UK Money

Storm damage bill 'may reach £1.5m'

Hailstones caused damage to cars and properties

Tropical storms which saw hailstones the size of golf balls shower down on parts of Britain could have caused up to £1.5 million of damage to cars, motoring group AA said.

Bank compensation drops to £75,000

Currently, people's deposits are protected by up to £85,000 if their bank, building society or credit union goes bust

Bank and building society customers are to get £10,000 less compensation if their financial institution goes bust, the Bank of England has announced.

'No charge' for missed appointments

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has backed the principle of fining GP no-showers

Downing Street insisted the Government had no plans to charge patients who miss NHS appointments despite Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt backing the principle of fining no-showers.

Small firms told of pension duties

A drive to raise small companies' awareness of their duties to enrol employees into a pension scheme is being launched (DWP/PA)

A new drive to raise small companies' awareness of their duties to enrol employees into a pension scheme is being launched by the Government.

'Photo cheque' to speed payments

Plans to kill off cheques from 2018 were ditched a few years ago after an outcry from MPs, small businesses, charities and pensioners

A new service which allows people to pay in cheques by taking a photo of them rather than having to go to their bank has been made available to nearly one million more people.

Price rise for basket of groceries

The cost of a basket of groceries has gone up

The cost of a basket of popular grocery items has risen slightly for the first time in more than six months, in what has been suggested could signal the end of supermarket price wars.

Warning on housing debt levels

The Bank of England took action last year to damp down rising property prices

Levels of debt being taken on by British households to fund increasingly expensive homes are creating a "risk" to financial stability, the Bank of England's deputy governor has warned.

House price rises slowing - survey

Property values across the UK increased by 3.3% in the 12 months to June, Nationwide said

House prices increased at their slowest annual pace in two years in June, with property values in Northern Ireland rising at a faster rate than those in London, Nationwide Building Society has reported.

Commuting 'ideal time for shoppers'

Commuters are spending more travel time doing online shopping, a report has said

Commuting is now one of the most popular times of day to do online shopping, with more than £9 billion being spent by those travelling to and from work, claims the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).

HMRC warning over scam emails

HMRC said it will never ask people to disclose personal information via email

Fraudsters are targeting people claiming tax credits with scam emails, websites and text messages in the run up to the July 31 renewals deadline, the taxman is warning.

Low income homes 'still worse off'

Couples with two children need to be bringing in at least £20,000 each to obtain basic goods and services, experts say

Low income households have seen their living standards improve slightly this year for the first time since the recession - but they are still dramatically worse off than in 2008.

Parents can take unpaid leave

The TUC said parents can take unpaid leave to help look after their children during the summer holidays

Millions of working parents will be entitled to unpaid parental leave this summer following new rules, it has been estimated.

Concern at child poverty changes

Iain Duncan Smith said it is not enough to tackle the symptoms without also tackling the underlying causes

Anti-poverty campaigners have voiced deep concern over Government plans to ditch legal requirements to lift children out of relative poverty.

Millions expected to rent out homes

Companies including Airbnb have pioneered the house renting trend, which is said to be spreading across Europe

Millions of people are expected to rent out their homes or cars over the next year in an expansion of the so-called sharing economy, a report has predicted.