Jaguar Land Rover announces new Wolverhampton factory

Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to create up to 750 jobs at a new factory on a site near Wolverhampton.

Video by Staffordshire County Council

Jaguar Land Rover today unveiled plans for a £355 million engine plant in south Staffordshire, creating up to 750 jobs and bringing a huge boost to the West Midland economy.

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg and Business Secretary Vince Cable made the announcement today and described it as “fantastic news”.

The advanced engine facility at the i54 business park, on the border with Wolverhampton, will manufacture a family of all-new advanced technology low emission four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines in a “major commitment” to the region from the car giant.

Wolverhampton City Council and neighbouring Staffordshire County Council today confirmed they would split the cost of a new motorway slip road from the M54 onto the site in a move that helped clinch the deal.

The huge development at the i54, which has already been designated a growth-boosting Enterprise Zone, will create and secure thousands more jobs across the country in the supply chain.

Bosses are now working with council chiefs on a planning application, and the factory could be up and running within two years.

Mr Clegg and Mr Cable joined Jaguar chiefs at the Solihull plant to announce the news today.

JLR chief executive Dr Ralph Speth said today the move showed the company’s commitment to the developing advanced skills base and technological capabilities in the UK.

He said: “This is a major commitment for our company and we will produce these advanced, highly efficient engines for future Jaguar and Land Rover models at this new facility.

“As we invest £1.5 billion a year for the next five years on new product development, expanding our engine range will help us realise the full global potential of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.”

Read full coverage and reaction in today's Express & Star

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Comments for: "Jaguar Land Rover announces new Wolverhampton factory"


Excellent news for the city after all the trouble in city with the riots,well done JaguarLandRover for showing faith in the city.


Whilst 750 jobs is welcome, hardly the 2000 hyped in the press all day yesterday; Still 'im sure there's still time for the incompetent council to mess this up anyway;

Gail U.B

Lets not spoil the rare "silver lining" by concentrating on the clouds. Jobs & investment in Wolverhampton! Great news!


Fantastic news and a shot in the arm for W'ton!!


FANTASTIC NEWS! Its about time we had some good solid investment in the area. All that needs sorting is the roads around the site to cope with the new traffic.

Shropshire Midlander

Great news for Wolverhampton and the nearby areas. The estimated 2000 jobs will be in accordance with local suppliers and contractors. As long as the locals can get the jobs, happy days!

FJ Bartling

This is indeed good news!

West Midland industry could now at last get

the boost it has been waiting for for ages!

Lets hope it will create a lot of new jobs

in the black country area which has been

suffering for years!

FJ Bartling,Hilversum,Holland.

Once a lad from Dudley,never forgotten!


Great news for the city. Just a shame it has been built on a greenfield site next to countryside rather than on derelict land of which there is plenty in the region

Codsall Red

The i54 site is not a greenfield site, they spent millions cleaning it up ready for redevelopment. It is sandwiched between a main road and the M54.

Let's all be happy about some good news for Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire


"Greenfield"? Former sewage works, as brownfield as it gets...

North Carolina Wolf

That is indeed fantastic news. Well done Wolves and thank you JLR. Hopefully it's the start of a renaissance. Good luck to those hoping to be one of the 750.

Proud Wulfrunian

This is great news and a coup for local Council's involved. This is some time off though. The building of the roads and the factory needs clauses to employ local residents - but this won't happen. Lets also not loose sight though of the smaller businesses that are still struggling and trying their best to bolster this failing economy of ours. They may not be Jaguar but they still employ local people. Where is the help for them local councils>>

Rob Smith

Fantastic news for the young people of Wolverhampton. !

Forget the riots - this is the answer . Employed people have hope and contribute- A very big well done to all concerned!!

Rob Smith KIDs in Communication / kicfm

PJW Holland

AT LAST!!!!!

a little good news

Let us hope the NIMBYs do not muck it up.


I work for a company that supplies Jaguar Landrover with air filters and coolant tanks so having a new J.L.R. factory that will be less than two miles away from ours is very exciting. I am sure it will be just as exciting for some of our own suppliers too. Thank you Jaguar Landrover for staying local. Looking forward to seeing new products for the brand new defender.

Putza Shiftin

It's about time our local councils got something right, albeit only because the govt decided to make it an enterprise s

zone and save the blushes of all of the councils involved, having spent so much money on what had been a white elephant until govt intervention.


Debbie, no one's decrying the jobs, but the reality is only 350 of those jobs will be full-time highly skilled and likely to be filled by poached staff already working at, say Hamms Hall; remember anyone with the required skills will undoubtedly have a job and be in high demand; the other jobs will be agency, ie minimum wage to the employee; As for the jobs in supply, they can be anywhere, not just local, so if a company in Poland supplies the Heads at 10% below UK suppliers, that's where they will come from, however there are opportunities, but will the 'NIMBY's' who are already carping on here, kill future investment? The worst thing that happened to the BlackCountry was the scrapping of the Western Orbital by the Conservative Nimby's in the South Staffs Parliamentry area, that cost 20,000+ jobs and the failure to develop Bobbington as a hub for low cost airlines, again by the Nimby's, another 20,000+ jobs, yet us living in Wolverhampton have to suffer gridlock as they pass through on their way to their publicly funded employment! As for the council, it has repeatedly failed it's duty in keeping Wolverhampton in the pack, if the City had the shopping facilities to match Wolverhampton's historic status as one of the top ten important centres in England, we would not have the 75th ranked shopping area, if we had even a top 20 shop area, that would in itself, halve Wolverhamptons unemployment!

Ina City

Well done Wolverhampton for putting money into something worthwhile.

Lets hopes that the people filling the jobs are all sourced from Wolverhampton not Staffordshire.

A high percentage from the Urban centre not the leafy suburbs would be welcome relief for many.

Does the job number include the construction staff jobs? or the factory employees only?

Annay - some good thoughts there. Support Jobs for the Wolves people

We did have an airport near the i54 until some dumb cluck decided to build houses on it?


PJW Holland

We still have two of Wolverhampton's airports left... Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) Airport and of course RAF Cosford.

Cosford is connected by rail to within a very short distance of i54. Halfpenny Green is pretty close to a disused railway also running from very close by. That line also extends to Dudley and Stourbridge.

If only local politicians had vision.

Staffs County Council

The i54 site is in Staffordshire and owned by Staffordshire County Council so why should no jobs go to staffs residents?

PJW Holland

Surely it is split between S Staff and Wolverhampton... due to appalling boundary drawing in the past.

All access to it is via Wolverhampton roads... to whom the rates income should accrue... bet it doesn't

English Exile

I remember the days when Jaguar were a niche British Car that British people were proud of.

Now it is owned by Indians and now no more British than a Skoda.

Oh how far Britain has declined.


With Ref to ANNAY i am not sure where you get the 350 jobs as the only full time positions with the rest going to agency workers from ? information from, but the facts are simple the Unions from the Midlands plants have worked hard to make sure the terms and conditions in the plant match those of the current work force, the plant will need a skilled and semi skilled workforce which will grow with time, this is fantastic news for the area