Closure dates named for TJ Hughes stores

The final death knell was today sounded for three Midland branches of TJ Hughes in moves that will leave 150 workers in the region out of a job.

The final death knell was today sounded for three Midland branches of TJ Hughes in moves that will leave 150 workers in the region out of a job. The stores are among 22 to close nationally – but Lichfield has been saved.

Administrators today announced the department chain’s Wolverhampton store will close next Thursday and its Walsall and Kidderminster branches three days later.

But the Lichfield branch, which employs 86 people, will remain open after being given a reprieve.

Administrators said 1,061 people nationwide will lose their jobs in the store closures as they continue to seek a sale of the remaining business and its 31 stores.

The loss of the Wolverhampton branch, and its 79 jobs, will leave a gaping hole in the city’s Mander Shopping centre. The branch is the centre’s biggest store.

Another 37 jobs will be lost in Kidderminster and 41 in Walsall, where TJ Hughes had been based for just two years after taking over the former Woolworths site in Park Street.

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Comments for: "Closure dates named for TJ Hughes stores"

PJW Holland

Time for the new owners of the Mander Centre to get their skates on. If they do not let this prime property at once they stand to destroy any reputation the Mander Centre has left. With a little remodelling of that corner of the centre surely a unit suitable for the likes of Debenhams could be created?


I completely agree. Wolverhampton is already fast becoming a ghost town. I rarely venture there now, and when I do, another few shops are empty. It's getting to the stage whereby I can get everything I want from the supemarket, which I suppose doesn't help.


No Flubber it does not help. when the only choice you have is tesco asda etc you will have to but what they want you to at there price, If you want to keep these shops open SUPPORT them its as easy as that,


Wolverhampton is going to turn into another Walsall if something is not done a ghost town.


totally agree with pjw holland on this,come on mander centre owners refurb the shop and get a big name in there or the mander centre will be a ghost centre with more empty shops than full shop.

PJW Holland

PS to my note above:

I would expect Wton City Council to pull its fingers out too and ensure planning consent etc. can be rushed through on an emergency basis i.e. overnight!


overnight lol that will be the day and why should they, we dont get treatment like that so why should the mander centre after all the are just to expensive with the rents , get the rents down and then people may be able to rent a shop in there thats the only thing that is killing the mander centre its to expensive.

PJW Holland

Somewhat short sighted Ann. What you are saying is "my busines is not viable so therefore no-one should be able to thrive".

Wton has to decide whether it wants to restore the City to its former pre-eminence in the region. That requires urgency. I do, however, agree that on past record it is unlikely the occupants of the bunker will react swiftly.

If you find the Mander Centre rents too high why not try to rent one of the extremely cheap units available in the "New Summer Row" area? What about Lichfield Street? Small traders are better located on the approaches to large shopping centres... at least they would be if it were possible to navigate the City Centre by road instead of being forced back to the ring road every 100 yards!


as an employee of tj hughes,forget debenhams!!! they came,they saw,they dont want it!!!


Turn the Walsall branch in an cinema (live arts/concert centre.)

Really miss having the cinema in the heart of Walsall.