David Cameron is asked to step in over 400 Oldbury npower job losses

The Prime Minister is being asked to intervene over 400 npower job losses in Oldbury.

Job cuts – npower will close its Quayside House offices next summer
Job cuts – npower will close its Quayside House offices next summer

The energy giant is axing the jobs as work is outsourced to India. Its Quayside House offices in Rounds Green Road, will close next summer.

Staff will begin to leave by March next year, after a 60-day consultation was launched with workers. The news was broken to them after they arrived for work last Thursday.

The back-office roles performed at Quayside House will be managed by Indian company Tata Consultancy Services instead, with work moving over in phases.

Sandwell Council’s leader Councillor Darren Cooper said he would now ask David Cameron to intervene.

“This is a terrible blow for hundreds of hard-working people and families just before Christmas,” he said.

“I am writing to David Cameron to ask him to help get npower to reverse its decision but I am not hopeful of a reply.

“I am bitterly disappointed by the decision to move these jobs abroad, especially as npower is one of the ‘big six’ energy firms which racked up huge profits last year.

“We will do everything we can to help the people losing their livelihoods. Our own employment agency is already identifying possible vacancies across the area.”

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Comments for: "David Cameron is asked to step in over 400 Oldbury npower job losses"


You mean a government cash injection/sweetener like they did at Nissan in Sunderland years ago ! These foreign owned companies must be laughing their socks off, threaten closure and the British government will cough up to keep the jobs. I say any of these foreign owners of companies in Britain should be banished from the house of lords (one's that are in) why should they have a say and a vote on things happening in this country and at the stroke of a pen shut down profit making viable business's.


That will be the kiss of death for the npower workers asking Cameron to intervene


Did Sandwell Council’s leader write to his mate Tony when BL or Metro Cammell closed ? or to Gordon when the threat was hanging over Land Rover or Vauxhall? I to am also bitterly disappointed by Labour for bankrupting the UK and blaming the bankers, I am also upset that for 20 years Sandwell's education achievement was almost at the bottom the the UK's ranking, I wonder if the government will take over Sandwell Children's services? .

Mrs Ivy Trellis

So, His Excellency Darren Cooper has waded in! - I shall certainly sleep more soundly! Where are Adrian Bailey MP and Tom (Ten Bellies) Watson MP in all of this? - Lending their full support from several hundred miles behind the Front Line, of course! Tom, having got bored with constituency matters has now turned his attention to saving a London (Soho) Restaurant (with the rather dubious name of 'The Gay Hussar!')

They already know that NPower has the government over a barrel. For anyone to become 'Involved' (especially Cameron), would indeed be the 'Poisoned Challice!' - So no one will do anything; meaning that no one can be blamed for anything. The substantial loss of jobs is regarded as circumstantial by these buffoons! The next thing we shall here about this matter is when the telephone rings, and a Hapless Cold Caller from Mumbai is on the other end of the phone, reading from a script!


Ivy I wonder if you know Watson voted with the Conservative led Government on the Betting. I wonder what Milliworm thinks of that

Mrs Ivy Trellis


I saw that too! - His Website is surely a contender for the 'Booker Prize' (For Fiction) If you believe what is on there, you'll stand for 'Egg under't Cap!' I realise that the dialogue is a little North of West Bromwich, and about 8,000 Miles North of me, but I still care! Ít really does make me wonder what is in store next?