UK Money

PM warns over Labour tax plans

David Cameron said it was 'important that we stick to the plan that's working for Britain'

The Tory VAT bombshell shows the party does not need to put up taxes on workers while Labour's plans would "clobber" families, David Cameron has insisted.

Plans for 'pensions dashboard'

The FCA said it is in discussions with the Government to explore the best way to create a pensions dashboard

A "pensions dashboard" allowing savers to see all their retirement pots in one place is to be created under plans confirmed by the City regulator.

Children 'frightened by bailiffs'

The Children's Society found people with council-tax debt are being pushed into the hands of payday loan and credit-card companies

Children are being left frightened and worried by councils sending bailiffs to knock on the doors of family homes, a report by the Children's Society has found.

Tool compares current accounts

Around 65 million active personal accounts exist in the UK

Current account customers will now be able to see in pounds and pence exactly how much better off they could be by moving to another bank or building society, as a Government-backed online comparison tool has been launched.

Banks sign up to closure guidelines

Banks have signed up to a protocol designed to minimise the effect of branch closures

An agreement to help prevent consumers being left out in the cold when their local bank shuts down has been signed up to by major high street banks, consumer groups and the Government.

Taxman 'too cosy' with accountants

A committee of MPs has called on revenue officials to do more to crack down on tax evasion

HM Revenue and Customs has "too cosy" a relationship with large accountancy firms which advise wealthy individuals and corporations on how to avoid tax, a parliamentary report has warned.

Inflation not that low - bank chief

The Bank of England's deputy governor has said that inflation is not that low

Bank of England deputy governor Minouche Shafik has said underlying inflation is "not that low" despite figures showing the main rate fell to zero last month, adding that the next move in interest rates was likely to be up.

Labour pledges not to raise NI

Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out an increase in VAT in the next parliament if the Conservatives are returned to power

Labour has countered David Cameron's pledge not to increase VAT if the Conservatives win the general election with its own promise not to hike National Insurance.

Increase in mortgage approvals

Low interest rates are leading to more people taking out mortgages, a report has found

The number of mortgages being approved to home buyers is increasing as borrowers take advantage of the ultra-low rates on offer, according to a high street banking report.

Pension Wise phone number launched

People can use the phone to book appointments for a conversation about what to do with their pension

A phone number enabling pension savers to book an appointment for free guidance that will help them make vital decisions their new retirement freedoms has been confirmed by the Government, with a fortnight to go before the rules come into force.

Nine in 10 'have disposable income'

The average disposable income is now around £242, new figures show

Nearly nine in 10 people have enough money left over each month to spend on luxuries as the pressure of living costs continues to ease, research has found.

Property prices down by 0.2%

The average UK house price stood at £273,000 in January, figures showed

House prices fell by 0.2% month-on-month in January as the majority of the UK saw signs of a slowdown in the pace of growth in property values, according to an official report.

UK on brink of negative inflation

Inflation is expected to have dropped closer to zero when official figures for February are published.

Britain is on the brink of negative inflation for the first time in half a century after figures showed the rise in the cost of living fell to zero last month.

Firms named and shamed over wages

Some 48 employers in sectors ranging from fashion and publishing, to health and fitness and retail have been accused of not paying minimum wage

The Government has named almost 50 employers for failing to pay their workers the national minimum wage, including childcare nurseries, restaurants and a 99p store.

Osborne grilled over VAT tax levels

Ed Balls said the Conservatives had a consistent history of raising the rate of VAT

Chancellor George Osborne has declined to give a "cast-iron guarantee" to match Labour's pledge not to increase VAT over the five years of the next Parliament.