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We're proud to announce our latest Star Witness winner today - It's Laura Barnes, for this fantastic mono image. Follow the link to learn more about Ned the sheep's story.

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Here's today's most-read story - We’ll rival the best in Premier League: Exclusive interview with Wolves chairman, Steve Morgan

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And here's another image. We've had extensive coverage of the roadworks in Wolverhampton over the past few days.

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Interesting pictures here showing work progressing on the Midland Metro improvements in Wolverhampton...

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This spooky wooden carving is a bit of a step up from the average Halloween pumpkin.

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"I have no problem with waking up in the morning what-so-ever; you get to enjoy this peaceful state – it’s the getting up that I have a problem with." Latest blog post from Alasdair Mackenzie.

alasdair 1
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Child + loom bands + mobile phone + no wifi = £1,792 recipe for disaster. Meet the culprit.

loom bands
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His work has been snapped up by collectors around the world and appears alongside such names as Damien Hirst, Banksy, Andy Warhol and Tracey Emin.

Now street artist JPS has donated some of his works to help fund the upcoming Walsall arts festival.

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Today blogger of the Year Peter Rhodes covers the hidden dangers of smuggled meat, the risks of cash-for-diagnosis and the prospect of a Lab-Con coalition.

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Take a look at this timeline of events detailing yesterday's Ottawa shooting.

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Ladder for the Black Country


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Disappointed, frustrated, annoyed were the three adjectives used by Dean Smith after last Saturday’s late 1-0 defeat to Crewe. Tuesday’s late 1-0 defeat to Crawley can be described in many ways but I’ll make do with one - sickening.

Sex for beginners

The war memorial at Dartmouth Park

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the origins of intercourse, the sweet new taste of lager and a long-forgotten controversy about remembrance

Do you support the Caliphate?

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on the question no-one dares ask, the end of high treason and the whistling duck that didn't


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Editor's Picks

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Cheering for Wolves

CHEER 18 SL 21

It may have been a dark and blustery night in the Black Country, but that wasn’t enough to dampen the all-American glitz, glamour and glitter of the NFL.


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Panda that's just a little bit cross

Panda Cross

How do you make a Panda Cross? Well since we’re talking the cute but not furry new ‘baby’ from Fiat, hiding its bamboo shoots wouldn’t do at all.


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Firms report fall in export orders

Manufacturers have been hit by a fall in export orders

A sharp fall in export orders is taking the steam out of the manufacturing sector's recovery as eurozone weakness weighs on demand, the CBI said.


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