New Cannock retail park will bring welcome jobs as major names sign up

A new retail park creating more than 100 jobs will be built in Cannock, with Costa Coffee, Burger King and CSL Sofas already signed up for the development.

How the Costa Coffee branch would look on the proposed multi million pound development at Churchbridge in Cannock
How the Costa Coffee branch would look on the proposed multi million pound development at Churchbridge in Cannock

One other unconfirmed household name could also open on the redundant grass island in between three roundabouts at the Churchbridge interchange on the outskirts of the town.

The multi-million pound plans from Hortons’ Estate Developments Ltd and Trebor Developments have been submitted to Cannock Chase Council.

Called the Cannock Gateway Retail Park, the new four-building development covering 5.8 acres will be located opposite the existing Orbital Retail Park close to the A460, A5 and junction 7 of the M6 Toll. Around 120 full and part-time jobs are due to be created by the four stores.

In a report to planners, the developers state: “This is a significant investment into the area in terms of job creation and will have a number of positive benefits.

“The nature of the retail proposals will secure local jobs for the local workforce. In addition to the direct jobs that will be created as part of the development proposals there will also be a number of indirect benefits that will also arise.”

Drivers would see this view of the development, which would be called the Cannock Gateway Retail Park
Drivers would see this view of the development, which would be called the Cannock Gateway Retail Park

These benefits are listed as the construction jobs which will be created when building work gets under way, workers’ spending at the site and business rate incomes.

The scheme was today welcomed by Cannock Chase Council leader George Adamson.

He said: “It is great news as we desperately need more jobs to be created. This is a welcome investment in Cannock for an unused area which we have all got used to driving past.

“I can’t foresee there being any problems with this scheme and understand the Highways department at the county council are happy that extra traffic will be able to cope.”

The new Burger King would include a ‘drive-thru’, and will be the first in the Cannock area.

Costa Coffee is part of Whitbread Plc which owns the Premier Inn and The Orbital pub opposite the proposed site. The company also has a coffee shop in Cannock Shopping Centre.

CSL is a privately owned family business and is an upmarket sofa and home furnishings specialist. In the Midlands area, the company currently has stores in Stoke and Solihull.

The plans will come before the council’s planning committee in October.

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Comments for: "New Cannock retail park will bring welcome jobs as major names sign up"


About time we have been waiting for this for years somethings got to happen in the town centre now. How about reducing the rent getting more people in the town and helping us become a big town in the area we have a bigger population than Stafford but we are starved of development. We could also have links with Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Stafford and Lichfield. We are cut off from everything ie jobs, opportunities, care, transport etc etc as we let it happen to us.

Fed Up Of It

Another nail in the coffin for Cannock Town Centre or at least what used to be known as the town centre. Cannock has become a ghost town while it has become the capital of the out of town shopping due to the councils lack of planning and foresight. What a mess. History shows Hednesford was the main town and it looks like it will probably get the badge back. Bring back the high street.


YAY a Burger King in Cannock at long last.


Will the greenjackets be patrolling the car park around this new development, persecuting the car-owning shopper for overstaying by 5 minutes? No!

Why? because the operators of this development will encourage vistors by offering free car parking. Consequently it will thrive, whilst more To Let signs are erected in the town centres.


Whilst I am all for the redevelopment of Cannock and its surrounding areas, I have to say this will be the 3rd Costa Coffee in around the town, the other two being in the middle of Cannock and the new one opened in Hednesford. Do we really need 3 coffee houses - to go with the three McDonalds within a mile of each other!

As for Burger King, whilst it would be nice to have a change from the afore mentioned McDonalds and the 2 KFC joints we now have, do we really want yet another fast food outlet encouraging the obesity that surrounds us.

Cannock could do with retailers that will bring people into the town not just those who are already here. Shops like Primark, Debenhams, Asda Home etc will draw people in.

Captain Cannock

Chains like Primark and Debenhams have made it quite clear that they have no interest in opening shops in Cannock.

We're not a city, we're a medium sized provincial town, with much bigger neighbours. the large retailers already have multiple outlets within a 10 mile radius.

Maybe we're better off playing to our advantages, than trying to be another chainstore clonesville. With the right strategy, a town not-quite-big-enough-to-attract-the-big-names can become a vibrant and individual market town, with independent, individual retailers, a bustling market, and a reclaimed cultural identity.

One example of this I can give is Nantwich, just a few junctions up the M6. Similar sized town, built on a bygone industry (rail), similar demographic, with bigger neighbours (crewe, stoke).

For all its similarities though, Nantwich is everything Cannock is not: there are loads of nice independent shops, boutiques, pubs, restaurants, food festivals, music and arts festivals.

We could learn a lot from them, and make Cannock a great place if we followed their example, instead of trying to be Walsall.

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