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Autumn Statement: What does it all mean?

2015-11-25 15_08_24-Simon Penfold gives his 60 second Autumn Statement update - YouTube

George Osborne spoke for just over an hour as he unveiled his spending plans. But our Business Editor Simon Penfold watched the full speech so you don't have to. Watch his 60 second review of the highlights.

Bridge for i54 site now in place


Council chiefs today hailed the creation of a new bridge to link the M54 with a nearby business park, where a £500million engine factory for JLR is being built, as a ‘major step forward’.

UK fighter jets flying with 3D printed parts

RAF Tornado jets are now flying with 3D printed parts made by BAE Systems

BAE Systems has revealed that 3D printed components created by its engineers have flown for the first time on-board Tornado fighter jets, paving the way for using 3D printed parts in other military kit.  The 3D metal parts were successfully flown from the company’s airfield at Warton in Lancashire.