Why is the school run now a fashion event?

According to a poll once conducted by Debenhams, six in ten moms feel pressure to dress to impress while doing the school run, writes Emma Iannarilli.

Are you a Claudia Schiffer on the school run?

According to a poll once conducted by Debenhams, six in ten moms feel pressure to dress to impress while doing the school run, writes Emma Iannarilli.

More than 1/3 wear heels when they are walking/driving their little ones to school. On average, they spend one hour and 15 minutes getting ready to drop the kids off. Why is the school run now a fashion event?

I have a three-year old, and have just started doing the school run. I don’t consider myself to be a morning person, so the fact that I am clean and fully dressed for 8.30am is some sort of miracle. But I’ve been amazed at just how some of the moms are dressed. Tight skinny jeans, teamed with high heels and Rick Owens style leather jackets seemed to be the norm for some of the moms, with glossy Cheryl Cole hair and a full face of that clever barely there make up.

I felt quite dowdy in my jeans, flats, scraped back hair and no make-up look, and do wonder how these ladies are able to do this and look so effortlessly good quite so early in the morning.

I have since decided that the school run yummy mummy’s are split into two distinct categories. Allow me to introduce them to you.

The Claudia

The Claudia mom follows the perfectly groomed example of Claudia Schiffer. From the top of her glossy hair to the tips of her heeled shoes or boots, Claudia treats the school run as another catwalk appearance. Markus Lupfer luxurious knits are about as casual as Claudia ever gets. Elle McPherson is another honoured member of this group. She even wore red leather trousers to do the school run. These mommy’s are never without sunglasses, even if it is a wet Wednesday morning. I envy these ladies for their sense of style, while wondering how they get down on the carpet to play Hot Wheels?

The Liv

The Liv follows the example of the lovely Liv Tyler. The school run is when you drop the kids off at school, not a photo opportunity. Therefore, warmth and comfort are the name of the game. Chunky knits, flat shoes and Ugg boots all make an appearance. Jeans can be 'boyfriend style' rather than skinny, even Converse pumps can make an appearance. Sarah Jessica Parker is a member of this group, with her cute beanie hats and Ugg boots. These women still wear the inappropriate sunnies… they are celebrities after all!

The Debenhams poll also cited that 39% of women named competition with other moms as the reason for the glamorous school gates look. Clearly, the Claudia’s have a lot to answer for! 13% dress to impress the hot single dads, whilst 37% admit that they change straight back into something more comfortable when they get home.

So, which mommy are you? Do you paint your nails before you leave for the school run, or are you dragging something from the bedroom floor whilst trying to get the kids to brush their teeth? Whether you’re a Claudia pounding the playground catwalk, or a Liv kicking a football with the kids, the school run promises to remain an interesting and fashionable experience for all involved in it.

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Comments for: "Why is the school run now a fashion event?"


I'm a dad who takes the kids to school every day,I'm a single parent so no real choice ;)why no mention for us. The Brad Pit look or Shaggy from Scooby-doo look.At that time in the morning having got all the kids prepared I'm just ruff & ready.


It's the same as the supermarket. Some folk go around dressed to the nines, hair, make up, etc. Why? Unless you've had somewhere else to go of course, but jeans or cargoes, t shirt and trainers will do for me. Smart casual everytime.

Anna Reed

Its called self respect. This current tracksuit culture is an embarrassment to the nation. I thought tracksuits were for athletes, not for rioters, tinkers and belly showing tattoo clad red-necks.

I am a middle aged employer and unless people dress smart, whether it be in front of kids at a super-market or not, I won't even consider them.

If you can't respect yourself, how on earth do expect to get respect from others and set an example for our children how to dress well inturn.

I work alot in Italy and even the poorest of parents turn out smart, everyday.

Standards in this country have never been so low.

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