens in this country and the fact a British educational institution allowed this, is totally unforgivable.


Where is the intergration in this.It is the thin end of a wedge which will get thicker and thicker.


another chip away of our way of life. Britain is slowly being destroyed daily by other religions.

I too

The past inequalities at single sex schools and divisions within Christian religions are coming home to roost. Lack of female role models in a variety of industries in their top management.

Even our university has returned to male dominance in its governance.

Office staff are predominantly or exclusively female in many schools.

Our top universities have had male and female colleges.

Exclusive male clubs do it in private.

Society in private can do it.

When will the West Midlands Girls High import males?

There is research proving that academically women do better in certain subjects when males are excluded.

Clear out all single sex schools, all offices to have at least 1 token male, all churches with totally mixed congregations should fix things quite nicely.

Otherwise, what the heck are you moaning about segregation.

Did women win the pension war? Did men get to retire at 60?

Insurance companies treat men and women differently but do we moan? Nah, we accept by not opening our mouths.

Those who do get shot down for being different, rather than being seen as trailblazers.

Lets get over the fact that there is no real equality within our society for males or females.

Discrimination and inequality has a long way to go but do not argue against others doing what our society already does with our permission.

Equality Act is yet another act that really changes nothing but creates an industry for the professions to act against.

You have to be very careful what you ask for.

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