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Brit Awards 2015 - Arrivals - London

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on topical satire, Britain's new elite and the curious case of the Trojan Horse jewellery scam.

Who is this St George anyway?


Given how his cross and flag are frequently used by the far right to protest against immigration and mosques, St George could not be any more of an immigrant if he tried.

Strike at the head


Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the most evil trade on earth. Plus reflections on a wedding and how not to use a toast machine.

Let us teach, not merely tick boxes

teaching march

A union leader in the Black Country has blamed the national teacher shortage on heavy workloads and changing guidelines, forcing many out of the profession.

Blog: One game away from bliss

Aston Villa's Christian Benteke, left, celebrates scoring his second goal with Jack Grealish

Aston Villa are just a game away from a cup final. Can the Villans take the club past Liverpool through the semis and into the final? Blogger Matt Turvey sits with fingers crossed.

Blog: Never in doubt

Andy Taylor makes it 4-0 as Anthony Wordsworth of Crawley looks dejected.

Game after game, week after week, with the Saddlers continuing to draw blanks we waited and waited for that slice of luck, that flukey deflection, for the ball to drop for us; and when does it finally happen?  When it’s the fourth goal in a 5-0 rout of a hapless opposition – typical!