Is it about time that The Sun made a clean breast of page 3 girls?

A petition has been launched urging the national newspaper to drop the array of boobs that have stared out from that page for 42 years now, writes Louise Jew.


A petition has been launched urging the national newspaper to drop the array of boobs that have stared out from that page for 42 years now, writes Louise Jew.

Those against this particular “institution” argue that it’s demeaning to women and an anachronism.

But it makes you wonder who’s exploiting who?

Plenty of girls have, over the years, made a lot of money out of poor old chaps who love to lust over their boobs – and many still aspire to.

Of course, that doesn’t make it right – and, on the darker side, it harks back to the days when there really was an issue about women being routinely treated as sex objects.

Back in the early ‘70s we girls had to put up with “playful” slaps on the bum and crude remarks – even sometimes in the workplace.

If we objected we were accused of being bra-burning women’s libbers or having no sense of humour.

The Sun itself was outraged by the invasion of privacy of the Duchess of Cambridge, when a long-range photographer snapped Princess Kate sunbathing topless.

Granted she didn’t want her assets to be on public show, whereas those on page 3 revel in showing off theirs.

The newspaper also, somewhat piously, says it doesn’t feature page 3 girls on Saturdays and Sundays because that’s when the paper is most likely to be seen by youngsters in their family home.

So, on the one hand they are accepting there is a risk to polluting young minds at weekends but they are happy to let that happen on other days of the week, when no doubt some young lads enjoy a snigger over page 3 on their way to school.

There just doesn’t seem to be much logic to it all – and just maybe it is time to bring a new look to page 3.

How about ringing the changes with a nicely honed young topless man instead? Or a real news story!

Find out what the rest of Lou’s Women think – and have your say – below.

West Bromwich vicar’s wife Amanda Robbie says: “My daughter is 11 years old. Do I want her growing up in a world where every day millions of people read a paper featuring a picture of a naked woman? Page 3 tells us that women are stupid and that what they think will only be heard if they are sexually available. Page 3 needs to go. I can't prevent my daughter seeing Page 3 - it's left around in cafes and on the streets. I've been told that The Sun doesn't publish photos of naked women on Saturdays and Sundays because that's when the paper will be seen by families. If this is so, they need to stop publishing them all together, because families are there all week. I don't want my daughter growing up in a society that values her body and not her brain.”

Tennis ace Pat Bailey, from Halesowen, says: “Bare boobs don't worry me - I would love to be a page 3 girl but am way past my sell by date. To me there is no harm in it. The thing I would really love to do is have body paint and it to look like I have clothes on then walk down the street. Anyone wanna join me?”

Recently graduated Holly Dodd, from Wheaton Aston Staffordshire, says: “I hardly expected The Sun’s strongest advocate to come in the form of my mother who accused me of wanting to ban topless sunbathing and breastfeeding with my prudishness. But the difference is that here the image of a topless woman is a commodity posing in a news provider. It’s not the nudity I have a problem with, it’s the ‘news in brief’ concept; the farce and apparent hilarity of a girl with big breasts having a relevant political opinion. It’s not what is being published, it’s how it’s portrayed and for me it’s not women’s breasts that adorn page 3 - it’s the same kind of boobs for the gratification of the same kind of people day in, day out for the last 40 years. I know there will be those that argue that to ban page 3 is to inhibit freedom of press... is that the clause that excuses sexism these days or something? If you want porn, do go ahead and buy porn, but boobs aren’t news and therefore to my mind don’t have any business in a NEWSpaper! Although, let’s face it, it’s not like removing page 3 will remotely begin to remove sexism from The Sun!”

Zumba teacher Lou Thomas, of Kinver, says: “I’m all for freedom of choice. If adult women want to pose topless and men want to buy the Sun to look at them – that’s up to them. “

Irina James, who has just moved from Stourbridge and is settling into a new job in education in Seoul, South Korea, says: “I think the `page 3 girl` idea is a relic from times past. Completely anachronistic and so `non-trend`. Girls, if they see the need to expose themselves, can do so in mens' mags. Here in Korea, at least the public face, is modesty. Girls are still pretty, sexy mammas without exposure of the aforesaid. The time has come to get rid of it, it has outlived its novelty value.”

Kidderminster midwife Ellie Wright says: “It's somewhat late to stop the boobs in the Sun newspaper (well if you can call it a newspaper!!) Just don't buy it that's your answer, especially if it upsets you. No matter how much you petition it will not make any difference as it's been around for so long now. If you did win this argument and it was suddenly stopped, just looking at it from a man’s point of view he would just buy any number of the sleazy magazines that are displayed every day on the shelves. I've just asked my 24-year-old daughter what she thinks and she said ‘it doesn't bother me Mum I wouldn't lower myself to buy it anyway'’. Women have been degrading themselves for years, and rightly or wrongly this is freedom of choice, the society we live in.”

Social worker Stacey Senior, of Willenhall, says: “I have always found page 3 slightly inappropriate but as it is so well known it has become acceptable to see a copy in the middle of the dining table for all to see. I disapprove of it and would support it being removed as I think it is purely for the entertainment of men at the expense of women. Let the space be filled with good news stories instead.”

Llama Lady Chris Armstrong, from Enville, says: “It is odd in this day and age why The Sun is allowed to continue demeaning women! We have just been notified that car insurance companies can no longer be gender specific when quoting for car insurance and yet The Sun is allowed to expose women's breasts! Where do the European Equality Rights Law makers stand on this issue? I'm very surprised they haven't banned it yet. Still I suppose as long as girls are prepared to get them out for money The Sun will continue to exploit them.”

Conservationist Sheena Hamilton, of Wombourne, says: “Page 3 is just a bit of harmless titillation for men – the women are willing and I don’t object to it. Girls like to see a tanned body in a pair of little briefs and I don’t see the difference.”

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Comments for: "Is it about time that The Sun made a clean breast of page 3 girls?"


after the sick lies it published on the Hillsborough Tragedy 23 years ago, and especially since the recent investigation proved beyond doubt that the Sun had lied and deliberately defamed the dead and their families in order to help cover their own backsides and those of their mates in authority, i find it astonishing that anyone proporting to be a decent human being still buys this filthy rag of a publication.

as for the naked teenage girls on Page Three, i'm afraid it's just the kind of mindless fayre that would appeal to the base mentalities and gutter-level moralities of its readership.


The Sun is by no means high brow, damaged by association with the former NOTW, the Middleton debacle, Prince Harry in Afghanistan, Hillsborough, the list goes on. But, a buxom young lady on page 3 doesn't really matter. EVERYONE has seen naked breasts, and the girls of the Sun are no doubt looked after bu the paper, and as far as I would garner they choose to do it and get paid fairly well.

Besides, go to Spain, France, Germany, Italy etc, there are topless women on the front of magazines and newspapers weekly. Not porn either but just regular magazines.

There are bigger problems in the world, men will oggle, boys will laugh, women will tut or deride. Pick on something that matters.

Cyril Randle

One of the most beautiful sights, no, I'll say THE most beautiful sight in the world, is a mum breast feeding her baby. Yet daily we get 'disgusting', filthy, and similar comments about it. I suspect that the 'filth' is in the mind of the beholder.

We are, by Nature, attracted to members of the opposite sex. Accept that fact, don't decry it. Then and only then should we discuss what is morally acceptable.

PS: The Sun has a fine puzzles page, cryptic crosswords, sudokus, codeword, mental arithmetic and as a bonus, Rod Liddle on a Thursday.

tom k

Its about time they banned all sexual images of men and woman, Jesus was right, they are an evil and adultress generation, of filthy perverts destined for hell.


In today's society I would have thought that this was an irrelevant issue. Womens breasts appear daily in magazines, films, on the TV, and are accessable on mobile phones as well as the internet.

I would question whether anybody buys the Sun newspaper simply to view the page 3 topless model. Perhaps 40 odd years ago, as it was a little more daring. It's more likely they buy it for the back pages and the trivia in the other pages.

As the article points out, the girls themselves can make a lot of money out it. Some go on to carve out careers in modeling, acting,etc. It would be interesting to see if any of them have ever regretted appearing topless in the paper. In a free world it's their choice.

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