UK Money

Cities beat London house price rise

Property values in Edinburgh have seen the biggest upswing over the last three months out of the 20 cities monitored by Hometrack

House prices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Southampton, Bristol and Birmingham have grown at a faster rate than those in London in recent months, property analyst Hometrack has reported.

2-year limit for holiday pay claims

The Government has set a limit of two years for workers to claim back pay following a tribunal ruling that overtime should be taken into account when holiday pay is calculated

The Government has set a limit of two years for claiming back pay following a landmark tribunal ruling that overtime should be taken into account when holiday pay is being calculated.

Gay staff 'suffer jobs market bias'

Gay and lesbian workers earn less than heterosexual counterparts and have lower job satisfaction, research has found

Gay and lesbian employees have lower job satisfaction and are more likely to be harassed in the workplace than heterosexual staff, researchers have claimed.

Home insulation scheme extended

Over a million homes have been helped by Government energy efficiency schemes, ministers say

More than 800,000 extra homes could benefit from the Government's energy saving and insulation scheme as it will be extended for a further two years, Energy Minister Amber Rudd said.

Mortgage lending falls by £1.7bn

An estimated £16.9 billion of home loans were handed out in November

Mortgage lending fell by £1.7 billion in November compared with the previous month as the housing market continued to cool, banks and building societies have reported.

DWP rapped over benefit cap claims

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith introduced a cap on benefit payments

Iain Duncan Smith's Department for Work and Pensions has been rebuked by the statistics watchdog over a claim that more than 12,000 households have found work or stopped welfare claims because of the benefit cap.

Black Friday boost for high street

The Black Friday shopping surge meant retail sales climbed at their strongest pace for 11 months in November

Retail sales climbed at their strongest pace for 11 months in November as the high street was boosted by the "Black Friday" surge, official figures showed today.

Anger as councils face funding cut

Councils will still have "considerable spending power", ministers say

Cuts in Government funding for local councils will fall most heavily on the areas of greatest need, a leading accountancy body has found, as town halls warned of potential cuts in services like libraries, road maintenance and bin collections.

South Downs 'most expensive park'

The South Downs is the most expensive National Park, data shows

The South Downs, boasting steep, wooded hills and countryside that inspired the novelist Jane Austen, has been named as the most expensive National Park in which to buy a home.

Oxbridge salary premium laid bare

There is a significant earnings premium for Oxbridge graduates, research found

Students who went to Oxford or Cambridge earn thousands of pounds more than those who graduated from a newer university, research shows.

Which? reveals 'dodgy discounts'

The prices of more than 100 electrical products online were tracked over six months

Some of the UK's biggest electricals retailers are offering so-called discounts that deliver little or no real savings, a consumer group has claimed.

Petrol prices slump over last month

The plunging price of world oil has seen the cost of a litre of petrol fall

Petrol pump prices have plunged in the last month with the mid-November to mid-December fall the third biggest in 25 years, according to the AA.

Disability claimants 'face delays'

Many disability claimants are experiencing 'very long delays', according to the review

The controversial system for assessing people for the personal independence payment (PIP) gives a "disjointed experience" for claimants, with many experiencing "very long delays", a review of the scheme has found.

Bedroom tax aid 'falling short'

The spare room subsidy or bedroom tax has been a long-running sore between the Government and Labour

Councils are having to top up discretionary housing payments to assist people who need exemption from the bedroom tax because Government is not providing enough money, Labour has claimed.

House sellers reduce asking prices

More house sellers are reducing their asking prices, according to research

One in three homes currently on the market has had its asking price lowered at least once, presenting some house hunters with an opportunity to grab a Christmas bargain, according to a property website.

High fees risk to pension pots

Some pension savers' money is at risk of being subject to high charges,it has been reported

As much as £25.8 billion-worth of pension savers' money is at risk of being exposed to high charges, an independent body has warned.