Next to create 80 jobs at West Bromwich store

Eighty jobs will be created with the opening of a new Next store at a £200 million shopping and leisure development in the Black Country, it was announced today.

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Eighty jobs will be created with the opening of a new Next store at a £200 million shopping and leisure development in the Black Country, it was announced today.

The High Street giant has signed up to West Bromwich’s New Square development along with other major retailers including budget chain Primark, JD Sports, Bank and Outfit.

Bosses today also announced that Odeon will operate an eight-screen cinema on the site.

Jonathan Simpson, corporate affairs manager for Tesco, which is behind the development, said the scheme would boost the local economy.[24link]

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Comments for: "Next to create 80 jobs at West Bromwich store"


Are you taking note you incompetent clowns at Wolverhampton 'City' Council, that's at least 2000 jobs created in a TESCO led development whilst you lot have no idea how to deal with the lack of progress in the supermarket wars in the City; Mind you Wombourne had a similar spat between Sainsbury/Tesco in 2007, it was resolved in 6 months and Sainsbury, who had the initial plan, (as at the old Blakemore site in Wolves),opened in early 2010, a mere 3 years from conception to opening!


My thoughts exactly BBQ!

West Bromwich and Walsall town centres, transport links and landscapes have been improving year and year; Shops, Cinemas, Roads, Green open spaces, Housing etc. WCC (Wolverhampton City Council) on the other hand, have ran their city centre into the ground for the past 15 years. Amazingly we have heard only just last week, that Tesco's and Sainsbury's have finally settled their land dispute in the city. So it's down to 2 of the big 3 supermarkets to regenerate Wolverhampton city centre......What a joke!!! With The Bullring, Merry Hill Centre and Telford Shopping Centre which are all undercover, have convenient parking and are within easy reach; it's going to take more than two supermarkets to reinvent the city!

WCC aka Billy Smarts Circus; it's over to you!

Jim of Bearwood

West Bromwich had one of the best shopping center’s in the UK, I can remember marching down the center of West Bromwich’s High Street in the 60’s , our regiment was awarded the Freedom of the Borough, 904 Company RASC, that’s when people were proud of that lovely old place, then SANDWELL LABOUR COUNCIL happened!!!!!!!!!!

New shops won’t do a thing to make West Bromwich a thriving shopping center again as long as Sandwell Labour Council are determined to wage war on the motorists and the shoppers visiting West Bromwich!!!!!!

Why would I want to go to a dirty filthy dump, where I have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to park my car, knowing that if I have paid for 2 hours parking and I am 2 hours and 5 minutes, I will incur a £40?? Penalty ticket? When I can drive the same distance to Merry Hill, where I can park for free, the shops want my custom and there are loads of quality shops all undercover in a nice clean environment.

SANDWELL LABOUR COUNCIL, time to wake up and get real, lack of quality shops isn’t the problem in West Bromwich, You Are, stop fining shoppers who spend their money in shops, in short stop this greed of money, and give FREE Parking.

Remember a shopper only gets one parking fine, then they don’t go back, that’s why West Bromwich died.

Jim of Bearwood

Steve Briscoe

hope west brom town centre turns things around there are a lot of people who dont like Merry Hill...

Steve Briscoe

Will this mean the closure in nearby Oldbury?

Raj Singh Ex Sandwell resident

Well said Jim from Bearwood,

I left Sandwell over 10 years ago, due to a number of reasons. One was that how out of touch the Labour ran council are and how it manages the tax payers money.

I now live in a fantastic area where we can approach our councillors nice and easily with any concerns and they listen and act unlike Sandwell.

Working in the best department store in the World where we put our customers first. For the past 2 years we have exceeded our targets each year.

We know what our customers need and we listen and deliver.

Life cannot be any better, unless you live in Sandwell.

Happy Days.



2 and 3 SPOT ON!


Things are looking very promising thus far for the whole 'New Square' project. I was worried it would be a flop like the still not fully occupied Astle Park, almost ten years after opening.

On a negative note, this doesn't bode well for the remaining shops on the High Street. With Outfit confirmed as taking up space in the new mall that will take surely take away Burtons and Dorothy Perkins from the High Street. All the other big name shops such as WHSmith, Boots, River Island and New Look will almost certainly desert their current premises and move to the New Square. Leaving an already shanty High Street much more shanty and ghost town like.

I suppose it's just the sign of the times though. The High Street aka Golden Mile has had it's day and will go down in history. Like it or not, this is the era of the easily accessible and easy to park at retail shopping malls. The High Street is dead.