UK Money

Call to address gap in family care

A think tank has raised concerns about the lack of family members available to care for the elderly

The number of older people needing informal care will outstrip the number of family members able to provide it as early as 2017, a think tank has claimed.

Rise in fraudulent insurance claims

An Aviva spokesman said fraud adds around £50 to the cost of everyone's insurance premium

A major insurer has reported a 19% year-on-year increase in fraudulent claims, which it says is being driven by organised gangs and a "lack of effective deterrents".

Property values expected to jump 9%

Recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics showed that house prices have already leapt 9.1% year-on-year.

Home owners are expecting property values to jump by nearly 9% typically between now and September in further signs of growing market confidence.

Go-ahead for green energy projects

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has announced eight renewable energy projects

Eight new renewable energy projects have been given Government contracts in a move that will increase household bills by 2%, Energy Secretary Ed Davey has said.

Campaign to find best energy deal

The Be An Energy Shopper campaign urges customers to shop around for a better deal

Almost half of Britons do not "prioritise" finding the best energy deal despite the potential for saving money, a survey for regulator Ofgem has found.

Small print longer than Animal Farm

Endsleigh, Sheila's Wheels, Esure and M&S Bank have all produced motor insurance policy documents running to over 30,000 words, Fairer Finance found

It would take longer for someone to wade through all the small print on documents produced by some car insurers than it would for them to read a novel such as George Orwell's Animal Farm, research by a consumer website suggests.

Consumer confidence 'hits new high'

Consumer sentiment reached 136 points in March, according to Lloyds Bank's "spending power" report

Consumers' confidence in their financial situation is at its most positive level in over three years, prompting predictions that people will become more willing to splash out on luxuries in the coming months, a report has found.

Tesco cuts prices amid fightback

Tesco says it will drop prices on more than 30 products, including bacon, baked beans, broccoli, peppers, sugar, lettuce, cucumber and some breads

Tesco is cutting prices across more everyday items and its online grocery service as it fights back against competition, including the rise of discounters Aldi and Lidl.

Fund change 'will hit apprentices'

The Electrical Contractors' Association said funding proposals could put apprenticeships 'out of reach' for many small to medium companies

Smaller firms may not be able to offer apprenticeships because of Government plans to change funding arrangements, it has been warned.

Poorest hit by welfare reforms

The worst-hit 200,000 families affected are losing out by £18 per week or £864 per year, a report warns

Almost 1.75 million of the poorest families in the UK have been made poorer by a "perfect storm" of changes to the welfare system over the last three years, a new Oxfam report claims.

Average pension income £8,774: Poll

The average annual pension income, including state pension, stands at 8,774 pounds, according to a poll

The average annual income drops by two-thirds upon retirement and the average person retires with an annual income almost a quarter less than the minimum wage, according to a major financial provider.

Pension cost 'three times oil cash'

Former prime minister Gordon Brown backs the Better Together campaign

An independent Scotland's first annual pension bill would be "three times the income from oil", according to former prime minister Gordon Brown.

Energy switch 'to be twice as fast'

High energy bills have been at the centre of a political battle for months

Energy firms have committed to halving the time it takes for customers to switch supplier by the end of the year, Energy Secretary Ed Davey said.

Affordable lenders 'need £450m aid'

A think tank has called for action to be taken to boost competition to payday lenders

A £450 million levy on the consumer credit industry should be used to create a "new generation" of affordable lenders to take on Britain's legal loan sharks, a leading think tank has said.

Tougher mortgage checks warning

New industry-wide rules mean mortgage providers have to take a much keener interest in an applicant's regular outgoings

People applying for a mortgage are facing tougher affordability checks which delve into their spending habits on outgoings ranging from childcare, travel and clothing to wine clubs and even a flutter on the horses.

Brown to focus on pensions security

Gordon Brown says Scotland is better staying in the UK to protect pension security

Former prime minister Gordon Brown will focus on the security of people's pensions in an attempt to put forward the case for Scotland remaining in the UK.