Rugeley Power Station plans scrapped

Multi-million pound plans which would have secured Rugeley Power Station’s long-term future have been scrapped, it can today be revealed.

A view of Amazon and the power station from Hillary Crest, Rugeley.
A view of Amazon and the power station from Hillary Crest, Rugeley.

The coal plant was to be converted to a biomass energy generator to make it more environmentally-friendly and safeguard 170 jobs while creating hundreds of temporary roles.

But GDF SUEZ, which runs the power station, has confirmed it had abandoned the scheme.

Questions over the power station’s future in the town have now been raised by a senior town councillor.

Town council vice-chairman Mick Grocott said: “The biomass scheme was very welcome as it was going to prolong the lifespan of the power station but now it is not going ahead it makes me question how longer they will continue.

“Local people felt the plans had added a good degree of job security but now we don’t know what is in store for its long-term future. We’re not producing coal so they have to bring it in, so you do think where does the future lie?”

When the proposed works were announced last year they were heralded as a ‘shot in the arm’ for the town. Plans said the scheme would have protected 170 jobs and created up to 500 temporary positions.

The project would have meant the station would have been primarily burning bio fuels more than coal for the first time, requiring three million tons of biomass being transported to the site each year with 61 train deliveries per week, rising from 26.

The development was in response to the Government’s target to increase renewable energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

It would have used the existing power plant facilities and all new equipment required for the conversion would have been located within the existing 372-acre site.

A statement on the company’s website said: “After careful consideration GDF SUEZ has decided not to proceed with the Rugeley Biomass project.

“Rugeley will remain a key coal generator within the UK energy supply market.”

It comes after the power station was sold as part of a £6 billion company takeover.

GDF said it wanted International Power because it will help build its exposure to fast-growing markets in South America, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia.

Rugeley Power Station B opened in 1963 after being commissioned by the state-run Central Electricity Generating Board.

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Comments for: "Rugeley Power Station plans scrapped"


A direct result of Ed Millibands Climate Change Act when he was Energy Secretary, we are seeing numerous power plants close across the country because of this, leaving us with precious little extra generating capacity.

Ed Milliband has a lot to answer for when it comes to the current state of theUK energy situation at present. He blames it all on an uncompetitive market but in 1997 there were 26 energy companies and genuine competition kept prices down. When Ed was Energy Secretary this was replaced by the big six and the big fix!



The two Ed's displaying that economic midas touch again,

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Notes from 1976 (Wolverhampton Polytechnic HNC Construction: "The UK is built upon a mountain of Coal - When we start to use Natural Gas to generate electricity, think about digging a hole in the ground and filling it with five pound notes!"


WBPete, again I agree When the lads go down the Labour exchange (job centre) or when they go to vote, they can thank Red Ed and his EU mates who told us to remove Coal fired stations but let the Warsaw Pact countries Germans, Poles,Bulgaria , Hungary etc. burn coal under transitional agreements.

The E&S using the word "Bio mass" also made me laugh, If People wonder why the electricity bills go up they should ask the Labour fools who agreed to buy north American timber chippings and and ship it round the world to the UK to burn in our power stations? now that's smart. NOT