The end of elephant's leather

Pentax Digital Camera

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the irresistible rise of Yorkshire pudding, the felling of Eric Morecambe and the stress of being a sports fan.

Strange names, strange times


Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on Bristols in Alaska, Bake-Off grannies in the kitchen and Mr Farage's time machine

A very good day to bury good news

Speed cameras will be replaced

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on a life-changing breakthrough, a whip-round for the Windsors and making money from dangerous driving

Fanny's great urban myth

Rosamund Pike says it was a challenge auditioning for Gone Girl while filming a family comedy

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the doughnut yarn, airport screening and Ms Pike's warning on marriage

Blog: It didn't happen again at Rochdale


'It won’t happen again’ was a quote attributed to Dean Smith after Walsall's last visit to Rochdale 21 days ago and he’s certainly been proved right so far.

The other Mr Johnson

2014-10-07 12_58_16-BBC Four - Detectorists, Episode 1, What you got_

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the Labour leader who could really scare the Tories. Plus the enchanting Charlotte and the prospect of too-clever telly.

Prepare for the dole


Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the future for Lib-Dems, the revival of Fanny Cradock and Clarkson's great escape

Conference diary: We must eliminate youth unemployment

The bars and fringe events were buzzing last night for the start of conference, or so I was told by one of my team this morning. It was an early start away from conference for me as I attended the start of Wolverhampton’s first business week, writes Conservative MP Paul Uppal.