Biomass system for Utopia Bathrooms

In a move that enhances the company’s eco credentials and also has long term cost-saving implications, Utopia Bathrooms has installed a biomass boiler and heating system at its Bilston-based manufacturing premises.

The Talbott 999kw boiler installed at Utopia Bathrooms as part of a new biomass energy solution

Sourced from Talbotts, a Staffordshire company specialising in biomass and wood waste to energy solutions, the new system uses all the offcuts and dust waste that would previously have been collected in skips and then transported to landfill sites, a costly and unsustainable process.

Now the waste, which averages 17 – 20 tonnes per week, is carried through the existing modified extraction system into a 20-tonne capacity storage silo. From there, the waste is fed through and burnt in a purpose-built 999kw boiler and the heat thus generated is used to heat the factory and offices through a system of 22 hot air blowers. It is also used to power two ovens used during the manufacturing process.

Jon Phelps, production engineering manager at Utopia Bathrooms in Springfield Avenue, said: “This really is a win/win situation. Not only do we save all the huge costs involved in sending our waste to landfill sites, we also save on our energy bills.

"These cost reductions, together with the Renewable Heat Incentive grant from the Government, means we are looking at significant savings every year. Installing the system is also an excellent demonstration of our ongoing commitment to lower our carbon footprint.”

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